Vibing with an Empath

Think of this as an escapade that we are about to take, all I ask is that you open your mind to something that is a little outside the norm. These are feelings I don’t usually address, in doing so I am taking you into a different world and part of me.
These topics I will explore over a series of posts, for a gift can manifest in many forms.

I feel it is important to discuss my gifted abilities which once were highly misunderstood by me and others. We all incorporate emotions and attributes along a gamut, we are a collective pod. Therefore, this is to give you more understanding of who I am and other light-workers, Indigo, Crystal, and star people who may have similarities. I don’t feel there is enough information out there on these types of abilities and how to further develop them, in my case I’ve noticed being an empath has developed into becoming more telepathic when I hone in on my intuition and am vibrating at a higher conscious level.

Empaths are like mirrors to the environment and people, they are able to tune into what is occurring on many levels, even sub atomic to quantum, I believe. Empaths can be very sensitive to everything that goes on around them, for it is felt deep within them. The understandings of people and environments come with a vibration, which are felt by empaths. Empaths understand others pain, sometimes to a physically debilitating point. They are able to see behind people’s words and actions to what is underneath. Empaths have a deep ability to see into people clearly, and view others psyche’s. When faced with negativity an empath will become withdrawn, quiet and introverted. When there is positivity an empath will light up with excitement and happiness.

I feel others light and beauty, which gives me hope for humanity and the survival of our species. This gift has many facets to it, far more than empathic now. It allows me to understand and see patterns. Every person has their strengths and weaknesses, helping others to see their best heals me. I am able to take energies from others so they feel better, which is what empaths do. I call it transmuting.
I can feel thoughts, actions and deeds directed at me. When one feels love, happiness, joy, freedom, acceptance, and compassion, etc, I feel unlimited in my expression with them, my heart feels glorious.
Judgement, jealousy, anger, fear, possesiveness, gossip, hatred etc. making me feel withdrawn and tired. I feel this all from far away as well, only to then feel love for the negativity and people who it is coming from. Love cancels out all negative feelings and experiences. In shamanic teachings there is a term for this, which I will get into in more detail. I can feel those I’m close with long distances.

I am able to tell when people are hiding or lying by understanding intentions, even beneath the surface. This ability as a child caused misunderstanding for others, unable to process what I didn’t know, it left me confused. This is where my introversion started to happen. I had a nature of understanding people, yet couldn’t understand my integral gift. Discerning what is mine and anothers has taken a while to develop for myself.

If we look at one another as mirrors, instead of judging, we can feel illuminated. Judgement hurts the judge and judged, so why judge?
I like to ask myself what is it that is irking me, how can I allow it to empower me?

I believe that every human has a gift, when we start opening to understanding it can help our life immensely. I believe that all people are empathic to some level. I will elaborate on more tools, techniques and ways to access your gift in the next few posts.

What is your gift dear one?



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10 thoughts on “Vibing with an Empath

  1. Nicole, whatever our gifts are, we only feel “weird” at the beginning, as long as we’re sticking out from the masses. The more people understand, that is experience for themselves, the more accepted “the weird” becomes. I remember in the 1970’s Spirituality and New Age was almost synonymous with “not quite right in the head”, and parapsychology etc. were considered fake or unrealistic.

    I look forward to your series 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing, that’s pretty cool, I am sure some of what was regarded as crazy talk back then, is now commonly accepted in our societal speech and thinking. I think that these more intangible senses can frighten people when they don’t understand the beauty of them. I am proud to say I am gifted, and love to see others hone in on their gifts! I think that if we all lived by our intuitive senses, this world would be a much more peaceful place.

    Thank you, as always!


  3. I’ve had these feelings over and over and over again myself. I wrote about Energy this morning and a few other times on my blog. I always seem to forget how affected I am by other people but I’m learning how to pay more attention. 🙂


  4. Reading this has helped me greatly. Ive recently been noticed as an empath by another, and it has answered many questions I’d had for a long time. Through learning about empathy and learning how to accept who and what I am is a beautiful process. As I learn answers to certain questions that in turn opens doors for more. While reading yours I found it gratifying to know it will be a journey to start being able to discern my own feelings from others.. How not alone I am. Thank you


  5. This was a beautiful read. Thank you for sharing, I’ve always felt like I can sense others feelings, especially when they are trying to put on another face. Recently I’ve been trying to find how to open up and let my gift come to the surface and really hone in on my abilities ❤ Very grateful for your influence keep spreading the light!


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