As a child I had an intense fascination with all things Egyptian. Eternal life and traversing the afterlife through mummification was an obsession to my 8-year-old mind. The mythology bespoke of eternal life, gods and goddesses that held ancient secrets to a way of life. Needless to say, that fascination has stayed with me through the decades.

I had many opportunities to go to Egypt throughout the years, but all of them fell through and didn’t feel right. This all women’s pilgrimage through the mythological, spiritual and ancient sites almost fell in my lap, it was as though the universe aligned opportunities to prompt me to take this life altering journey.

And so it began.


Arriving to Cairo after a 21 hour flight, including the layover had me excited for this group trip, there were 9 of us all together. My inclination other than my trip with my beloved last year is to travel alone, so being in group was a completely new experience for me. I have been part of many women circles over the past ten years, I was looking forward to this new experience. The trip was led by the embodied Goddesses and brilliant astrologer Divine Harmony and powerful somatic healer Sarah Grace, both of whom I resonated deeply with before choosing to go. I could feel there was a profound activation of energy that would occur.

Photo by Divine Harmony

We stayed at the Le Meridian Pyramid with a stunning view of the pyramids outside in the massive pool area. It was amazing and the busiest hotel I’ve ever been to. After we all met one another, we started our adventure. Our first days in Egypt were mind blowing, integrating into Egyptian culture, astounded by what our experiences entailed.


We were taught esoteric and Goddess mythology teachings from an extremely knowledgeable and charismatic woman named Katy, originally from London who now lives in Cairo. Her home and family were a place of good energy, community, love with a backdrop of the pyramids. We felt taken care of from a local standpoint in her space and the homemade food we had there was out of this world~ scrumptious, mouth-watering amazingness. At Katy’s we delved deep into the Egyptian mysteries with her before venturing into the desert by camel and horseback to visit the pyramids to cross our threshold of what the trip held for each of us individually.


As we came through the desert by camel, seeing the pyramids in the distance was breathtaking, it felt surreal and other worldly, I couldn’t help staring in complete astonishment. We went to sacred ancient temples in the desert by horseback and learned more about the ancient ways of Egypt. Much of what we did was so sacred that I am glazing over how deep, transformative and life-changing it was because sometimes there are no words.


On our last night in Cairo, before leaving to Luxor, we had a private in the middle pyramid for two hours. Meaning it was just us in there, exploring the inner chambers and sitting in sacred space. We were in meditation and the energy inside was ethereal. The meditations and ceremonies we did in there were so sacred, again no words can encapsulate the power of what was derived. I will leave you with the notion that anyone can tune into these energy frequencies and heightened awareness with the right intention and guidance. I now feel more connected to the divine feminine, carrying the energy forward into my life.



We took a quick flight to Luxor where we were told it was much quieter than busy Cairo, and it was the perfect juxtaposition. It looked and felt more tropical and lush as we drove along the nourishing Nile. It’s flowing, freeing and purifying waters spoke of the fluidity of the healing process we were all within, it almost seemed to whisper “wash away all that no longer serves to step into your new place, new life, re-birthed within the lands of Kemet (ancient name for Egypt).”

We stayed at Ville Jolie which was on an island along the Nile, a piece of paradise.  It was a luscious reprise where a cacophony of nature sounds enticed me to stay on the grass, hang out with the trees, swim in the infinity pool, follow my heart and do what it pleased.

In Luxor we visited many ancient temples. The first was Mut, which was quiet and we  wandered and ground into the energy. Statues lined the temple of Mut, who is the mother Goddess. The waters were so sacred surrounding the temple.  I saw so many faces of the statues bashed in from when the Christians came during the empirical rule and defaced the statues, it was sad and disturbing how many temples were desecrated in the name of God. It’s hypocritical that death and destruction happen because of the religious superiority we’ve seen played out for so many millennia.


Karnak is the largest temple in the world at 61 acres and even after 4,000 years its massive pillars and statues are astounding, with colors still on some hieroglyphs. I could spend days exploring the nuanced intricacies. Once can only surmise what happened within the ancient temple, which boggles the mind. We walked around and visited many places dedicated to different Egyptian dieties.


