Happy 10 Year Anniversary

I started this blog 10 years ago to the day. On 1/11/11 and posted my first post at 1:11. Purposefully.

As an advocate for activism and change in the world, carving out this little niche for myself to have expression, felt right at the time. I was unaware of what a blog was, what it entailed and thought my first few posts would be the culmination of my blogging.

In reflection of where I’ve come and where the world has come over the past 10 years, I’m amazed. This blog saw me through my activism, occupy movement, standing up to corporate corruption, musings, meditations, health tips, living in Detroit, Chicago and LA, the 26 countries I’ve traveled to and lastly finding love and starting a family.

While I don’t write as much here, if at all anymore, I keep my writing here as a reflection. Much of what I wrote years ago is relevant to now and what we are facing as a collective.

A dream would be to see the people of our planet, United as a front, especially right now in our country. There are so many ideologies and differences separating and the oligarch tech monopolies and corporations are very purposeful in that; it is a divide and conquer strategy.

Left vs Right

Us vs Them

Masker vs Anti-Masker

Vaxxer vs Anti-Vaxxer

Rich vs Poor

This list could go on. The point I’m making is that divided, we will fall. It’s messed up right now in our country. People are fighting, creating more rifts of separation and stuck in viewpoints that are like tunnel vision. I’ve seen this along the gamut, the extreme on all sides.
I wonder if having more discussions collectively to get to the root of our issues could help solve some of the problems plaguing our country.

I think now, more than ever, is the time for everyone to sit at the round table and have their say with the talking stick, uninterrupted. Not just ego based, but from the heart and see where that could lead.

The corruption, deception, greed and divide and conquer strategies MUST end.

It is time to claim self sovereignty and for those who can, to step up and into their power. The time is now to be lead by those who are more enlightened and advanced, leading us into conscious and heart based advancement as a race, being the caretakers of this beautiful planet we inhabit. I fear for our demise if not.

Holding peace, space and love for all those adversely affected by current circumstances.



Allegory of The Cave

This is a bit of a philosophical exploration yet it wanted to be written.

In the Allegory of The Cave, from Republic by Plato, prisoners are chained their whole lives, watching on the wall in front of them what looks to be real life, which is in fact shadows on the wall.

The shadows are illuminated due to the fire behind them, people walking around, where actual life is happening inside and outside the cave which the prisoners can’t see. They have even given the shadows and life they perceive names but do not know that they’re imprisoned, nor wish to leave this imprisonment because they cannot grasp it.

One of these prisoners breaks free and is lead to see what the shadows from the fire behind them were and out of the cave. Blinded by the light of the sun, seeing that everything he had thought prior was actually a distortion of what was real.

When he tried to go back down to the prisoners to explain what he understood as their shadow play, they would not believe him nor could they, for they had been chained their whole lives.

Now, I want you to think what the enlightening moment of clarity would be like as the one who came out of the cave, eyes hurting and unable to see to then have awareness of the whole of reality.

To give up all the ideas conceived while in the darkness, chained to an idea of truth that was a shadow of what was real.

And waking up from that, into the illuminated dazzling light of truth, different from what was perceived. How would that be?

Then trying to bring back the information to those still in chains to his own detriment because he was not believed.

Now to take it to a collective and epistemological level. Perhaps what we view through our individual lenses of experience are these shadows on the wall, formed from subconscious and group conscious agreements; this is how reality is designed.

Social conditions and norms could almost be considered the shadow play, ones we are born into and weren’t given a choice about with how our society and world is set up. Ie. think right, act right, do right and be right and you will attain abc or xyz. If you’re this (think any label) you will act and do of accord of this (generalization).

Do you think the chains of an imposed reality structure come from how we have to assess what our brains are taking in to understand our individual life and consciousness?

Think about the prisoner who came back to the cave to try to explain, how often does that happen, when something is so outlandish that it’s not believed and is shuffled away as a disillusion? Many of the genius minds that came before us were the ones who “saw the light” and visionaries trailblazing a new path unseen before then.

