Purpose and Dream Creating

Nicole Ciccarelli Muse

Change your mind to change your reality,
Yes it is that easy.

While your inner & outer world may not always be what you wish for, with transformation into happiness, joy and well-being the perception of the outer can shift. Allowing life to benefit you however it is occurring.
Eventually leading you to what you truly desire to experience, create and become.

I wish to abundantly share my gifts with you, guiding you into forming your own tradition, something that you feel represents you and your creative expressions.
I can assist you in manifesting life from you highest state of being by facilitating a space to access inner potential.
Being cultivated throughout my life, my gifts of understanding deeper, integral natures, allows me to bring out your greatest endeavors through

dream weaving.

Purpose and Dream Creating:

I am like a muse, able to help you remove blocks and unleash inspiration. I come from a place of unconditional acceptance and love, to help you grow into your ultimate potential.
I have numerous forms of coaching you into happiness, understanding and creativity.
By honoring, accessing and cultivating the light that is inherently you.

I work with intuitive & empathic understanding that is accessed from and for you; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Happiness is built upon a foundation of structuring all together, when in balance they all work together harmoniously.

I Intend for you to find your truth and live it into action. I wish for you to feel healthy, abundant, happy and free.

While living your purpose, creating your dream and implementing the dream of self into reality.


Clearing, Organizing, Feng-Shui
Smudging and Blessing
Creativity Building and Coordinating
Exercise & Food Plan
Home Remedies & Detox Regimen
Reiki & Energy Work

Mental and Emotional

Desire, Purpose & Affirmation Creating
Life Guiding and Intention Setting
Emotional Release & Removing Blocks
Personality Retrieval
Shamanic Work


Breath Work
Tradition Creating
Meditation Regimen
Shamanic Healing & Reiki

Not intended to Cure, diagnose or take the place of a medical professional, therapist, or doctor. Contact at your own knowing that I am coming from intuitive understanding.

Contact: Ncicc27@gmail.com

9 thoughts on “Purpose and Dream Creating

  1. Took me time for you to read all of the reviews, but I in reality enjoyed the piece. It proved to be very useful to me and Im certain to all the commenters here! Its always great when you are able to not only be informed, but also engaged! Im certain you had enjoyable writing this write-up.


      1. It can be done by grouping people and to inspire them to come forward to perform something constructive on a practical ground. Like starting a NGO or a foundation of an organisation to get desired results. I shall try to write a post on this goal. Let us hope for the best. Keep in touch. Goodbye !


      2. Ahhh yes, that is a fantastic idea!!! Thank you again so much for your support it makes putting my ideas out there more worthwhile. Conversing with people who can appreciate the rabbit hole of creating from thinking idealistically is a new phenomenon for me


  2. I can only say that our blogs are full of enormous mind boggling ideas and they shall always be immortal. But we are not immortal. We can’t always be here to see and observe if they are fruiting enough to make a substantial change in most lives. Something, in a practical way must live here to test and to make the best use of this energy by converting it into desired results. Be the first to share this idea, I tried in somewhat manner here


  3. I appreciate your posts as it gave me insight and better understanding of kundalini energy and it’s purpose. I have recently awakened my kundalini energy and the process has been a fluctuation of good and not so good experiences. Not fully sure what to make of it. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy or am being possessed. Other times I feel blissful for no apparent reason, peaceful and believe I am healing. Though I am not sure where in the process I am or if I should be doing certain things to cultivate this energy I am grateful and open to reading other individuals experiences and learning more about kundalini energy and it’s purpose.
    Thanks, Adri


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