Oxygenate, Baby


Over the past few months my equilibrium has become askew, which can sometimes be the case in the sweet spring and summer days. While there is always the extreme to pull one back into the middle, it doesn’t have to be so. There are ways to bring one’s homeostasis easily back into balance. My personal favorites are yoga, meditation and using herbs, food and natural remedies medicinally. Over these few posts I’m going to give some health and herbal secrets. You can find what works for you and hopefully take some tips.


Dr. Otto Warburg’s studies show that cancer is directly related to oxygen deprivation in the cells. The deprivation leads to mutation and decay in the cellular processes. This relates not only to Cancer but Candida (which I believe is the cause of cancer) and many other root causes of disease in our world.
We require adequate levels of oxygen in our body to maintain homeostasis. With a slightly alkaline PH there is higher oxygen uptake. (Check out post below on Acid vs. Alkaline for info and food list). The most harmful toxins in the body can be neutralized through the simple process of oxidation. Oxygenation is a disease preventative, while giving cellular rejuvenation, which helps one become more youthful.

Oxygen is the main catalyst for energy production and metabolic health in the body. Health equates to how well the body derives and absorbs nutrients and toxin release.

Hence, the importance of breathing, meditation and exercise.

How do you wish to feel 20 years from now? ;)

Get yo stroll on…..

Aerobic exercise, such as walking, hiking, yoga, biking connects more with the lymphatic drainage system, giving the body a chance to release toxins. Walking for 15 minutes a day is stated to be more beneficial and oxidizing than going to the gym for 2 hours three times a week.

Get yo breath on….

The most prevalent form of oxygen comes from the air we breathe, when we inhale it diffuses through membranes into red blood cells, circulates, finds tissues in need of oxygen, and then becomes oxidized by enzymes. On exhale Carbon Dioxide releases the waste from our cells, combining with hemoglobin and bicarbonates to transport back to the lungs. The cycle continues until we physically take our last breath. This function, as I described in the last post, is something our conscious mind doesn’t even have to think about… amazing!
It is important to do diaphragm breathing which is breathing into the belly area and not just the lung area.
An easy breathing exercise is breathing in for a count of 5, holding for a count of 5, breathing out for a count of 5, holding for a count of 5. You can do this up to 35 times which will help regulate the systems of the body, as well as release stress and balance the hemispheres of the brain.

Get yo drink on….

35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

Having an alkaline diet as well as staying hydrated by drinking tons of water are ways to oxygenate.
The use of food grade hydrogen peroxide internally is quite hidden knowledge, but I’ve read incredible things and have used myself. The cures I’ve read are somewhat endless. My usage was out of pure curiosity as to how it would affect me while I was doing a detox with a Kiniesiologist. I found amazing results, let alone it being a detox, it gave me super doses of energy as well as mental clarity.
There are many who have used it in cases to cure cancer and other diseases, while there are also many claims against it, read up, use common sense, discernment and try it for yourself if you so desire.
It can be used to help plants as well when diluted. Please check out my links below for more info.

How to use:

It is to be stored in the refrigerator and very important to be handled with care. It can cause burns if it touches the skin directly without dilution. One can purchase at a health food store, it usually comes with a dropper to administer it.
When using add to purified or spring water, not tap nor Brita filtered.

What I’ve done is
For the first few days use 1-3 drops in 8 oz of water. From there you can up the drops one per day until you reach 20. There are ways to dilute it in gallons of water to make it 3%, please read up below for that info. Of course, use at your own discretion and again, please do your own research.

Since this is quite brief instructions, if you need any help or have any questions please contact me directly.



Flood Your Body with Oxygen

Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment

Acid vs. Alkaline

The One Minute Cure

Also Earth Clinic which has many more natural remedies and is my go to for questions with people I’m facilitating..

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Cures

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