Venus in Love

This is a compilation of several women’s opinions of what it is we love from a man… For you lovely men, a guide to our inner hearts.

I believe every person is looking for true love, what a perfect time to acknowledge it as venus is transiting.

While we have been raised in a world where the idea of true love is left out a bit, I believe it’s the power that can bring our world collectively into a happier place. This does not negate independence nor self-love, it is honoring the power of true love.

we love to feel feminine, letting our femininity be revered while honoring independence as well.

we love to be taken out, shown a good time with whatever interests are in mind

we love to laugh and be light with you, while also having the inner depth that is our essence admired

we love for you to let us know that you desire us, even with just a gaze, knowing that we are the most beautiful woman to you.

we love for our minds to be blown; to feel sensual, sexy, sexual and touched intimately and lovingly by you

we love loyalty and to trust that you have the best intentions for us;consistency in your love you show us

we love feeling surprised with spontaneity and romance

we love for you to be our teammate, companion, best friend, through thick and thin

we love for you to be strong, confident men, our anchor of support and strength with who you are and embrace

we love for interests to be balanced, for us independent women really love what we love and that to be respected :)

we love for you to truly listen and hear us and our sometimes strong or long opinions

we love to feel understood and appreciated through all of our multi-faceted ways

we love for you to put us up on pedestals for us to be cherished and adored for who we are

we love to connect with you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually

we love to make you feel like a man, which occurs when you make us feel like amazing women

we love to be inspired, bringing out the best in each other, radiating as the star of your life

we love to be enamored, admired, appreciated and desired

we love for you to have integrity and honor and stay true to your word

we love to surrender within you & love

we love to be loved, especially for our creative, free, wild and intuitive natures; we love to love you

This list is long, elaborated and could go on, depending on the woman. Yet, us women are also simple and just want to love and be loved by true love, the kind of love that makes the heart flutter, sitting and daydreaming about that person for hours. To feel the giddiness and the absolute knowing that when right it’s absolute beauty.

We wish for our hearts to be able to open fully to true love, past all of our world’s conditioned fears

Love is the backdrop of existence; if not appreciated, it’s not always witnessed. We understand we can sometimes be hard on you, we’re working on that, there are many patterns being released between us sexes.

Most importantly love is about reciprocity, you bringing your gorgeous masculine aspects to our beautiful feminine selves.

Our offering to Venus today…

Love’s all about loving



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About Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing adventure, love, knowledge and intention through profound soul-searching and question. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.
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3 Responses to Venus in Love

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  2. Beautiful Post. Thanks for sharing. Love the words – “We wish to feel our absolute best around you, watching as our worlds shift around the love that is within.” Thank God for LOVE! Thank you so much for stopping by My Journal of Praise.

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