Capri and Amalfi Coast

While London felt like home and Paris was a sweet interlude, Italy topped our trip off and Capri and the Amalfi coast were the favorite parts of our overseas adventure.



We arrived by ferry from Naples. Immediately we noticed the flowing and beautiful Italian language, picking up on words here and there from knowing bits of it. We also noted the bouncy, affable and confident flow to the Italian way.  One that suits our personalities, sharing, caring yet assertive.


Our ferry ride to Capri was about an hour, in a storm and choppy waters with rainbows guiding the way. Once in Capri we found it difficult to get a taxi, in torrential downpours we decided to share one with two guys who happened to be going to the same, Hotel San Michel, for a wedding.


The roads up felt precarioulsy close to the edge, like a thrilling adrenaline rush. The driver wound with expertise into Anacapri. It looked surreal with colorful homes dotting the hills. We arrived to our hotel, which was nestled up on a cliff and walked out of our hotel room to a huge patio with this. Needless to say we didn’t want to leave this paradise.


The first night there was an Italian couples’ wedding with about 75 people. After dinner we heard the music up in our room, so we decided to crash the wedding party and went down to see it hopping with a rambuctious crowd that we assimilated into. We were the Americans that were a bit out of place. After about 10-15 minutes of hanging with this party all the lights in the hotel went out. Music stopped and everyone was left mingling about. This is where we took our leave and went walking through Anacapri. For being a small island there were many people out in the squares.


While visiting, we explored Capri by hiking its trails and walking through the main centers of Capri and Anacapri. We ate delicious fresh food sitting outside, enjoying the balmy nights. Feeling serenaded by the magnificent views and tastes of Capri.


We met a couple at our hotel pool and hung with them for the day, having fun sharing travel stories and finding new things to do. We had been up in the air of where to stay next, from Positano, to Amalfi and with the suggestion of our new friends we decided on Maiori.


We visited the Blue Grotto. Which has a line that winds down the mountain. We thought this somewhat pricey tour would at least give us a while in the grotto, but to our surprise we were rowed in, went around a stunning blue cave, sparkling with unreal colors, to be rowed right back out. I’d say it was 4 minutes or less.





We took the ferry to Positano because of a storm. This added several hours to our trip, but the views of the coast we wouldn’t have seen otherwise given our time there. We took the bus, again winding precariously along the high cliffs that at times felt unnerving.


The fresh ocean air was intoxicating and invigorating, smelling of salt with slippery winds.  We drove through Positano and Sorrento into Amalfi. The views were absolutely breathtaking along the coast.



We arrived to Maiori and walking through the square, it felt almost empty, which was a sweet relief from the bustling touristy areas that we had been in. People there did not speak english as much, so we made due with the little Italian I knew.



We had the best food we’ve ever eaten in our lives in Maiori at Mammato dal 1890. An unassuming restaurant that knocked our socks off. While all the food we ate in Italy was out of this world, this place was mouthwatering. We had fish baked in sea salt, mussels and seafood fresh from the sea in pasta dishes that melted in the mouth. Savory, rich and addictive with flavors bursting of simple spices, fresh cream and tomatoes.


We delightfully porked out into a food coma and were so impressed we decided to give our sentiments to the cook. We stopped in the kitchen to find the chef, a little lady, about 70, who we were interpreted to that her restaurant’s recipes had been handed down from her family members for many generations.


We went to the place across the street the next night and were immensely impressed with the food there as well. Ahhh Maiori, you captured our tastebuds fancy.


We spent our last day exploring Amalfi. It just so happened it was the first storm in the area for the past several months. We were not dismayed and still enjoyed our time exploring the shops and cafes of Amalfi.


The next morning we had to jump on a bus to get to the train station in Salerno to make our train to Rome, the last stop on our Italy trip. What we weren’t prepared for was how packed the buses coming from Amalfi were. We waited for two which were already full to then, luckily, share a cab with a lovely woman from Toronto who also lived in Italy.  With her angelic help, we made our train just in time.





Apologies for the delay in my travel writing, which happened in September. There has been a bustle of new activity which I’ll share, along with a creative block, which feels like it has (finally) dissolved. I’ll be back with our trip to Rome and Stockholm.


