Mothering Creation

“A woman may also give birth to her own creative work, in which she has had to plumb her own depth as a woman and labor to bring it forth. The work comes out of her and draws from her talents and experience, and yet it has its own life.”

There is an aspect of motherhood that I believe men and women can be impregnated with. This motherhood consists of taking care to birth our inner spark of creativity into reality. A gestational period of cultivating an inner force whether that be through art, music, passion, success, plans, goals, drives and implementing them into one’s life.
In essence birthing one’s dreams into fruition, becoming a mother to care for one’s creations that are a life-force in and of themselves.

Being a mother to creation is an intuitive process, there comes a point of understanding the life creation takes on is not always what is planned. Planning and order can assist in maturation, but the organic growth of what is takes on a life of its own. Like an infant turned child turned adolescent to adult.

There are intricate patterns in everything, determining the cause and effect of organic growth. Environmental, emotional, physical and sociological aspects will give creations the form based on their surroundings.
These cycles are not always understood nor happen by what we think nor want, they happen of their own accord and design.

Quintessentially, every mothering process wishes for the best of their birthing, whether that is a child, life, work, creativity, relationships, success, plans or dreams.
Allowing the creations to fully mature with nurturance from the mothering aspect is a graceful and beautiful process.

Since I do not have children of my own, motherhood to me is guiding my artistic creations beautifully, with love and nurturance as I bring them into the world.

Mother’s day is coming up and is a wonderful honoring of those who biologically birthed us. This post is in respect towards all mothers and I wish to thank them for bringing miracles of life into existence. I especially wish to thank my mom for being the best she could possibly be for me and my siblings, while imparting her wealth of knowledge, creativity, love, inspiration and strength into us.



Mommy Mystic: The Spirituality of Motherhood (quote above was taken from there :) A mother’s wish to believe in yourself The Tide Has Turned

Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

10 thoughts on “Mothering Creation”

  1. What a wonderful perspective you express in your post…it’s linked in my own post, but I’ll add another note about it…to encourage others to pause here…what you write is something I was trying to express…that expanded idea of creating, nurturing and care…thank you for your lovely post…it’s beautiful…. : ) kathy

  2. Nicole thank you so much for your perfect expression of LIFE, LOVE, and LIVING for we are truly all Mothers birthing beauty into this world! I am blessed to have you for my daughter expressing your life so beautifully! I love you Nicole! :-) XOXOXOXOXO

  3. Nicole, thanks so much for the link, and I also love that quote (obviously!) I was just thinking about gestation and birthing in terms of creation the other day when I was working on an article. I hemmed and hawed all day, and was starting to get frustrated that I was procrastinating…then suddenly at the very last minute I sat down and wrote the whole article and it came out as I hoped…I realized I had actually been gestating the article all day, as I weaved in and out of other activities that seemed like procrastinating…creation when it comes through us truly has its own process…as you say it’s ‘organic’… in this case I birthed what I thought I would but often it’s completely different than what I set out to write…Great post – Lisa

    1. Lisa,
      Isn’t that the amazing thing about creations. There are times where I have lost my creative spark, and do the same hemming and hawwing only to realize that a certain situation or event would inspire a whole post to come to fruition. Like a seed being implanted in the mind of the whole creative process. I think sometimes in our human minds, we are unable to see the larger picture until we’re through with what we are weaving.
      And then, like a lightbulb our a-ha moment occurs…
      Thank you for reading and your appreciation, it means so much to me…

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