Kundalini Awakening

“Kundalini is the evolutionary mechanism in man. It is slowly but inexorably leading mankind towards a higher state of consciousness…Kundalini performs no less important a function, not only for the individual but for the whole of the race…It is at work every moment of our lives in building the brain and the nervous system, and it is therefore most necessary for the safety of mankind that some people deeply interested in it arouse this power so that the world might benefit by their experience.”

Kundalini is a life-force of its own intelligence and design. When it becomes awakened it comes with it a great, overwhelming power that clears and re-patterns many systems, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is the internal force in the body to heal itself.

I truly believe that when awakened it naturally starts to re-pattern the DNA. Like Kali, this energy seeks and destroys all that is not in the highest divine alignment of the individual who is awakening. Kundalini allows one to wake up to higher consciousness and potential. It imparts within the ability to look above and beyond, at times superseding duality in our 3d reality.

A radiant, powerful, light-filled energy that is red/orangey/pinkish. When awakened this energy rises up through the channels also known as nadis or meridians, into all the chakras and finally the hypothalamus. Over time filling the entire body with its energy. This awakens and lights up the pineal and pituitary glands while also starting to rewire the whole nervous system.

Kundalini energy sits at the base of the spine like a coiled cobra. It is an inexhaustible life force that has been spoken about in texts from the inception of written word, far beyond any one religion or spiritual practice. Carl Jung and many others have addressed it, referring to it as the superconsciousness.

“The researcher, philosopher-scientist Gopi Krishna, proposes the existence of a region in the human brain, a faculty of supersensory perception normally dormant, which can be awakened to activity by certain practices. Quantum physics has confirmed that the mind of the observer influences what can be observed (see “The Reality Tests,” Seed Magazine, June 4, 2008).

It is the next process within humanity’s evolution.
The energy is said to come from the same energy as our reproductive systems, and when worked properly with another it can build the Kundalini. When working on awakening (enlightenment) it is said to happen through abstaining from sexual contact with another, at first for building it within oneself. This is due to energy rising upward for evolution, downward for reproduction.

“The process of evolution is a continuous one. One cannot say positively at what height man will arrive ultimately, but the next higher stage after human consciousness is a state of higher awareness so extraordinary and blissful that the recipient of this grace is lost in wonder when he or she attains to it. What do you call that consciousness? We can call it superconsciousness, the Turiya state, Nirvana, or even a divine consciousness.”

“Both genius and illumination are the outcome of the activity of Kundalini. When this mighty force enters the conscious centre the individual is then not only illumined but also possesses genius.”

“All spring from the evolutionary impulse in the human body…The goal of all religions is certainly one, and that is to have a higher state of consciousness”

“Great ideas come through individuals, and they can change the world. But an individual is also the product of a group. We lack in great prophets in this age because the society is allotting the place of honour to material progress.”

“The condition of society is the greatest impetus in the production of religious (Kundalini) geniuses. The present world lacks in something that is favourable to the growth of individuals of vision.”

Awakened individuals are like sparks in the collective consciouness, spurring awakening in others. As we are moving into higher brain cognition as a race, we integrate our neo-mammalian brain structure with the awakening of our hypothalamus.
As we all awaken more, it will create a structure for us to move beyond mammalian tendencies. Thus it will raise the consciousness of the lower brain functions to more wholly serve our earth and race.

The energy, when worked upward, is completely mind-blowing. There are many ways to facilitate it. My journey consisted of a 6 year process from recognizing it, to full awakening, to the repatterning of my nervous system. Which has not been the smoothest process.

I could feel my Kundalini the first time when I was 23. Ignoring it for a few of years, I felt it awaken subtly in New Mexico. This consisted of my shadowy patterns surfacing and my lower back was constantly in pain.

From there I resided for a bit in the powerful lands of Hawaii, of the smoldering and alchemical volcanos, metaphorical for the process I was in. I underwent a semi-awakening, that stopped at my throat. Then, a couple of weeks later my Kundalini became fully awakened. This rising happened while I was driving around the big island.

I was consciously breathing deeply when everything went white. Blinded, I had to pull over. My limbs were completely numb with an intense buzzing feeling. I felt the flow travel up into my head, like a circuit as though it went up and out of me.

There was a lapse in time of 20-30 minutes while the powerful and intense energy worked through me. It was blissful, yet overwhelming, like an electrical current running through me. My mind was in an intense hyper-conscious mode, which included incidences with a friend afterwards where all the electricity went out talking about the experience, twice.

It takes a couple of months up to 12 years for a Kundalini awakening to come to full fruition. I still go through rewiring from time to time it comes in waves. My experience with it is not one of a completely disciplined spiritual/monastic life, as what is suggested. At times it has caused mishap when I go too far out of balance.