London Calling

To love is the greatest gift we’re imparted with, something that’s impossible to summarize through mere words or pictures. It is a timeless treasure from the universe and bestowed within this precious gift one finds through love a deeper and higher truth of self that can be shared with another.

Love the most grandiose of all adventures.

While my usual propensity for adventuring is going solo, I found the perfect travel companion in said love, his name is Bryan 😉 We found on our overseas excursion that we adventure well together, with calm agility and fun intrigue.

Our fist stop on this journey was London for 3 full days, in all its English glory. A city that is etched in heart and mind as one that feels quite homey. With rich cultural heritage that is preserved from eras bygone, along with cheery people speaking our mother tongue.


We stayed the first two nights outside of London in a perfectly picturesque English country village along the Thames.  We stayed with Bryan’s dear friend and his significant other, in their cozy home. They welcomed us warmly, our time there was lovely.


Reuniting with people in London is a favorite way to not only explore the city and places to eat, giving us a taste of local life and flavor, but also cherishing the people we know and love in one of the most fabulous cities in the world. We met with many friends throughout the city, including at Beaufort House in Chelsea and Smokey Tails in Hoxton Square. We also spent quality time with a family dear to me. ❤

Delightful every stop along the way.

Enjoying views of the majestic Buckingham Palace and its stately gardens, we strolled through the city,  getting lost to find where we were. We came across Hyde park and Kensington gardens. pleasantly surprised with how beautiful, fresh and expansive they were.

IMG_6508 (1)

All the sights and beauty of London embraced us in a glorious way. It was admirable to see how families and friends gathered in the afternoon for the traditional Sunday roasts, in homes, restaurants, even pubs. We observed phone-less, enthusiastic conversations and took note.


And that was all a prelude……………….. I’ve been saving the best for last. 😉


We stayed at Blakes hotel in London in a pristine white room, with a four poster bed, tv in the mirror, huge antique bathtub, which felt like a dreamy escape. The concierge were jovial and welcoming.  The decorum was modernly decadent with a worldly flair.


Romantically, letting the night take us where it would, we ventured out to an exquisite restaurant for a richly flavored dinner that left our tastebuds singing with flavors. Gallivanting through the city afterwards, everything was quiet, almost empty.  We stopped at the Shard for for panoramic views atop London.


Walking over the Westminster bridge, there was a feeling of palpable excitement in the air. In the misty night, with droplets of rain falling ever so gracefully, I was calling into life intentions. The moment overcame us and I saw Bryan get down on his knee. I felt the pitter patter of my heart, feeling breathless as I heard him ask “Will you marry me?”.


My heart was beaming, a shocked giddiness overcame us. The incredulousness of the moment came in an outpouring from the soul. It felt as though time stood still, spiraling through eternity as we gave our exclamations of love and devotion to one another and life. A beloved truth that was a known knowing when we first met.


An emphatic YES resounded not only to the question, but to love’s calling. In all the ways it permeates life, through all the realms of having true love and a best friend. Love being the greatest gift we can give, it’s also in the receiving; Opening, being receptive and hearing when love comes beckoning.

I’m beyond grateful for sharing this dream life adventure.





I’ll be back with our travels through France, Italy and Sweden.


London 2016








Dream On

Shoot for the stars, for you may end up on Venus, heaven or maybe Mars.

Alas, falling seems to have lead me to great heights (See story below).
Leaving Chicago for California, falling and breaking my elbow. On my flight back to Michigan to be treated for it, my thoughts were I wouldn’t be traveling to LA for a while.

I struck up conversation with the person sitting next to me on this plane, who was leaving his current job. Which became a fortuitous meeting leading me to a new position as executive assistant to singer Matt Goss.

What I learned from this chance meeting, was the importance of reaching out, being kind and conversing with a neighbor. One can never know when an opportunity may come about. It’s the chance meetings that can sometimes alter the course of life. An unexpected yet meaningful coincidence of an energetic time-continuum pattern, what Carl Jung termed “Synchronistic”

Originally from London, Matt Goss is a headlining singer at Caesars Palace.

The show is quite phenomenal. His singing a conduit for the whole experience it includes a fantastic band and gorgeous singers and dancers. Not to be missed if you’re in Las Vegas.