In the allegory I see the sunlight and real life as one coming into enlightenment and clarity. Those profound times when the AHA moment comes about and self realization, which is a constant work in progress, is at a moment of zenith.

When these moments of pure clarity within the light of realization come about, is it not pure bliss and a realization of the interconnectedness of all things?

This allegory could also relate to the ego and its imprisonments vs the pervasive superconsciousness.

Given what we deal with on a day to day basis with so much bombarding us, it’s hard to discern and decipher what we believe as our inward truth. Not truth because someone told you it is a truth, truth because the core of your being resonates deeply with it. It’s up to us individually and collectively to break the chains.

Metaphorically, I feel the chains when giving credence to ideas and truths that don’t resonate within and the numbing of my ego and its distractions that distance me from my well of depth, mind, soul and creative work, which is in the present reality. Life is lived, change is inevitable, an ever flowing, always evolving moment. Which when stuck, needs the sunlight of consciousness and focus to guide it forward.

Do you in any way feel chained to the cave?

How does it feel in the moments of clarity and awakening in the glaring, dazzling light of self-realization?





Appalled, horrified, regressing are the first words that come to my mind when I think of what is occurring with the white supremacist protests in Charlottesville.

I am screaming inside. HOW THE F IS THIS HAPPENING? It’s now far beyond anger, it’s a deep driving feeling of SOMETHING MUST CHANGE.

There is the part of me that watches what is happening. With a horrified knowing that something is absurdly wrong with our current paradigm. In the right agenda, this is being condoned and history repeating itself in what millions suffered and died because of and what our great grandfathers fought for in World War 2.



Superiority is a primal tendency that comes from a time that we needed to fight for our lives to survive anything that posed a threat to our little cave dwellings. Fight or flight.


How can it be that these primal tendencies still run the conscious programming of many? This is blind adherence to superior thinking that if left unchecked will continue to de-evolve our race.

Racism exists, sadly. To say it doesn’t would be burying one’s head in the sand and evading the the problems at hand. Racism and hatred are the antithesis to change and evolution. The type of indoctrinated fear that creates a separatist mindset is the epitome of ignorance and absolutely detrimental to human harmony and world peace.

It is the negative agenda: Divide and conquer, us vs them, through exactly this kind of programming. This agenda is perpetuated by a society that subtly feeds into the separatist factions which wants us to keep fighting based on such superfluous things such as race, creed, gender, class and more.

Rather than coming together despite said differences to realize that we’re essentially all part of one race.

The human race.

How and why? Think how much easier it is to control humans and keep them programmed into a conditioned, consumerist mindset if in a desperate state of fight or flight. Reacting from our amygdala and fear response mechanisms rather than our frontal lobe which governs our reasoning and problem solving.




The collective consciousness is at a place that its never been and we are seeing the darkest shadows of our race come to the surface.

What can each of us do about it?

We are human and can and will stand in solidarity together to overcome this. Keep doing the work and activism that you’re doing to halt this type of ignorance and mindsets in their tracks. Through your communities, social media, protests and wherever you can, seek out groups that connect rather than disconnect, that bring us together rather than separate. That love rather than hate.

If we do the work together, we can make the change together. I pray for each and every human being on this planet, that we may all understand our interconnectedness and that what happens to every one if us is felt deep within this collective consciousness.

That in and of itself is something to revel in, dear human.

We all are on this planet together.

Coming together will be what counteracts the hatred and fear.

Our future depends on it.


Collective Consciousness



Knowing Unknown

If one does not take a step into the unknown, will one ever know?

Wisdom is a culmination of knowing and experience.

Which sometimes takes stepping into the uncomfortable.

In facing the unknown, challenges may appear. Like roadblocks, these challenges once overcome become epiphanies. It is through the layers unraveling that self-growth becomes apparent and makes the presence of the unknown, known.