We visited Abydos, the oldest temple in Egypt that was said to hold Osiris’ heart in the Osirion. This temple was dedicated to healing and there were healing chambers in it where the energy was powerful and felt all-pervasive.


Dendera was also massively impressive. A temple built to honor Hathor, the goddess of love. Again it was sad to see all the faces bashed in, but walking around in the ancient crypts and spaces was outstanding. How? was a question I constantly found myself asking in awe, looking at the hieroglyphs and perfect symmetry.


Valley of The Queens and Kings

We first visited Nefertari’s tomb, which was in the Valley of the Queen’s. As Ramses’ wife, she was one of the most revered queens throughout Egyptian history. Inside it was a preserved menagerie of beautiful paintings and hieroglyphs depicting various scenes of beautiful queen and goddesses for her journey into the afterlife. The colors were so vivid even after 5,000 years. The energy was intensely heart based, like waves of love emanated from her tomb.


We then went to the much busier side to The Valley of the Kings where there were many tombs for the pharaohs. The King’s tombs were ornate and some  when deep into the mountainside, we visited three tombs as a group and my roomie who I has such a deep affinity for and I visited King tut’s tomb.


A nice treat to our time in Luxor was going on a hot air balloon ride. It was a floaty, dreamy time and beautiful watching the sunrise. It was such a lovely experience landing in the fertile lands of the farmlands along the Nile.



We took a bus to Aswan, which had a completely different feel to it. It felt like a vortex of energy. I decided to go on the optional trip to Abu Simbel which took 3 hours to get there and seeing the sunrise in the desert was remarkable. There were four of us on this trip and once there it became apparent that Abu Simbel was very touristy. We had been spoiled in seeing ancient places that we were able to explore without the hustle of a lot of tourists so this was a bit overwhelming for me.


Abu Simbel was great, I’m glad I went but I found it to be too touristy.  Especially the first temple dedicated to Ramses. The other one dedicated to Nefertari seemed much less busy, again, like the Valleys. More to our enjoyment.


On our last day in Aswan before heading back to Cairo we visited the Temple of Philae. This temple was moved when the dam was built, yet still carried so much beauty walking amongst it. It held such rapture along the waters. We meditated around the holiest of holies and visited the different areas. There was much that came to me there about the suppression, domination and control of the feminine and how harmful it has been to all of us humans over the millenia.


I stand in knowing that the feminine is coming back into power and that we as a race will rise back into honoring her and her many forms. Tears flowed down my cheeks for the suffering so many have endured and are enduring.  I felt the pain of so many women who have walked before me who had no voice to object mistreatment, urging me to step into my power as so many women are right now. We as women, we as humans, we as beings on this planet persist and the shift is taking place for us to step up again and not allow the mistreatment of our race, creatures and planet any longer.

Love overcomes all is what I kept hearing.


Our last day in Cairo we visited the great pyramid and again had a two hour private where we were able to hold space in the chambers. The pyramids felt like energetic portals to other times, dimensions, worlds and galaxies. We were exceptionally fortunate to have privates in both pyramids. I’d say it was divinely guided.  We held sacred space in the chambers and afterwards watched the sunrise while sitting on the pyramids. I went through a death of self into reweaving, rebirth and reclaiming the power that resides within and the strength to use it for the highest good.



Us SiStar women had bonded so much on the trip, it felt like a reunion and recognition from the different lives we lead. Each one of us adding our essence of self. Leaving was sad yet we were all so grateful to have experienced the profundity of what we did. Grateful for the teachings from our incredible facilitators, that were so well versed, divine and planned out. There was so much knowledge and teachings we embodied with our classes sight seeings and outings and I’m still integrating the power of what was uncovered with shifts in my perception of who I am in relation to this planet.


The trip was an honoring of the sacred, the divine, the seekers truth that resides within. An alchemy of spirit with matter, in a group that changed my life. While it’s engrained in our society to look outside of self for sustenance, it is only uncovered within the self, the deep unlayering and unraveling to bring one back to remembering source and all its facets played out in life.



