Freedom of Choice

Freedom is a perspective, not a tenet, or is it?

If a perspective is being swayed by a party outside of oneself, is that freedom at all?

What about the variety of choices other than what we’re told choice is, the ones we can’t see or know because we’re unaware they’re even possibilities?

As an adult, I believe is it an inherent violation of free will for any person to tell another what to do with their own being.

I have found that I make choices based on what feels right by ME.
Choosing what is my truth has given me strength, courage, morality, and virtue based on a moral set of beliefs. Suggestions and guidance are the way to make one understand, but placing limits on choice inhibits freedom.

We have a choice of politicians that are run by corporations, corporations whom are not always working for the people. If that is in fact the way our government will be, then why not work for the people, dear corporations?

Don’t you see the negative impact profiteering is having on our world, not to mention the horrible karma it’s incurring?

We’re being distracted by issues such as birth control, instead of looking at the larger picture. The big picture is, we’re all in this as a whole and we have to work together, for a better world for our children and next 7 generations.

Come on America, let’s set good examples for them, by cleaning up our collective actions and mess we’ve made while we’ve been implementing new technology and social structuring. It’s understandable that we are in the predicament we’re in, yet does not negate taking responsibility to rectify our actions.

I’d like to see a world that feeds off the better good for our race and earth, rather than money. The manner of our current state of existence is in my opinion rather Neanderthal. I believe we as a people of the earth, including every person upon it have a far greater potential. As individual aspects of the whole, remembering that we are all connected could start to heal these separated rifts between us.

I love America and the strength it took to get us here, yet some major shifts in our infrastructure are needed, collectively. I believe this comes back to the imbalance with technology and our Earth’s need. I have faith in our country to learn from our misgivings, while also setting an example for the world in healing the rifts between gender, races, religions and ages.

And Dear Corporations, working for the people would mean CARING about us and needs over profiteering. We as a people believe in you to get us out of this mess we’re in, I have ideas for that to be done.

Wish List For a New World and much more


When corporations are now considered people, do you feel you have much say in what happens in our world and what would your say be?

What would it take for these corporations to start working towards the better good of humanity?

The vision I see is: We all have our individual dream, in which we work our dreams together to create a collective greater than anything possibly imagined.

Furthermore, it is a divine right decreed by me and my sovereignty as a human, that states only I have say over what I choose to do with my life and being, which is not under government of ANYTHING other than GOD whom works directly with and through me…

I will work with the governing forces on this planet to create a better world for all of us. Sowing the seeds of reality with my mind, words, thoughts, actions, emotions and deeds. Residing as a self-sovereign divine being, intrinsically connected to the rest of humanity.

Able to live all aspects of my individual dream



I’m a Man I’m scared of Woman

Published by

Nicole Ciccarelli

I speak my Truth and opinions through means of this artistic expression. I write with the intention of bringing thought-provoking musings through profound soul-searching and questions. I ask for you who read; to acknowledge and live your Purpose and Dream.

5 thoughts on “Freedom of Choice”

  1. I think your wish is a beautiful one. However, I think the nature of governments and corporations is such that they are designed against the individual and to circumvent the system for their own benefits. We should re-think the origins of these institutions, as well as of America, and ask ourselves if what we think they were or should be, are even within the realm of reality. I suggest that neither one is aligned in any way with the true spirit of humanity, and that both need to go the way of the dodo in order for your wishes to come true. ~Matthew

    1. Thank you Matthew I appreciate the feedback! I am upset that our system is against the individual and human spirit and have been for a while, but where does that get me ;). I agree that we should re-think the origins of our governments and also question why we are only given a few choices to vote for. I think a complete breakdown is necessary in order to rebuild a structure that is more in alignment with a healthy future for humanity. I love the Venus Project model, a resource based economy sounds more ideal than what we currently have in place

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