“I’m a Man, I’m scared of Woman”

When I first read the article I give a link to below, it perturbed me and lit my fire deeply.

This is not a feminist perspective for I do not consider myself any one label or generalization with my thinking. This is me being human, my point of view is to see humanity’s greatest potential, from a place of wishing to have equality for all of us. The worldwide shift that is occurring is one of working together in balance and harmony, therefore it is important to discuss what we have a tendency to avoid.
While there are definitely gender shifts happening, there is quite an inequality between men and women in our extremely patriarchial world.
Men and women alike are uniquely brilliant, while biologically different we all have similar aspects along a spectrum.

Men, I know you can think with more than just your member as the guy who wrote the article below seems to think that’s all you think with.
Why do I think that?
Because it’s part of the evolution of our species to use our higher brain functions in a cognitively developed way. This will move us forward from the hierarchical, competitive mammalian tendency to dominate, control and oppress.

When a world raises a girl to be pretty and sweet and a boy to be strong and unemotional, this becomes a conditioned box. This box is so spread around us, it’s hard to see it because we are in it. Nevertheless, it’s very present.

Males, I know that you know there is much more to us than what you are lead to believe through brainwashing, conditioning and objectification, as this article suggests.
There is no need to fear, hate, label, demean, control or hold us back.

It’s within you all to give the proper space of appreciating the feminine form, as I have witnessed with many of the amazing guys in my life. By doing so, it allows us to shine and express our radiance and creative drives.

I wanted a man’s opinion on this topic, not just from the incredible males in my social circles. The other night I found the perfect interviewee, Assim, my Pakistani Muslim cab driver. I was in deep conversation with him, probing the depths of God, religion, competition and obvious gender differences.

He spoke after I asked him his belief on God being love…

“Muslim believes that love is what is behind everything in creation…”

Thinking to myself, I have heard that as the core to many religions.

After talking about the idea of love and everything being a part of the “One”…. I blatantly asked him

“With how our cultures are towards women, I have a question to ask you…

In your opinion, why has there been so much control throughout most of our history, and why do we hide from it in our world?”

Verbatim, he said to me

“You see, in the beginning, man was alone, needs companion, beauty of this world. Women came and had inner energy to provide comfort, beauty and love. So she gives everything she has to man…. Man saw that and thought, she has better properties than me. That’s my right to take advantage of woman

You see, woman is much more powerful than man…
I’m a man I’m scared of woman, like most men. Man scared that woman leave man easily. Woman give a birth, she more patience and power and can bear pain over and over more than man.
All woman do a better job than man, better worth, we don’t want to show you we are scared, so we dominate you for so long and keep you covered and hidden.
Woman never let down a man, or hurt a man like man hurts woman, because she cares too much.

Nobody better or perfect, they just perfect for themselves, a perfect version of them.

We all need to unite and show the world

You have positivity, keep shining as woman is meant to”

He said as I stepped out of the cab

This shift is happening in our world, yet there are places where girls and women, as well as boys are still hurt, abused, raped, trafficked and mutilated to frightening numbers, so while we have progressed in equality, there is still much healing that is in order.

This being a snippet of my opinion, what are your thoughts on this?

xo ,


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5 Ways Men are Trained to Hate Women

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Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

14 thoughts on ““I’m a Man, I’m scared of Woman””

  1. This is very interesting. I don’t think he’s right that women are better than men but I do think he’s right that women should start standing up for other women and what they know to be right in the world.

    1. I agree, I think that he had a good point, it was interesting to hear. I think that the balance will come in our world eventually, it has already been happening, it just needs to happen more.

  2. he is absolutely right my girl :) . I feel it the same way. But the opposite is also truth. Women are trained by society to be the good companion not the leader so they expect of men to be leader. Thats why i find it hard to find women : ) She expects me to be the leader and provider but in my case i need her to tell me what is best for us not otherwise. Then i know what i can actualy provide to make us happy :)

  3. This can be an endless discussion with so many convincing arguments in favour or against. Infact, We all are born with some energy fields that flows through our thoughts and actions of mind and body in genuine. Finally, they generate our egos to evaluate them. But it is difficult to understand unless one gets awaken in his soul or in his inner true self. Click the link below to see an honest effort of one blogger impressed me to share his post there:

    1. I agree and love to digress on this conversation to only believe that we’ve all incarnated as male and female yet like to believe there is some sort of imbalance in the carnal aspects that we’re incarnating within. I believe inner awakening is the path of true ascension and if one is awakened then it is time to shed light on the aspects of what is kept in the darkness, of course all sides of the stories of hurt, anger, fear, aggression etc will all have their understandings of why they’re there. ultimately if we could all reach the aspects of our highest that we’re meant to, we’d supercede these invisible fallacies of gender and inequality….
      I hope to see that day in my future

  4. Your disagreement proves that you are a genius. Easily convinced and influenced person lacks his point of opinion which is necessary to support a strong view and perspective to explore something new on a particular subject. You may agree on a point that “It is not our choice of gender we are born with”. But we do have a choice of being a human. And all humans are more passionate about seeking their desires including the carnal aspect. It can be described as natural in some societies and may be a sickness in some societies. It all depends on cultural and personal levels. Nothing can satisfy us unless we get bored and, here, it creates the imbalance resulting into all types of frustration, fear, anger etc. But there is another level of consciousness, common to all gender where all this ends and eliminates because it can only be achieved beyond physical needs. When we go to sleep at night and in some situation of anxiety, anger, fear, happiness, and love we tends to forget our gender as well as our personalities, who we are? These are the some sudden possibilities where we face this level of consciousness temporarily without knowing and having experience of it.

    1. Thank you, again your thoughts are brilliant to read. :)
      Yes, who are we? Is this all just a dream and we sleep to wake into another reality to just keep going forevermore in what we think is consciousness? Sometimes I wonder if it’s all one big game to see where our choices, thoughts, actions and words take us.
      hmmmmmmmm that might be a great post transcending interdimensions ;)

      1. I am glad to know that you have found a new subject for your research. I can help you to know that there is a very good authentic book in Indian mythology on this subject. It is an interesting old scripture called “Yoga Vasistha Ramayana” . You can read it to reveal many secrets of life alongwith finding your best answers. Have a best of luck. Goodbye !

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