Every day presents me with new opportunities, my catalyst being fiery ambition. I feel blessed by the absolute perfection within my path bringing me fun and patience to make my goals happen. As I continue to learn and grow I’m also allowing my wings to unfold in LA, while grounding myself into simplicity.
Blown away in the ultimate way that life works; experiences that are irrefutably meant to be,  Los Angeles beckoning me back.

A purposeful tragedy.
Falling to pick oneself up again as the universe conspires to place pieces in an order, an inescapable destiny. This is a purposeful path made through diligence and intention, seeded from the unexpected.
Matter forms itself to will and intention, belief and action.
Luck or perhaps divine intervention?

are they one and the same?
This is representative of taking chances, opening up and reaching out, for you never know what opportunity may come about.

Dream on, to dream big, lovely dreamer.
And I leave you with this to ponder

…… What is your Dream and how can you make it your Purpose?…..



Breaking My Arm Healed My Nihilism

“You must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;
how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”

The past few months have felt like a whirlwind of excitement and opportunity, tossing me to and fro. Within the eye of the storm my center has remained. Forever I return to it. Seeking solace in what can feel like madness within matter and existence.

A nagging feeling of Nihilism was underlying my life the past couple of years. The passion and vigor that once drove me to be daring, seemed fading. I was starting to feel that my lofty ambitions were only pipe dreams. Perhaps I was silly to be dreaming so big while the reality was not at all what I had dreamt.


Like a crescendo in a symphony, opportunity permeated my life with deep harmony. Healing to mind and spirit. Helping me to master the outer realms with introspection into the shadows and light of self. As only a great teacher does.
In a way that only true mastery of self-love occurs. This state of mind has taken ahold, possessing all the right ingredients to create a cacophony of chaotic beauty.

And completely shake me out of what I knew things to be.

What is the meaning if one doesn’t dare to dream or take chances?

Or laugh at the expense of self?

I dared again and flew to Los Angeles, on a whim and string of possibilities. To encounter new experiences and a fateful night in which I tripped over a balcony 15 feet onto the cement, breaking my elbow and having a surgery that I quickly am recovered from.

Since then an epiphany has overcome me, thus being; all the mundane complaints that could underly my thoughts are vanishing. I am filled with joy and laughter and a new manner of looking at life. In complete gratitude for being alive, let alone only having a broken elbow. As I keep reiterating to myself, this could’ve been much worse.

I have a renewed sense; an awe for the microcosm in life is resurfacing. I am seeing how much love, abundance and beauty surround me. Not in the future, not as a hope, not in my dreams, but here and now, in my living reality.


Intention: Radiating the love I feel for life and those around me as pure gratitude from my source of living consciousness. Being lead by this heart of mine, guiding and shining through what may feel like chaos into clarity.

Triumphant over tragedy in mind, body and spirit.

As 2013 draws to an end, I savor the moments with family and friends. I am in complete awe of the universe and its manifestations.

I know that 2014 will be a year of action, gratitude and awakening. Sowing the seeds of my dreams that have already been planted, knowing my highest potential is manifesting with gratitude and action.

Any Nihilism becoming Extropianism.

“To love beauty is to see light.”- Victor Hugo



As with all in my life, the details will be explored more in my memoir.
I want to extend a warm thank you for all the help I’ve received from family and friends with this injury. While my independence wants me to do everything myself, there are times when help is necessary and for that I am truly grateful.

Through Space and Time

As my consciousness is a risin’
My modus operandi’s a changin’

To the rhythms and patterns within the fabric of life.

I see my resistances in life as reflections of obstacles I’ve yet to overcome. I am learning to love what I value in life watching it grow more beautiful.

A summer filled with weddings, family and travel.
Including a wedding for my younger sister, in which I was the maid of honor. A trip home that grounded me into the fabric of family, noting where I come from and the beautiful bonds I have with them. It was a dream day to witness, in a happy, beautiful and loving ceremony celebrating two soul mates finding each other.

A gorgeous celebration

Since the question has come up repeatedly about my free-spirited love life. I have deliberated on that question and have come to some inner conclusions.

The past year and a half has been a symbolic weeding of my garden, taking ownership and integrating everything I have experienced, creating resilience and realization of my truth, while honing my adventurous, independent and creative nature.