The purity of everything lends itself to me, I’ve noticed that which is not of my purest source falls away from my life. As it works through me, the intelligence of it wants to experience the life I lead. Through my range of emotions, while building enjoyment, enlightenment, happiness, while creatively expressing through me with music, writing, dance and interaction. A balanced existence of the feminine force of physical with the masculine non-physical.

The ultimate alchemy.

It’s now easier for me to bring the energy up on command and go into the place of whiteness (samadhi), which feels like orgasmic bliss throughout my whole being when I reach it.

I could go on this topic post after post, but instead I’ll let you be guided to your own process and research within it. Below is a breathing practice for you if you’d like, as well as articles I highly suggest.

How is your Kundalini?



Kundalini Breathing

I will give you the breathing exercise, one of the many out there that works for me to get in touch with Kundalini
It consists of visualizing on a deep inhale in your abdomen filling up with light. Either white or the pinkish orange I addressed. On every inhale picture the energy filling with light and on the exhale visualize it starting to rise in two channels like a double helix or figure 8’s through every chakra. Do it slowly as you visualize the energy rising up into your hypothalamus where the energy pours into your Pineal gland. It then pushes upward out of your Crown Chakra Pouring back down the “front channels” up and down the legs and then back again into the “coiled snake”. You can practice this continuously and is a great way to get in touch with your Kundalini.
Hatha Yoga is a gradual way to build it, while Kundalini Yoga builds it much quicker.
The articles below I highly suggest reading if you are interested in more information.

UPDATE as of 2016:

I have found it tremendously difficult releasing some internal blocks and I was recreating unhealthy patterns, which is obviously a part of awakening. Especially in a society that does not promote the type of cultivation and encouragement needed for Kundalini’s awakening process. It has been a challenge at times remembering the power of it and to move beyond what my ego wants into remembering my soul purpose and path. I found instead trying to numb the intensity to fit into a mold that isn’t authentically me, in a world of status quo. Of course, time always allows the energy to transcend any blocks mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and even I think genetically. Like I said, it hasn’t been the smoothest process, yet I feel so much more aligned with who I am; shadows and light, so as to bring my awareness to its highest state to unlock hidden potential, within myself and others.


I gave part 1 of this article in the last post, which is where quotes above were taken from:



Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Info on Chakras:

Raging Chakras

More Breathing exercises:


40 thoughts on “Kundalini Awakening

  1. nicole, after your kundalini seemed to settle down, or you adapted to it, did it tend to come back at all with the same initial intensity? if not, do you feel it is still flowing within your body and mind, especially feeling it when you are in deep, contemplative state?


    1. Hi Matthew,

      After it settled down, I felt a powerful new force working in me, yet it dissipated in its consistency until I started acknowledging it more. When it happened I was somewhat dismissive of the power of it, I don’t think I understood the complexity of what an awakening was. Now that it’s 3 years later I look back and can see how much the energy has worked through me. Almost as though it was waiting, an ever present consciousness that I can easily tap into now when in deeper states. I have tapped into even more in depth a couple of times, not as the initial rush was, more as a building of what has already been awakened.
      Hope this answers your questions 🙂


      1. How long did your initial awakening last? By this I mean the most noticeable feelings you had with this force flowing through your body? Did you sense something different about yourself leading up to it, or was it spontaneous?


      2. Hi Matthew!

        My initial awakening with the intense, buzzing, white light feeling lasted throughout that evening. As a continuous flow like electricity. Like my friend said when we were transferring energy, it feels like I am a 9v battery, the buzzing can be felt when I touch someone. It is not something that is always noticeable, yet it’s always there. When I breathe into it, and focus it, it lights it up more. WHen I work it up into my pineal, it creates a buzzing feeling up there as though I become open to many channels of consciousness that becomes higher each time.
        There are certain tools I use as well to gain access to the different levels.
        I have had certain breathing practices come to me to help awaken it as well. I am still working on perfecting those so I can teach others. Ones that balance the upper and lower chakras and energy channels.

        As for what I noticed prior to the awakening. It has been almost 3 years since the shift took place. I was doing a powerful meditation practice for almost a year, and had been practicing yoga for almost two years rigorously, and off and on since I was 19. I could feel I was on the precipice of something, there were powerful things taking place, but couldn’t quite put them into words. Emotions and memories from my childhood were surfacing. Patterns of different roles I played I viewed from a very objective place, rather than feeling that it was me. I felt as though I was a character playing roles to facilitate the transformation into the person I was meant to become.

        I had visions of being this “new woman”, but had no access or knowledge of how that was to become. I still felt very wrapped up in these old patterns.
        That was prior to the awakening, as I said my lower back was aching as well.