Trusting instinctual guidance as a course of action has not always been the easiest process. Yet, in hindsight proves to be exactly what is needed.

Right now, I am taking on a challenge for myself; to live and creatively express in a new place, new way, new form.

Yet always coming from source, creating force.

Therefore, trust is the imperative word right now. Trust in self, life, universe, expression and unity within reality. Authentically.

Even when the path is unknown.

What does it look like to reveal the unseen?



I’ll be back with a New Orleans post next.


Today is an anniversary for me. Of falling 18ft over a balcony onto cement only to have a broken arm. On a full moon nonetheless. Friday the 13th, 2013. On a whim had I had moved to LA a few weeks prior.

A catalyst to a new start. I know I chose to stay alive and live my purpose. One I’ve worked intensely for and the pieces all seem to be falling into a place in such a profound way, all at once. Like a puzzle what I didn’t know, I didn’t know.


I feel exceptionally grateful for what is happening in my life currently, the people in it and the momentum to imaginatively create my dreams. I’ve allowed ideas to flourish while working relentlessly towards them in the pursuit of purpose.

Since living in LA my experiences have been at times, exceptionally surreal. I strive every day towards my greatest and best. Even through my setbacks and perfectionism of questioning if there is a different way to be than the wayward, free-spirited way I am.

Yet, I know that’s only societal conditioning and surrender it when it comes up, to total self acceptance of the now. Knowing there is a meaning to the path I’ve chosen.

Destiny is taking me along its course and the people in my life astound me, I feel so fortunate. The experiences that I’ve had throughout life, have shaped who I am and for that I’m grateful. I feel deep love in my heart for living, life and what will come.

I’m elated for what the future holds.



Rebel With a Cause

And I heard “Play safe, play by the rules. ” To which my soul whispered “Rules are meant to be bent. Therefore, I shall envision them as I see fit.”

I will play real.

I will play free.

I will play bold.

I will play smart.

I will play love.

I will play adventurous.

I will play light.

I will play wHealthy.

I will play fun.

I will play capacious expression.

I will play being human.

I will play comPassion.

I will play life, as it is lead.

I will play one hundred and eleven percent.

I will listen to my heart to understand what my soul’s calling is, as I unravel self through this multifarious existence.

For this is the game that I wish to play as my essence and path are elucidated.

My truth and rules reside within as I am a self sovereign being.



Underground Waking Dream

Where does dreaming end and living begin?

What is the imagination’s purpose, is it to create or dream awake?

Visions of my ideal future surround me, as the dreamer I am, yet I feel disheartened when they don’t come to fruition.
I lose my trust in myself and ability to create, and it triggers a thought of, perhaps I don’t deserve what I am dreaming.

And that is simply preposterous.

The truth is, we live in a world where we have to give into the system. One that can sometimes damper even comprehending dreams.
Think about this deeply.

We are entrenched in a paradigm that serves money.

Does that create happiness?
Where does happiness stem from?

If one doesn’t feel good about themselves, nor know who they are deep down, all the money in the world will not save them.


Here is where the balance of the physical and non-physical must occur. We live in a physical reality, one that puts material abundance highly. Materialism can create beauty, but when it serves that which does not know itself, what’s the point?

Money nor a degree do not create character and wisdom…

Life and achievement of one’s passions, knowledge lived and dreams does, through the up and downs of the dualistic nature of our universe and what is known as a human life.

What is truly important?


Which brings me to the idea of supporting the arts. For without true creativity our world would be devoid of aesthetic beauty, meaning visual, audio, sensory, tactile, design, writing, and everything that we base our aesthetic pleasures upon.

The artists are where our world finds solace in appreciating creativity, right?

It would be my ideal, as I’m sure many other artists to follow our creative impulses, feeling we could indulge in them while make a fantastic living off of them.

Sometimes, when us underground artists grow into the above ground, into the eyes of the many, people wonder…

Where were you hiding?