Knowing that in the right timing everything I dream of will happen, not as a fragmented half, waiting for completion by a relationship. But as a whole being, loving and accepting myself completely attracting the man who is absolutely meant for me.

The whole to my whole.

For now I am so happy, complete and enjoying life from this center of home within.


The elements of fire and water have come into my life recently, repeatedly. There was a moment of watching raindrops falling on the lake, the circles spreading, mesmerizing me into a lull, playing a melody. The patterns resembling the circular movement of life.

As the circles move through my life, I am healing deeply imbedded wounds in the context of what it means being female and the unhealthy conditioning of competition and pretentiousness thetas sometimes presented as the feminine.

It’s not.

I’ve dismantled distorted beliefs from conditioned ideals. Releasing objectification and a shattered version of the feminine. One that reaches down into ancestral patterns of what we’ve been.

As I break through patterns I feel free to have healthy friendships and circles of women. The true backbone of the feminine is being a support system and when healthy it reflects healthy relationships with our male counterparts.

This all has surfaced as surprise features from the mysterious abyss of the divine feminine. That which births creation and cannot be explained nor contained, yet is the intrinsic matrix to life itself.

And the divine masculine the action principle; without action being is futile. The great force of physical everyhthing-ness that propels our universe, keeping the harmonious balance.

Source in all facets and names, all that is all things.

As I’ve yet again moved to a new space, new place I know that no space, no place outside of myself is home. For my temple resides within. Illumination of this inner sanctum is my natural essence, a foundation in the inner allows for divine reflection of the outer.

Through Space and Time



Signs and Symptoms of Awakened Twin Flames


Part of my living dream, a part that was unknown to me until the idea came up. It’s the spontaneity in life that sometimes blows my mind.

A trapeze class?
My adventurous room-mate and good friend Pamela prompted the idea with a “Just come with”.

Yes, I thought to myself, I’d love to see what this is all about.

Being a bystander to something so incredible would not fit into my agenda, as is my way I will always achieve my goals, of course if it’s for the best of all involved.

Well, Trapezin’ apparently was.

Pamela had purchased her deal through Living Social, thankfully I was able to take part in the class that there were 20 others in. All of us participated in one of the coolest local adventures we could undertake.

This class took place less than a mile from where I’m residing on Belmont Harbor, perched right next to Lake Michigan. The staff of Trapeze School New York-Chicago and Living Social were rad, every one of them had their unique way of bringing this adventure to fruition.

We first took part in a twilight picnic on the grass where we mingled, ate and watched the sunset. All the while aware of the dizzying heights from where we’d be flying from.

After the picnic we were separated into groups of about 6-7, the class was a three round instruction. The first round I took part in was grounded partner balancing. In this our group was instructed on how to support one another as we performed different tricks. After which we expertly learned how to balance in a human pyramid. This part was reminiscent of kids in a gymnastic class….


For adults of course …..

The second part we were guided to a low swing where we tried several tricks while being supported by our expert teachers.

I got a bit ahead of myself as my yogic acrobatic spirit came out, I kept thinking…..
I HAVE to do this again, it comes so naturally.

The third part was the aerial, where we were shown with exemplary instruction on how to trapeze correctly. After watching others go, I was harnessed in and led up the ladder about 40 feet off the ground to the landing, where I prepared myself with the instructor until prompted when to fly.

On top, with the darkened sky I was under the full moon with Lake Michigan in view, to my right was the full lit up city skyline. A gorgeous sight that has left an unforgettable impression on my full adventuring memory.
It was a bit daunting as I was standing up there, waiting for the prompt. My knees were a little shaky, I was breathing deep as I grabbed the bar and flew….

Then the magic took place. Listening to my instructions, I started soaring, knees up, backwards, forwards, somersaulting, legs flying with the wind whipping through me.

Liberated and exhilarating as I exerted myself with my best effort.


There was a list of people who if performed well the first two flies were able to fly again, this time expertly caught by an instructor. While I made the “catch list” my defiant self didn’t listen properly, I missed the catcher’s hands and ended up back flipping my way down instead 😉
Leading me to believe I’m meant to take more classes to perfect this aerial art.
How else am I to fly if I don’t learn to properly spread my wings?

