About the Journey

Nicole CiccarelliYou are about to embark upon a journey,

through my Infusion of Being

Organically baring my soul, I shall spontaneously guide you through my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.
Interweaving pieces of my unpublished memoirs with insight, inspiration, life and information will give you a glimpse of my eccentric and contemplative mind.

Let me elaborate, what you read may not be textbook nor grammatically correct, at times I may not spell check or edit, it may seem nonsensical nevertheless, this is my artwork, creatively speaking to you.

I will be immersing you into my worlds of adventuring and soul-searching,
consciousness and manifesting, creativity and sound.
While approaching realities of
sustainability, love, health, empowerment, worldly concerns, conformity, spirituality and awakening.

Through Space and Time.

My truth comes from a place of questioning the existence of the parameters within myself and society. Authenticity has been cultivated through following my heart and allowing life to unfold around me.

Twisting, puzzling, up, down and all around, evolving self-love stems from merging my inner and outer realms.
I bring up notions that are mind bending to perceive, while asking you to question, an inquiry which is my intention.

Arising from perception, truths vary according to perspective.
Shifting, morphing, ever progressing, I believe there are endless variations of truth and being.

Evolution occurs through breakdowns of limiting belief structures:

Being the box, seeing the box and breaking free from the box.
While reading I ask you to look beyond the foundations of our societal constructs, questioning everything.

Growth of self and societies are limited when doctrines and ideas are blindly accepted.

Come along, discern what’s truth for you, if anything at all.

This is you in my living reality.



My Disclaimer

These are thoughts and feelings that represent where I am at the time I am posting. This artistic creation is based on me as my life continually evolves. Therefore, Everything I write, is subject to change.
Why? Because I say so.


Unless otherwise specified, all written work original by Nicole Ciccarelli, copyrighted for purposes of this blog. If you wish to duplicate please contact me.

Medical Disclaimer

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Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well being.

The information and opinions provided here are based on the best judgment available from me, but readers who fail to consult appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. This website is not responsible for errors or omissions

Thank you.

Photo Courtesy of Laura Kay