Love it Out of Existence

Imagination is our ability to dream in waking life, it is our gift to create and is the totality of our reality. What we choose to live by and experience is essentially our choice. We have the ability to choose and create responsibly, it just takes a level of awareness to do so.

I choose to experience a loving, happy, peaceful and wildly imaginative, radiant existence, right now.


Because it is my choice. My thoughts feed and whatever I give focus to is what I empower, my question becomes what is it I choose to focus on?

It is my new mantra to not take life so seriously, because sometimes the fun of youthful innocence can be lost. Life is a game that is meant to be fun, to laugh at what seem like faults, laughter is my current form of love. I ask myself, in the whole scheme of things, what will I remember when I leave?

Perhaps your imagination is wild, like mine, and it doesn’t fit the mold… so what, own it, love it… it’s your choice. Watch as the mold forms around you dreams, intentions, potential and purpose. ….

Thoughts, words, actions and deeds create, this is proven in quantum physics. If your life is not of your highest vision, love what isn’t working out of existence by imagining what you choose to experience, feel and witness. Intentions are the powerful force of imagination, will and heart to create from.

You see, when one thinks that other people, forces, fear, worry and doubt, insecurity, anger, displacement, blame are real, it gives power to those lower emotions to have control over self and creating. I think we can agree that we have all given power to our faults and failings, but that is not where love will be found. You are the master of your universal expression, that is a divine right we have all been blessed with.

What is it you choose to experience?

In recreating for the highest of self and world, that which does not resonate clearly with you anymore will become one again if you allow the divine principles at hand to love it out of reality. When you wish to perceive something feel it into all of your being, if what you do not love keeps persisting, then simply love it out of existence.. You are the lovers and creators of your destiny.

Loving even the darkest of forces will allow them to no longer exist.

It is within each one one of us to become one with the divine principles, therein love as a mother would to usher along our collective highest purpose…..

Wish List For A New World

Almost a year after I have posted the original idea, I have kept to envisioning a new world, even through some of my dark moments. My wish is to see this world healed, to see every person empowered within themselves, fully radiating from their inner love. In order to see that it will take more than just me to intend it, we all create together. The power of our collective minds, thoughts, and words can either empower us all within our absolute splendor or disempower us into the fall of our species. Our minds are our most powerful tool, when used together they are unstoppable.

So as I have asked before and I will ask you again

What is your idea of a better world?

Can you hold that vision unwaveringly, even if it takes a while for the seeds to germinate into reality? Until that glimmering hope is actualized and felt within all of us?

What is your highest dream of your own potential right now?

Can you allow that to come into focus more clearly, loving whatever is not that out of existence?

On further note, I would like to give you a task. Here is one of my current purposes; every day I am envisioning for at least 5 to 10 minutes in meditative silence something within our world that needs healing as ALREADY healed and realized.

As I do so it no longer becomes a wish, it becomes a choice to experience… will you join me?



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Wish List for A New World
Earth’s Cry

Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

8 thoughts on “Love it Out of Existence”

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  4. Wow! That was terrific! Very instighful. I never really though of it that way before, but I believe that much of my life (as much as I really hate to admit it) is driven that way. I have been guilt of making E N O R M O U S investments in material things because I wanted what I thought they could bring to the table.Case in point, I invested nearly two-hundred-thousand dollars in professional PA gear, because I really wanted to become a more popular sound engineer. Did that decision help to accomplish that goal? Well maybe, a little. So, yes there was some marginal benefit, but compared to the marginal cost it was a ridiculous misappropriation of resources.The expensive sound equipment came with a huge monthly financial obligation, lots of maintenance expenses, and other losses in terms of equipment failures, theft, etc., and lots of additional expenses like expensive trailers for transportation, insurance, property taxes, interest expenses, storage fees, etc., etc., etc.So, the dream I had of owning this fantastic sound system did very little to accomplish my real goal, but the marginal cost of ownership ended up putting me completely out of business eventually, and that ultimately destroyed my goal of becoming a more popular sound engineer. Only now, years later, am I beginning to recover from my stupidity.I sincerely hope that others can learn from our mistakes and realize that everything is always all about Love..

    1. Thank you Veronica, I appreciate you sharing your story with me. I think we can easily place material objects above inner happiness due to living in a physical world that is driven by success, meaning money.
      I think happiness is about finding that inner place divinity and merging it with the physical world.

  5. if you don’t make good decisions it can ulmilatety ruin you or put a major hurting on what you are trying to accomplish.I also thought of delegation. I have a hard time with this a lot of times because I know the quality of work that I do and I know if I do it then it will get done to my standards.If I let someone else do it then it might or might not get done and it might or might not be up to my standards.I don’t know if I totally agree with the statement that what we own and what we do are not related, they at some point have to meet in the middle and walk hand in hand.If we dream about a bus and the time comes when we actually need one then those two meet. The dream and the reality meet. If they get off to one side or another then it can mean disaster and you more than likely become ineffective.a0 The goal is through keeping your focus on the right things other things will fall into place.

    1. Thank you for sharing!!
      I believe the dream is in intention. When you are following your highest vision everything will be made for the best decision no matter what. If one is happy and feeling love, ultimately choices will be guided by that state of mind and being. No one but self can have that say over internally creating, yet we all create together so when we bring it into the outer there is a process of collectivity forming around it.



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