Working within an establishment that supports that which will make money, all the while the genius minds that create new paradigms can be cast aside.

To what?
Work for something that does not support dreams.

I will make my Underground Waking Dream happen, with or without support from anybody. With passion, conviction and love in my heart for the path I am walking.

By supporting the many facets of local talent and arts, not just what is pop and uber-popular, creativity is honored and appreciated and brought into the forefront of our culture.

Without dancers and listeners where would musicians be?

Without readers where would writers be?

Without patrons of the arts, artists can become disheartened, losing their drive to bring forth fresh talents. Which becomes unfortunate for the masses, for there are brilliant minds that could be forsaken if not properly supported by our establishment.

Don’t you see, the underground are the roots to where the above ground’s blooms sprout from..


What would you do if you felt supported to live and become your dream?



Gold Star Sardine Bar

One is transported as soon as they enter, into a vintage world of glitz and glamour.
Hidden away in a high-rise on Michigan Avenue Gold Star Sardine Bar was a 1940’s Cabaret bar. Throughout the years it boasts of having performers such as Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli among the many. This place is more than the title states. Let me rephrase, it’s not a bar, it’s an experience.

One that leaves an imprint of decadence.

Both times at the exclusive, intimate parties I attended I felt as though I stepped through time into a bygone era interwoven with a modern twist of a cabaret in full swing. The decor is swanky and if you smell closely, you can almost catch a whiff of cigars and stiff martinis.
Everyone takes their place in this dimly lit time capsule. An interplay of a theme that we all embrace, amazing music and fun at it’s finest. Time turns back as we lose track, into our place, our space, our moment. The music is our warm embrace, as we become the shining stars; socializing and dancing in the old listening room.

As it was back in the day, it becomes an international gem yet again.
Each time a unique vibe is created. My first experience included music from Detroit native Dan Bain, he appropriately played us housey, disco, funky sounds, with a bass that got us moving and grooving. It set the perfect tone for the day turned evening.
Then Waifs and Strays played, 3 NYC natives whose housey and fun sound captivated everyone in attendance. The dancing, socializing and laughing ensued until the music stopped. At that point the spell we were all under was broken, we remembered it was a moment in time, time now for reality.
My second experience was more subdued, with sounds that were deep and classy. We were graced with the presence of Clockwork, composed of two musicians from Milan, Italy. This time the stage was set differently, creating a sensuous air of dancing, which didn’t stop until the clock broke midnight.

The maximum capacity at Sardine Bar is 50 hence Sardine, which only leaves room for a small gathering. In the past people would line up out the door to get in. Now, it is no longer open to the public, these are private parties thrown by MiM.

Engraved with the memory of these vintage dreams.



Some photos courtesy of Tasya Menaker

Alter Egos

Which one do I desire to be today ; )

While my purpose is to attain higher consciousness and a comprehension of the bigger picture.
I also have to understand the notion that.
I am human.
A Human, with emotions,
varying along the spectrum.
I am not always perfect by societal standards, yet, I am perfect in my learning about self and others.
I accept that everything that happens is meant to, for cultivation, growth and re-calibration in re-creating.

In being human, I have recognized distinctive qualities of myself surface at different times. Either a situation, person, or an emotional reaction brings about these characteristics.
I realize that whether they are deemed acceptable is beyond me, in this strive for higher consciousness I have to

own all parts of me.

I accept and love me,


Because I like to make life fun and interesting, I have personified the different facets of my being.
Like the elements, these parts of me are the earth, fire, water and air of myself.


Fire qualities. Feisty and fiery, she is a little warrioress with a sharpness of tongue. Rebellious, rambunctious and passionate, her spirit has been strengthened through tumultuous experiences.


Air qualities. She is esoteric, airy and dreamy, her head tends to be high in the clouds. Floating around somewhere in the etheric, her thoughts pertain to universal and cosmic awareness. She is outlandish, giving rise to idiosyncracies and uniqueness.


