Dream Manifesto

If there is a purpose to my life, it is for me to live my dream, a dream that will shift as I continually evolve as being human. My dream encompasses all parts of my being, as I fully embrace who I am.

I am at a pivotal point, where I am being tested in my strength and resilience. A test in life of perseverance to stay true to my dream. My pride is absolved in a physical state pared down to the basics. I am learning patience for my purpose and how to carry out the larger picture that I envision.

While the stress and question creep in, I entertain them for a bit only to banish in place of healthier thoughts and feelings. My scenario is not what I dreamt of yet it happens to be a part of my dream.
This is an extremely humbling state, reinforcing within me how to be happy and grateful for what is occurring right now.

That is the true power of manifesting, is it not?

You will get a glimpse of the starving artist I have become in my book, at some point.
This state of existence will not deter me from my course. I shall push through with strength for my purpose. The one thing that has amazed me is how incredible my loved ones have been, thank you all for coming through so wonderfully!

My current purpose is to write as creative expression. To share with you however that may come through, far beyond a conventional fashion. Success, happiness and love is felt through assisting others into their highest potential, while bringing collective ideas to the forefront of our world. A TV show dream is in the works, a vision I’ve had for years.

Success will come to me, not from giving into the system, but from following my heart and settling for nothing less than what it whispers to me.
In only the way that know how.

Am I happy, is that happiness an internal state of existence?
While materials provide comfort and ease, they are not where my happiness and dreams arise from.

The question I ask is
What am I learning and creating for my life?

Creating my life to be my dream, will naturally attract prosperity and abundance to me. My dream and success fall in line with WHO I AM, rather than WHAT I HAVE.

Free to be me, my dream is to be happy. To have a magical, synchronistic existence, full of fun, laughter and most importantly love. Being childlike in my creative endeavors.
To build upon relationships with friends and family, those whom I love dearly, creating positive support structures that provide reciprocally. To write, travel and create a life of adventure that allows me to be a world-bridger while helping to ease feelings of suffering and tragedy. To consciously evolve with creativity, passion, purpose and ease. Flowing into the path of least resistance, while attracting the dream I wish to manifest into existence.

My dream is to be the best I can be, for me so I can be for the world. I will be me powerfully, owning every part that comes through, with love for self as my guiding force, that love allows me to fully love others.

My vision of the world is to see it blossoming. For all to access potential and dream; individually and collectively. Where we are no longer separated by a fear paradigm, instead united in love, compassion and tolerance. With every person guided to their individual creative expression and purpose.
I see a vision of a healthy, thriving, clean, green earth for everyone, while rebalancing the unbalanced hierarchy.
This being a snippet of my dream.

What is you Dream Manifesto?



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