The Judge

I sit here, thinking and contemplating, allowing my mind to wander and analyze as it can tend to, and I think to myself…

How much

I think….

I then take a moment, becoming the observer to my thoughts allowing the superconsciousness to come through, remembering to
let go of thinking so much.

It has no meaning if it creates an analysis paralysis. This is where our beautiful brains create barriers from truly witnessing our experience in the moment from a place of acceptance. A filter placed around reality by this thing called our ego and conditioning, which is judgement for self and others.

These judgements are our conditioning. Functions formed from birth onwards as we learn ways to comprehend and be in our world that is already set up by structures in place. Created by the brains of our ancestors dating back through our genetic encoding.

Perception is based around these judgements, which are categorizations, labels, materials, senses, schools of thought, religions, races, creeds, ideas and much else. All compartments of the brain’s ability to filter through our perception and show us what has already been preconditioned by our subconscious. We are all receiving different feedbacks from our brain and conditions already in place. Which lets us understand the small faculty of what is really going in our sensory experience.

There is so much that our brain is constantly taking in, we only receive a small percentage of it consciously, that which we already have set up as belief structures.

While this serves us, it is also quite a detriment as our inner judge. This judge of our mind tells us what is good/bad right/wrong, proper/improper, acceptable/not acceptable by our standards and those of the society we are a part of.

Our judgements will vary, and are changing as we do, also being negatively or positively tipped

one person could state

those leaves are beautiful

another might say about the same leaves

look at how they’re dying

Glass half empty or full, neither is right or wrong, it’s judging based on conditioning and perception.

This is where discernment takes place, what feels right?

Someone tells you something that they’ve experienced, do you take their word or find out for yourself?

Is something done because it is status quo?

Status quo is constantly changing. What I thought I’ve known has drastically changed through time.
Evolution, correct?

Conscious REvolution

It’s easy to think that we know others and our world fully. We don’t, we can’t possibly with the small percentage that our neurological function allows us to experience from our limited perception. What our impression of others and our world are, is not all it is, only what and who they are to us in our perception of here and now.

Thus can sometimes the challenge of humanity, the misunderstanding and lack of empathy.

There will be differences in perspectives. AN easy thing to do is instead of judging another’s perception/way of being and thinking we know best, come into understanding. Honor the fact that we all have these wondrous organs called brains that create this world we gloriously take part in. Each of us are in completely separate realities that converge to form our collective. We biologically survive without even having to consciously think about it.

And that in itself is quite a beautiful concept….

So when that judge comes up; Laugh, breathe, meditate, let go and find your center, the one to create from, the one that connects us all, with acceptance and love.

We are all connected to the superconsciousness*, like the huge brain connecting all of our little brains together. In individuality lies our similarity to being human. Let your imagination come into play. The part of brain that lets the mind wander into fanciful dreamland and artistic endeavors, bringing ideas and concepts through from faculties that are not always what are perceived physically.

For my final dream thought…

What it would take to let the judges free in our minds and actually perceive our realities for what they truly are

could or would that even be possible?



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Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

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