Dream On

Shoot for the stars, for you may end up on Venus, heaven or maybe Mars.

Alas, falling seems to have lead me to great heights (See story below).
Leaving Chicago for California, falling and breaking my elbow. On my flight back to Michigan to be treated for it, my thoughts were I wouldn’t be traveling to LA for a while.

I struck up conversation with the person sitting next to me on this plane, who was leaving his current job. Which became a fortuitous meeting leading me to a new position as executive assistant to singer Matt Goss.

What I learned from this chance meeting, was the importance of reaching out, being kind and conversing with a neighbor. One can never know when an opportunity may come about. It’s the chance meetings that can sometimes alter the course of life. An unexpected yet meaningful coincidence of an energetic time-continuum pattern, what Carl Jung termed “Synchronistic”

Originally from London, Matt Goss is a headlining singer at Caesars Palace.

The show is quite phenomenal. His singing a conduit for the whole experience it includes a fantastic band and gorgeous singers and dancers. Not to be missed if you’re in Las Vegas.

Every day presents me with new opportunities, my catalyst being fiery ambition. I feel blessed by the absolute perfection within my path bringing me fun and patience to make my goals happen. As I continue to learn and grow I’m also allowing my wings to unfold in LA, while grounding myself into simplicity.
Blown away in the ultimate way that life works; experiences that are irrefutably meant to be,  Los Angeles beckoning me back.

A purposeful tragedy.
Falling to pick oneself up again as the universe conspires to place pieces in an order, an inescapable destiny. This is a purposeful path made through diligence and intention, seeded from the unexpected.
Matter forms itself to will and intention, belief and action.
Luck or perhaps divine intervention?

are they one and the same?
This is representative of taking chances, opening up and reaching out, for you never know what opportunity may come about.

Dream on, to dream big, lovely dreamer.
And I leave you with this to ponder

…… What is your Dream and how can you make it your Purpose?…..



Dream Manifesto

If there is a purpose to my life, it is for me to live my dream, a dream that will shift as I continually evolve as being human. My dream encompasses all parts of my being, as I fully embrace who I am.

I am at a pivotal point, where I am being tested in my strength and resilience. A test in life of perseverance to stay true to my dream. My pride is absolved in a physical state pared down to the basics. I am learning patience for my purpose and how to carry out the larger picture that I envision.

While the stress and question creep in, I entertain them for a bit only to banish in place of healthier thoughts and feelings. My scenario is not what I dreamt of yet it happens to be a part of my dream.
This is an extremely humbling state, reinforcing within me how to be happy and grateful for what is occurring right now.

That is the true power of manifesting, is it not?

You will get a glimpse of the starving artist I have become in my book, at some point.
This state of existence will not deter me from my course. I shall push through with strength for my purpose. The one thing that has amazed me is how incredible my loved ones have been, thank you all for coming through so wonderfully!

My current purpose is to write as creative expression. To share with you however that may come through, far beyond a conventional fashion. Success, happiness and love is felt through assisting others into their highest potential, while bringing collective ideas to the forefront of our world. A TV show dream is in the works, a vision I’ve had for years.

Success will come to me, not from giving into the system, but from following my heart and settling for nothing less than what it whispers to me.
In only the way that know how.

Am I happy, is that happiness an internal state of existence?
While materials provide comfort and ease, they are not where my happiness and dreams arise from.

The question I ask is
What am I learning and creating for my life?

Creating my life to be my dream, will naturally attract prosperity and abundance to me. My dream and success fall in line with WHO I AM, rather than WHAT I HAVE.

Free to be me, my dream is to be happy. To have a magical, synchronistic existence, full of fun, laughter and most importantly love. Being childlike in my creative endeavors.
To build upon relationships with friends and family, those whom I love dearly, creating positive support structures that provide reciprocally. To write, travel and create a life of adventure that allows me to be a world-bridger while helping to ease feelings of suffering and tragedy. To consciously evolve with creativity, passion, purpose and ease. Flowing into the path of least resistance, while attracting the dream I wish to manifest into existence.

My dream is to be the best I can be, for me so I can be for the world. I will be me powerfully, owning every part that comes through, with love for self as my guiding force, that love allows me to fully love others.

My vision of the world is to see it blossoming. For all to access potential and dream; individually and collectively. Where we are no longer separated by a fear paradigm, instead united in love, compassion and tolerance. With every person guided to their individual creative expression and purpose.
I see a vision of a healthy, thriving, clean, green earth for everyone, while rebalancing the unbalanced hierarchy.
This being a snippet of my dream.

What is you Dream Manifesto?



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Oasis between Purpose and Dream

Lead into the dry desert, white sand dunes as far as the eye could see. Hot, slow and hazy, time floats by lazily.