Walking away there was an exuberance of pride felt for my first trapeze class. An accomplishment that reinforces the belief that I can do anything, as long as I set my intentions.

This whole adventure not only blew my mind, but was affordable as well. The staff was amazing and I’m happy to say I felt expertly guided and safe the whole time, while having an absolute blast. TSNY Chicago not only offers many trapeze classes, but others as well including acrobatic yoga which I will definitely be taking.

Even with my adventuring spirit Living Social has incredible offers on endeavors I would never think of. At the end of this class one could buy a two for one instruction for next time. Living Social Adventure has deals all over the world that are just as unique, check them out. It’s easy to receive, all you have to do insert your area and voila, you get an email with daily specials.

Hope to see you flying~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Gold Star Sardine Bar

One is transported as soon as they enter, into a vintage world of glitz and glamour.
Hidden away in a high-rise on Michigan Avenue Gold Star Sardine Bar was a 1940’s Cabaret bar. Throughout the years it boasts of having performers such as Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli among the many. This place is more than the title states. Let me rephrase, it’s not a bar, it’s an experience.

One that leaves an imprint of decadence.

Both times at the exclusive, intimate parties I attended I felt as though I stepped through time into a bygone era interwoven with a modern twist of a cabaret in full swing. The decor is swanky and if you smell closely, you can almost catch a whiff of cigars and stiff martinis.
Everyone takes their place in this dimly lit time capsule. An interplay of a theme that we all embrace, amazing music and fun at it’s finest. Time turns back as we lose track, into our place, our space, our moment. The music is our warm embrace, as we become the shining stars; socializing and dancing in the old listening room.

As it was back in the day, it becomes an international gem yet again.
Each time a unique vibe is created. My first experience included music from Detroit native Dan Bain, he appropriately played us housey, disco, funky sounds, with a bass that got us moving and grooving. It set the perfect tone for the day turned evening.
Then Waifs and Strays played, 3 NYC natives whose housey and fun sound captivated everyone in attendance. The dancing, socializing and laughing ensued until the music stopped. At that point the spell we were all under was broken, we remembered it was a moment in time, time now for reality.
My second experience was more subdued, with sounds that were deep and classy. We were graced with the presence of Clockwork, composed of two musicians from Milan, Italy. This time the stage was set differently, creating a sensuous air of dancing, which didn’t stop until the clock broke midnight.

The maximum capacity at Sardine Bar is 50 hence Sardine, which only leaves room for a small gathering. In the past people would line up out the door to get in. Now, it is no longer open to the public, these are private parties thrown by MiM.

Engraved with the memory of these vintage dreams.



Some photos courtesy of Tasya Menaker


Knowing something beyond the existing life I was living was to be experienced, I left an old life behind, to wander and seek out my inner vision. I was led through different terrains, to the extremes and back again. The desert heat and dryness wrung out inner demons, the mountains called into the quiet of my being. The ocean strengthened and purified, the fires of lava lit up the flames of creativity and desire. Lastly, the jungle and forest whispered to me of sacred sensuality.

Visions of my truth revealed through a quest of visioning.

“The visionquest, or perceiving quest is the way we must begin this search. We must all follow our VisionQuest to discover ourselves, to learn how we perceive of ourselves, and to find our relationship to the world around us” ~ Hyemeyohsts Storm

In Native American and other indigenous cultures a visionquest is a right of passage, marking a turning point in life. A traditional quest is done for three days, while fasting, consisting of venturing alone into the wilderness. As deep internalizing occurs, a vision may come to the seeker.

The quester is able to reach parts of the mind and spirit concealed by everyday living. In a state of purification, left with the devices of nature, this vision reflects the seeker’s true calling. The seeker is in a state of high consciousness, lending to a more enlightened state. An animal totem may appear as a guide, lending it’s magical traits to the quester.