        Right before the awakening I did two of my first Ayahuasca ceremonies on the big island of Hawaii, which I think was a huge part of the awakening. The medicine helped me to see the power that was inside of me, one that was non-physical consciousness from where I come from.

        Alright, this is quite lengthy, I could expound for a while… 😉

        Hope this answers your questions, if you’d like I can detail more as well!!!




  2. so, you consciously tried to will the kundalini into awakening or were you just doing these practices, then suddenly it happened? when it did happen, did you know immediately what it was so that you could better cope with the changes? or, did you have to learn about it after the fact? how long did the initial intensity last for? days…weeks? or longer? did you ever feel an intense vibration flowing upward through your body, similar to what it might feel like if a hose of gushing water were flowing through you?


    1. I didn’t try to consciously will the Kundalini, it’s not something that can be analytically broken down by the mind, which I believe can block one from allowing it to open. It is more of an experience that happens of its own accord. Think of watching water boil, it will take forever, if you just build and do what you need to do, with the intention of awakening, it will organically occur. I was somewhat aware that it was happening, but again, I didn’t know for sure until afterwards there were profound changes in the way I viewed myself. Yet, I went back to a state of normalcy, with the information I had attained about my inner empowerment. Yes I felt the intense vibration as I explained in the post, it was not like a gush of water, instead it felt more like a volcano explosion, pressure that had to come up and out.


  3. Ok, I hear you. But, did you sense in the weeks and months leading up to it, that something profoundly transformative was occurring within your body? Even though you may not have attributed it to the kundalini awakening. Or, did you feel you were going within yourself in a more internally reflective and deeper way, as it approached? As if your subconscious knew what was about to happen and was preparing YOU without your consciousness necessarily knowing about it.


    1. Yes, absolutely. I was living where I had resided my whole life 5 months prior to that and heard in my heart that I was supposed to leave. Which in turn started my time of wandering. This was where I was soul-seeking and many patterns from my subconscious and self were being witnessed. It was a very reflective inner state pared down to me outside of what I identified with. I stepped out of who I was to the outer world so as to understand my inner world. One that was somewhat chaotic and unclear. I highlighted this in my post the Underworld if you’d like to read it. As well as Empathic Repatterning. Much of the details will be in my memoir, I don’t want to let you in on too much or else I’ll ruin the sacredness of what will be in the book ; )


  4. Hello and blessings,
    I have been living with active Kundalini for over a year now and haven’t really gotten a lot of advice on this… Since i intentionally raised my Kundalini, doing extreme nostril breathing… My concern is what does this mean for me spiritually???
    Is my consciousness forever limited??
    I understand that usually Kundalini goes back to dormancy after being raised… However this is not the case for me, it has remained in my head, intensifying my chakras…

    I have heard acupuncture would help, but idk… My sanity is really wearing thin. thank you for your lovely and informative article.
    OM Namaste


    1. Hello,

      Thanks for sharing your perspective. I understand the feelings of intensity that accompany Kundalini awakening. And I also believe rather than limiting consciousness it opens one up to far more powerful innner tools to unlock hidden parts of ourselves by repatterning the inner shadows into higher conscious frequencies of awareness and transparency. The sanity part is understood, as you become more aware of yourself you will feel more masterful of the power of Kundalini. I don’t think it’s something to fear but rather take on in a way of understanding and joy.


  5. Nicol am in the proccess of awakening kundalini. So far I have experienced the awakening through a dream. Am askn to find out what does that mean?


    1. hector, i too have seemingly manifested the kundalini awakening through a dream, waking up and having it still affecting my being…now for almost a year and a half. what happened in yours?


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  8. When you say “re-wiring of nervous system”, is one of these symptoms a continuous, mild vibration in the lower neck at night?

    I believe, back in November, I had a full blown Kundalini awakening after my whole body went into vibrations, then I exited my body, and to this day, I have out of body explorations.


    1. Yes, that could be a symptom of certain hidden energies awakening. The Alchemy of your spirit mixing with the physical. The back of the neck represents patterns of your subconscious as well as expression from past experiences rippling to who you are now. This may include not feeling adequate by society even though your will wants you to be you. My advice is be you, in all your glory, and all else will surrender to it once you embrace it. Including your Kundalini.


      1. Nicole, can you elaborate more on what you mean by “The back of the neck represents patterns of your subconscious…” I experienced the same thing as Hector…almost every night when the kundalini first started and periodically now – although it’s seemed to pick up more in recent weeks. ~Matthew


      2. Hi Matthew, sorry haven’t checked comments on here in a while. The back of the neck is related to the throat chakra and any time we experience that chakra being blocked it causes neck pain. When it’s in the back it usually is representative of either something from your past or something that is blocking your expression or will. The back of Chakras represents past, the front represents now. I had it with the front of the neck as it was a big challenge for me to get over my shyness in expression, part of my awakening. Hope this helps.


