Jealousy & Comparison

Here is a thought that has come to me… I realized that while we all have innate gifts we also compare to one another, which sometimes distracts us from what we are naturally blessed with.

Comparison is good to a certain extent, it allows us to understand that there may be more to strive for. Yet, there is also a downside to comparison, in which we look to each other as “the grass is greener”. This ultimately turns into a keeping up with the jones’ mentality which will keep one seeking outside of themselves for fruition.

Doesn’t happiness essentially come from within?

Here is what I’ve learned in my short years upon this planet. Appreciation of others’ gifts and blessings while also appreciating what one has, will naturally attract what one is meant to have, in the now that is experienced. Bringing one straight into the flow.
Like the stages of life and growth, if we had everything all at once we’d get bored, right? I deal with that because I see the person I will be in the next few years and want it all at once, but if I had it all now, then what?
That’s where learning through our world comes into play. We are all students of this vast universe, we learn from each other, ourselves and planet as we come more so into harmony, daily.

I sense there is a jealous factor in our world when achievement is made from another. I’m sure we’ve all been on both sides of that coin.
The hating mentality only hurts the haters.
What is the best way to move through it?
When jealousy comes up, turn it around into happiness and blessings for another’s achievement. Jealousy is only wishing for something to be, by turning the competitive nature of jealousy into appreciation one will become more attuned to their inner inclinations they wish to create. If we could all be happy for each other imagine what we could achieve TOGETHER.

I’m Happy for you, can you be happy for me?

More importantly can you be happy for you?



The flow, yo (
So much can contribute to ones perception of this world (

Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

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