“In many traditional cultures and spiritual paths, such a glimpse is called a vision, a soul calling, or the intuition of destiny — which never arrives in cultural terms, such as a job or social role, but rather embodied in mysterious, usually nature-based symbols, themes, or patterns.” ~ Bill Plotkin

In his book “Nature and The Human Soul” Psychologist Bill Plotkin breaks down life cycles according to a Jungian, nature-based model of existence that reflects the Native American medicine wheel. This is separated into 8 phases, healthily allowing one to become a true elder. He theorizes that people in Western civilization are stuck in patho-adolescent phases, that in our materialistic world, even as adults, most are not connected to their true natures. This is in part due to not having healthy and celebratory rites of passage, nor being in touch enough with the elements. He proposes that a part of becoming a healthy, functioning adult is seeking mind-expanding sources. Western civilization craves and seeks out these sources subconsciously, in sometimes unhealthy ways.

If one can’t face the unknown by bravely heeding the call, how can it be to consciously evolve?

As humanity and technology progress, teachings within dance, music, trances, plant medicine, sweat lodges, nature and visions can aid us in unlocking the keys to our evolution.
Leaving all expectations behind, when done with conscious intention, these techniques help the ego transform. Intense breakthroughs in consciousness can occur, sealing in the purpose of self with glimpses of one’s highest purpose.

Visions are waiting to be revealed in each and every one of us, what quest will it take for you to perceive yours?

aho mitakuye oyasin,


Check out Visionquest on Beatport
Article by Bill Plotkin
Post on Animal Totems
I highly recommend Nature and The Human Soul

Mamasita en Chicago


We have all sprung from a mom. That momma may be biological or adopted, or perhaps a mother figure, either way the presence is unmistakeable. Mom’s hold an unmistakeable force.

Being born is maternal love by source, the essence of being born is force taking action to create. Being born is human, living is our essence and being is our choice.

My mom came to visit in Chicago last weekend for her birthday. At a time where our bond keeps growing stronger, this was special time spent together, a time of indulgence in cool autumn interwoven with inner warmth and lovely feelings.
We did the local and touristy to-do while in the Windy City.
Our first stop was my place in Lincoln Park, where my roommate, a gifted piano player, played a mini concerto for us consisting of Beethoven, Mozart, Shubert and some groovy jazz.

Ray’s B & B

After questioning if we wanted to stay in the city or not, my mom and I decided to give it a go at a local bed and breakfast in the Bucktown/ Wicker Park area. Ray’s was exceptional and affordable. We were impressed with the comfortable, homey feeling that was provided. Every morning there was a menu for us to choose our homemade breakfasts from, with meals like eggs florentine or banana and nutella stuffed french toast. There was also bottled water, coffee and tea provided throughout the day. Ray’s has an eclectic, worldy, roomy and modern feel to it, with a relaxing sauna and steam room to indulge in. Ray and staff are incredibly warm and inviting, it feels like family. If you want to feel at home while being spoiled in Chicago, this is a great place to consider.

The first night mom and I bit-bopped over to a party in Logan Square, where she met a different type of family, you could call them my “musical family”.

This family is one that comes together for the love of music, fun and connecting. With the bass beat thumping and good friends vibing, mom was able to hear the music that is my soul’s beat.


Next to the space is a cafe called Rewster’s, where good people and friends converge. A quaint and cozy cafe that has great energy. Here they serve incredibly rich and robust coffee and have a french-inspired menu using the finest ingredients. With breakfast, lunch and dinner, there are choices from sandwiches, soups, salads, pizzas and many other delectable goodies.

Ruby Room

Spa day for mom. I had heard from many sources that Ruby Room was a great experience. Integrating a spa, salon, store and boutique hotel, Ruby Room is centered around a spiritual approach. I booked my mom a massage, facial, blowout and makeup application. She said the service was impeccable, everyone was friendly. The massage and facial were directed towards different chakras and energy centers. With a cute store and wonderful products I recommend Ruby Room.

Bin Wine Cafe

After going to the many boutiques that dot Milwaukee, we decided to stop into Bin, a wine and cheese restaurant. The atmosphere was toasty and airy with a garage door open to the autumn streets. We decided to warm ourselves with a “flight” of red wines, consisting of four selected half glass specialities. To complement the wine we ordered four separate cheese selections, made from goat, sheep, buffalo and cow’s milk, each distinct and complementing one another splendidly.

Between Peruvian Cafe

My response…. AMAZING!
The first time I’ve had a Pisco Sour since being back from Peru. The ambience is warm, red, intimate and inviting. Between embraces Peruvian flavors, with a quinoa salad and a sauteed vegetable rice dish, we delved into all the spices of our South American fare. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience here.