Water qualities. She is flowing, empathic, compassionate and understanding. Encompasses a mentality of accepting whatever life is bringing. Positive and inspiring, she makes for interesting company.


Earth qualities. She is grounded, introverted, calm and contemplative. Quietly thoughtful and observant, she has a deep understanding of human nature. Quite meditative in her approach to life and others.

We are all products of life and society.
After experiencing suffering and injustice in life, barriers of mistrust can be created.
What I have witnessed so often is that we can sometimes
anticipate hostility.


Since most people have experienced pain, hurt and trauma in some manner, these wounds manifest individually in varying ways….
patterns that become prevailing in our society.
Becoming being wary of one another, not knowing if we can trust that others have good intentions.
While living in conditions of feeling that we have to be a certain way to feel accepted

Ego barriers that block us from seeing


Before I go, I would like to pose questions for you to ponder upon.

What would it feel like to live in a society where the main tenets were support, encouragement and appreciation, rather than the judgement, criticism and blame that is so prevalent?

Imagine for a minute, how it would feel, to know that you were always accepted for every part of your being?

No matter what



Detroit’s Paradise

It seems that I always try to plan what I am going to post, only to be surprised with what the post itself would like to be.

Art reflecting life, unpredictability, making for exciting company.

Over the past few months I have been in transition, preparing for what I knew was going to be change, moving forward, growth, yet I didn’t know what it was.
I will elaborate more on that in my next post, which now will be more frequent.

For now, I have ideas.

Ideas a plenty.
This particular idea came to me whilst in Europe.
While there, I realized that one of my favorite parts about the sprawling, cobblestones, low-lined cities were all of the trees interspersed throughout.

Berlin, a city that was torn to pieces less than 100 years ago, is now a thriving metropolis, with a more sustainable city structure. Teeming with wildlife and parks that the Germans take pride in, life and structure are interwoven together.

I thought to myself

How to integrate more of the natural elements into our city of Detroit?
A city that is an empty canvas, waiting to be painted, into what my generation desires for it to be.
It’s truly up to us.

As a metaphor, I feel that Detroit was once a beautiful young woman and in her prime was the hottest lady around, where now she has a hunched back, her makeup is dripping off of her face, the remnants of her beauty still remaining, yet buried underneath the struggle of what has occurred.
Its time for a makeover 😉
I have a vision of Detroit being created from this into an oasis, filled with vibrancy and life, being green and setting examples for cities around the country and world.
Imagine a more sustainable Detroit, a city empowered in it’s glory.

There are already organizations like the greening of Detroit that are working towards more urban farming and planting more trees.
I would like to see it done on an even larger scale.

Where all of us can take part in beautifying the city of Detroit.
A tree planting day, that includes any and everyone, a day set aside for this specific purpose, where all can come regardless of race, class, creed, gender, age.
For all to come plant their own tree in Detroit.

Doing so would not only clean the air and give back to the earth what has been taken.
It would also be much more aesthetically pleasing, as the ancient Greek quote goes, “That which is beautiful, is also good”.

I love Detroit, love the people, energy and depth of this amazing city.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it will come to its full glory yet again.
This is not something that will be overnight, but imagine a city that for our children and grandchildren could be a place of splendor and beauty, one that rose from the ashes to be reclaimed and reinvented as never before imagined.

So with that being said, I have the idea


I am passing this torch on, this idea is for you to do something about, or not, it has been put out there, I gave a summary of it to the city council commissioner.
So now it’s time for me to leave it in your hands friends. This is going to take a team, working together.

For I am departing, my heart is calling me onward.

Guiding me yet again, this heart that has lead me into some obscure places over my lifetime, yet I would not take back ANY of it.

I am needed elsewhere in this world.

I will be back tomorrow and the next few days, as I have so much I would like to address now that there is more clarity.

Sayonara for now