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    something like this before. So nice to find someone with a few original thoughts on this subject matter.
    Seriously.. thanks for starting this up.
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  11. This electro-magnetic awakening you have experienced is the first touch, or how I see it, the first bite of the double headed snake. After this the Kundalini rises and lowers according to your state of consciousness, which is in constant flow. Nirvana takes many years of practice and only few reaches this state. However, what you think, you become.

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  12. This electro-magnetic experience you have felt is simply the first touch of the Kundalini life-force. Or how I call it, the first bite of the snakes. The Kundalini flows up and down, following your state of consciousness. Nirvana takes many years of discipline and practice and you experience many awakenings before this. Only few reaches Nirvana. This is the state of the Ultimate Truth, the Dharma, Sangha and Buddha.

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    1. Yes, but perhaps it is time for the feminine to awake to it. Many souls are born already enlightened during this time period to help awaken the consciousness of our race. What applied for thousands of years is no longer pertinent. Along with the dogma of belief systems that are super patriarchial as we see with so many prophets being male. The first touch is life giving itself to awareness. From there all form and matter of Nirvana can take place, there is not only one way to receive it, for it is continually flowing and only a matter of tuning into the notion of God in everything. Awareness and Nirvana come from that realization.


  13. you have some great writing and thoughts and originality, which is why I follow some of your stuff. I’m wondering though, what kinds of difficulties and struggles and emotional/psychological turmoils you went through prior to and during this whole process? not because I am a sadist of some kind, but because I try to understand and embrace the flip side to things, that which causes us to grow and develop, the “work”-so to speak that we put into things that carves out our personalities and character and etches and molds us into something more beautiful and meaningful and deeper…was there some sort of dark night as they say in your process, were/is there periods of loneliness and/or isolation, is there a continuing daily struggle or work that you need to put in to continue along the path towards some semblance of enlightenment? I enjoy hearing the good stuff and what humanity might hope to get out of all this, but for me, part of my mission is to try and figure out how all of this comes about? is there a general path we might all follow? are there things we have in common that initiate this sort of thing? can we will it into being through consistent contemplation or meditation? or, are we all sort of in different places in our personal evolution, perhaps within multiple lives here, and when the time is right, our destiny just unfolds in front of us? swabhava style…

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    1. Hi Matthew,
      Sorry for the delay, I haven’t checked this post comments in a while. The catalyst to my awakening certainly came with a dark night of the soul, which I don’t think the process of digging into the subconscious, sometimes murky realms ever ends. I think every person, carrying a vibration of their own soul essence is on a different evolutionary trajectory, yet we’re all connected within the collective trajectory and consciousness if that makes sense?
      I don’t have the answers and from time to time feel as though everything I came into consciously has evaporated, which is my own fears impeding my conscious evolution. I know there are different dimensions my awareness exists upon and that is more of what I am opening up to now, which usually happens in a dream state. Sometimes I find I can access valuable information if I tune in correctly.
      I think loneliness was perpetuated by a feeling of isolation in not being understood. I now no longer feel that because I see that consciousness is catching up on a worldwide scale and my energetic frequency and vibration are attracting that of a like nature to me. Finally, It felt like I was alone on an island for a year or two, but I’ve also embraced that time period as a time of introspection and re-evaluation.
      I have found life has taken on much deeper, profound meaning, yet much more light-hearted than the depths of what I once used to feel. Almost as though the understanding of how finite this life is while also knowing that there is the infinite source of life, light, love and energy that courses through me helps me to appreciate everything I experience much more.
      Thank you as always for sharing and your point of view and questions are so valued.
      Allow destiny to enfold you within it, it will carry you where you need to be. Just ask. 🙂


  14. Hello Nicole and thankyou for sharing your experience. I had my kundalini rise in 2008 and had no idea what had happened to me. i felt like i was in a void where everything was in slow motion and my senses were hypersensitive for a few hours. i could always feel the energy in my heart and could recall it if i was thinking anything to do with compassion. On the advice of someone, i tried to pull the kundalini upwards and got to my mouth where i had an experience as if i was changing into a serpent. I felt like my nose had changed into that of a serpent and my tongue darted around in my mouth with an increase in saliva. i was quite scared thinking that i was forever changed but looked in the mirror and my physical appearance was the same. I know this is the year to complete my rising but i am afraid of going threw the experience as the last one was scary. Do you have any suggestions for me.


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