Millenium Park & Navy Pier

The last two days were spent traversing around the city. I felt as though I was getting a new taste of Chicago, my first time on these adventures. We went to see The Bean, a landmark at Millennium Park. We then walked our way over to Navy Pier, where we took a ride on the ferris wheel.
Touristy? Yes…. To feel like a Little girl again, timeless & priceless.

This weekend was filled with the giddiness of youth, and the pleasures of indulgence. Mom left me with a feeling that I am very loved It was an incredible weekend, thank you so much mom!


Ray’s B & B
Ruby Room
Bin Wine Cafe
Between Peruvian Cafe

Occupy Chicago

Fighting for our freedom, America was founded upon the ideals that every person could become wealthy and make a decent living. Creating something from nothing, millions of our ancestors left everything on their last vestige of hope and traveled to this country for the renowned American Dream.

That dream has become extremely convoluted in the corporate dynamics of gain and greed that make up our current economic and political system.

Sign on Building reads TOPPLE THE PYRAMID

With the imbalance of wealth in our country, the middle class is falling away, comparable to a third world.
People are slaving away to make ends meet, with the mindset that hard work is the greatest virtue of our establishment.
Where is it getting anyone any longer?
With inflation rising, people are losing their homes, jobs and everything they have known. Their attempts to build their “American Dream” have dissipated in our failing economy.

Why in such a recession are major banks making higher profits?

Thousands were gathered yesterday to march through the streets of Downtown Chicago. The destination was a Mortgage Broker’s party that was happening.
Occupy Chicago has occurred daily for a week and a half. As a sister to Occupy Wall Street, it started with 15 people, gaining momentum, there were thousands in attendance.

People of all ages and races were gathered, representing the 99%.
Echoing through the streets
“People over profits.”
“The banks were bailed out, the people were sold out.”
“We are the 99%” was heard.

This country was founded upon the voice and strength of the middle class.

A question that I continually ask is, how can we choose what we are inherently born into?

We can’t

How many of us desire wealth, and how many attain that 1 percentile?

Our system is erroneously flawed. People are given a head start miles in front of another based on class, money and status. As our population rises, the bottom will keep growing, while the wealthy buy their way into the dwindling top.
The upper echelons of society are bred from a young age, given the best opportunities, attending the most prestigious schools and academies.
A topic I will elaborate upon in much more detail further on.

Where does happiness fit in with our worldly system?

Why are we lead to believe satisfaction is contained in accumulation of materials, titles, promotions, and money?

Hope has gone out the window for so many Americans in a competition that is leaving people empty and forsaken.
So many are unhappy in our society, including the uber wealthy.

To the politicians, corporations and system I ask:

Why is there such blatant selfishness masquerading as care for our people?

A friend and I spoke with the police officers as they were surrounding everyone. We expressed to them, we love you, thank you, you are a part of the 99% with us.
They started smiling as they were forcing us all off the streets, it made me feel a bit like a sheeple, at least we got them to smile ; )

I spoke with a local news reporter, asking her why the occupations have taken so long to be broadcasted, while something like the Casey Anthony story is blasted on National News?

Are the corporations behind what is spun much more than we think?

This will catch wind of being a movement for all the people and will be unstoppable.

She pondered a moment, smiled and told me that was an extremely valid point. Then added
“Unlike national news, the local news does it’s best to catch wind of what is truly happening, in an unbiased way.”

A summary of the General Assembly’s statement:
The Occupation is not in line with any political party. Far beyond that, it is about being human with the people of the world uniting. It is our world, our time to take it back for all of us.
There was a declaration that was read, taken from Occupy Wall Street. It addressed the economic imbalances and inequalities of our corporate and political system.

Here is a copy of the Wall Street version, there were some additions for Occupy Chicago.

At the end there was a chance for everyone in attendance to come up and speak their truth. It was stated that this is about the people, spreading to cities worldwide.

I left before it was finished, with a feeling of hope.
This is a pivotal time in the history of Humanity, a time when we can all come together to create a real change for the future of our race. I am happy to be a part of this.

With love,

the revolution has begun.