Gold Star Sardine Bar

One is transported as soon as they enter, into a vintage world of glitz and glamour.
Hidden away in a high-rise on Michigan Avenue Gold Star Sardine Bar was a 1940’s Cabaret bar. Throughout the years it boasts of having performers such as Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli among the many. This place is more than the title states. Let me rephrase, it’s not a bar, it’s an experience.

One that leaves an imprint of decadence.

Both times at the exclusive, intimate parties I attended I felt as though I stepped through time into a bygone era interwoven with a modern twist of a cabaret in full swing. The decor is swanky and if you smell closely, you can almost catch a whiff of cigars and stiff martinis.
Everyone takes their place in this dimly lit time capsule. An interplay of a theme that we all embrace, amazing music and fun at it’s finest. Time turns back as we lose track, into our place, our space, our moment. The music is our warm embrace, as we become the shining stars; socializing and dancing in the old listening room.

As it was back in the day, it becomes an international gem yet again.
Each time a unique vibe is created. My first experience included music from Detroit native Dan Bain, he appropriately played us housey, disco, funky sounds, with a bass that got us moving and grooving. It set the perfect tone for the day turned evening.
Then Waifs and Strays played, 3 NYC natives whose housey and fun sound captivated everyone in attendance. The dancing, socializing and laughing ensued until the music stopped. At that point the spell we were all under was broken, we remembered it was a moment in time, time now for reality.
My second experience was more subdued, with sounds that were deep and classy. We were graced with the presence of Clockwork, composed of two musicians from Milan, Italy. This time the stage was set differently, creating a sensuous air of dancing, which didn’t stop until the clock broke midnight.

The maximum capacity at Sardine Bar is 50 hence Sardine, which only leaves room for a small gathering. In the past people would line up out the door to get in. Now, it is no longer open to the public, these are private parties thrown by MiM.

Engraved with the memory of these vintage dreams.



Some photos courtesy of Tasya Menaker