Within the Peruvian desert one comes upon Haucachina, a small village, surrounding an oasis. It’s not an apparition, instead it’s nourishing, promising and inviting. With palm trees glistening amongst the blue-green lagoon.

Laying by the pool with the sand dunes in sight, I thought to myself, in the heart of what seems harsh and fierce, there is promise and life. Like an artichoke, peeling away the layers to find this heart, once there it becomes self-sustaining.

Sand-boarding and boogying down the dunes, I felt like I was flying, the sunset in this landscape was breathtaking…

I traveled by bus from Haucachina to Arequipa. The old Baroque architecture set against the snow-capped Andes was beyond gorgeous.

Passing on the guided 2d/1n tour, I decided to undertake this specific hike alone, having heard it was easily do-able.
Heading deep into the Andes, I departed the bus at Cobanaconde at 3:30 pm, with a determined mindset.
Enthusiastically, I told myself

“I have to get my nature fix going and want to try it alone. I am going trekking down this mountain…to the oasis that lies at the bottom.”
I stopped inside a store to get my aqua and placed it in my 30 pound backpack. I was informed by the lovely lady at the store that it took 2 hours to get down.

“Solo?” The senorita asked, with a confused look
“Si” I answered back, innocently

I was left in the dark on any more info about it.

Excitedly venturing into the unknown, I told myself

“I know I can do this”
As I was heading down, others were coming up looking at me rather, um, curiously.

I was keeping a vigil on the sun as it was dipping lower, trekking down the rocky, dry desert mountain. I could see the oasis down at the bottom, a speck of blue…

Far, Far, Far from where I was.

“Ok, it’s alright, keep going, there is nowhere but down from here” I told myself. “My intuition directed this and I listened. I take full responsibility for what I create.”

Zigzagging down the steepest hike I have ever done, I kept thinking to “This is a test, of what I am unsure, but I will pass.”
I was half way down when the sun started setting behind the mountains.
“No panicking”
I told myself,
“I know I have been steered correctly.
Please, please, please let there be enough light to make my way down.”

I kept going.

and going..

and going…

It was getting darker, the oasis far, far away was no longer in my sight.
Twilight was fading, I was alone on the mountain.
I thought to myself “Should I just sleep here for the night.”

“No keep going” I felt in my heart.

I brought out my headlamp that was flickering and with a sense of fear-laced knowing, I kept going. I started stumbling in my footing.
“Holy shit, what am I doing, why am I doing this?
Am I an idiot?
Am I going to die here on this mountain?”

I sat down and started crying, second guessing every decision I have made, if I can’t rely on my guidance what can I rely upon?
I saw eyes of an animal looking at me as I turned my head. Coyotes howling, I cried out,
“OH MY GOD, help me!”

And from there I don’t remember a thing. As if some force came over me.
All of a sudden I was walking through the lushly planted trees.

Miraculously, I was at the oasis, so far from where I had been.
I heard voices and saw people eating. Tears came again to my eyes, this time in gratitude and disbelief.

I thought
I can’t believe I just did that, this was a test.
A test of perseverance and dedication.

I learned that even in the darkest of dark, there will be a light, always guiding.

As for the Oasis, it was electricity free with darkness obscuring the view, I awoke in the morning to see stunning beauty. Everyone else staying left at 5 in the morning, lucky me I had the place all to my adventuring. I enjoyed the day by basking in the beauty of where I was. I swam lazily in the mountain water pool that was emptied and filled daily.

Down in Colca Canyon, Sangalle Oasis was a dream. The mountains, massive beyond belief, were living and breathing with a flowing river in between.

Afterwards, I was duly informed that Colca Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world. It is twice the size of the Grand Canyon, two people died doing what I did recently.



The hike back up was just as trying, there were 3 others with me, one Scot and 2 Brits.
We became one another’s saving grace. Russ I had already met on the bus and the four of us made our way up. It was more difficult than anything I have physically undertaken, the desert sun was hot, the 30 pound bag I was carrying started to feel heavier and heavier.
This was no joke.
We were all hurting. It took 3 hours of stopping for water, trying to make it before it got dark. Half way up I couldn’t see the end, looking up at the looming mountain, it seemed impossibly daunting.
And I again reinforced within…

Keep going, keep going, take responsibility for what you create.

My faith in myself and my ability was tested enormously.

Sometimes, the road may feel like one can’t go any further, in a perilous place, and perhaps foolish, this is when an epiphany occurs.

The understanding was that I was always taken care of as long as I ask. There is always an oasis to surrender into, if I don’t go for it, I won’t ever find it.

Legendary and by far the most physical exertion I have ever undertaken. One that became an internal test, strengthening me in my ability, restructuring a belief system that used to be based on insufficiency..

I now know I can undertake