When You’re A Stranger…

How is it there are lonely people on a planet of 7.7 billion?

This is an issue of suffering which comes from feeling uncared about, in other words unloved in our world. People have become afraid of each other and their world in ways that create isolation.

Every human desires the need to feel cared about and loved, it shows up in different manners. It is one of the ego’s deepest needs which is why we have our own little ego trips with recognition through titles, accumulations, social media, etc.

Achievement is proving to self and world that one is worthy. Why is achievement based on titles and money?
This is an aspect of the hierarchy.
Self-worth is so much more than achievement, it is a feeling that builds within that will be there with or without material gain.

You are not your possessions, titles, accumulations, you are not the people you associate with, where you go, what you’ve done, your ideas, concepts, philosophies nor intellectual knowledge. You are so much more and it’s all within you to consciously find.

I want you to imagine for a minute a world where the family of our race came together in harmony to take care of one another as much as we care for profit.

In our tech-based lifestyles the importance of interpersonal relationships, our real connections, can become forgotten.
If we could care for one another as much as we cared for acquiring titles, possessions and egotistical, yet fleeting glory, I believe a great balance in our world could be created.
Self-sovereignty merged with an evolved form of realizing we are all interdependent on one another. Whether or not we wish to acknowledge that, it is the truth.
More important than self-importance and monetary gain is showing one another we care in ways more than passing. Many resign caring for others to just family and those they know closely. Even then there can be an element of mistrust from what we are conditioned to believe by a somewhat fear-based society.

Strangers are looked at as just that….. STRANGE

What I’ve found, especially through my travels, is that showing care to a stranger, whether it be through friendliness, a smile, gesture, conversation, thank you, eye contact is more powerful than anything in terms of giving to humanity. It is the essence we all look for, the connecting bind reminding that we are…………………..HUMAN.

Life reflecting art or art reflecting life?

When caring comes out in ways of worry it then turns into fear, worry attracts negative situations just like fear does. The media sources feed us into a state of mistrust, understandably. Yet this in turn creates the world to be a fearful, condemned, hurtful place where it is hard to trust anybody, sometimes even family. We are fed what is wrong in our world rather than seeking solutions and beauty. We are brainwashed through advertisement on what we should think, how to act, what to buy and seek for our own personal satisfaction, as though without it we are less.

Is that truly where satisfaction is found?

Question for a minute…

Do you think that is a mindset that empowers people in their individual essence and connection to others?

When we are raised in a world where we can so easily be lead into fear, how can one feel good about their world?
Let go into trust when worry comes up and look through the fear to the beauty of humanity, which can always be sought to some extent.

Understand that we’re all human, compassion is love, love is care, care is showing one another that we are here for each other…..

On behalf of the Colorado shootings….. I wish to send love, light, Reiki, healing and condolences to all involved. That those directly involved are healed from their hurt and trauma, for the sake of their health and well-being, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That the families of the victims may be helped through this time period with serenity and love guiding them.

Although they may be strangers, I care about and love them.



Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

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