Many of the photos are from Divine Harmony from the trip. You can check out her Instagram @divineharmony and for information on the next Egypt pilgrimage check out her website at


Capri and Amalfi Coast

While London felt like home and Paris was a sweet interlude, Italy topped our trip off and Capri and the Amalfi coast were the favorite parts of our overseas adventure.



We arrived by ferry from Naples. Immediately we noticed the flowing and beautiful Italian language, picking up on words here and there from knowing bits of it. We also noted the bouncy, affable and confident flow to the Italian way.  One that suits our personalities, sharing, caring yet assertive.


Our ferry ride to Capri was about an hour, in a storm and choppy waters with rainbows guiding the way. Once in Capri we found it difficult to get a taxi, in torrential downpours we decided to share one with two guys who happened to be going to the same, Hotel San Michel, for a wedding.


The roads up felt precarioulsy close to the edge, like a thrilling adrenaline rush. The driver wound with expertise into Anacapri. It looked surreal with colorful homes dotting the hills. We arrived to our hotel, which was nestled up on a cliff and walked out of our hotel room to a huge patio with this. Needless to say we didn’t want to leave this paradise.


The first night there was an Italian couples’ wedding with about 75 people. After dinner we heard the music up in our room, so we decided to crash the wedding party and went down to see it hopping with a rambuctious crowd that we assimilated into. We were the Americans that were a bit out of place. After about 10-15 minutes of hanging with this party all the lights in the hotel went out. Music stopped and everyone was left mingling about. This is where we took our leave and went walking through Anacapri. For being a small island there were many people out in the squares.


While visiting, we explored Capri by hiking its trails and walking through the main centers of Capri and Anacapri. We ate delicious fresh food sitting outside, enjoying the balmy nights. Feeling serenaded by the magnificent views and tastes of Capri.


We met a couple at our hotel pool and hung with them for the day, having fun sharing travel stories and finding new things to do. We had been up in the air of where to stay next, from Positano, to Amalfi and with the suggestion of our new friends we decided on Maiori.


We visited the Blue Grotto. Which has a line that winds down the mountain. We thought this somewhat pricey tour would at least give us a while in the grotto, but to our surprise we were rowed in, went around a stunning blue cave, sparkling with unreal colors, to be rowed right back out. I’d say it was 4 minutes or less.





We took the ferry to Positano because of a storm. This added several hours to our trip, but the views of the coast we wouldn’t have seen otherwise given our time there. We took the bus, again winding precariously along the high cliffs that at times felt unnerving.


The fresh ocean air was intoxicating and invigorating, smelling of salt with slippery winds.  We drove through Positano and Sorrento into Amalfi. The views were absolutely breathtaking along the coast.



We arrived to Maiori and walking through the square, it felt almost empty, which was a sweet relief from the bustling touristy areas that we had been in. People there did not speak english as much, so we made due with the little Italian I knew.



We had the best food we’ve ever eaten in our lives in Maiori at Mammato dal 1890. An unassuming restaurant that knocked our socks off. While all the food we ate in Italy was out of this world, this place was mouthwatering. We had fish baked in sea salt, mussels and seafood fresh from the sea in pasta dishes that melted in the mouth. Savory, rich and addictive with flavors bursting of simple spices, fresh cream and tomatoes.


We delightfully porked out into a food coma and were so impressed we decided to give our sentiments to the cook. We stopped in the kitchen to find the chef, a little lady, about 70, who we were interpreted to that her restaurant’s recipes had been handed down from her family members for many generations.


We went to the place across the street the next night and were immensely impressed with the food there as well. Ahhh Maiori, you captured our tastebuds fancy.


We spent our last day exploring Amalfi. It just so happened it was the first storm in the area for the past several months. We were not dismayed and still enjoyed our time exploring the shops and cafes of Amalfi.


The next morning we had to jump on a bus to get to the train station in Salerno to make our train to Rome, the last stop on our Italy trip. What we weren’t prepared for was how packed the buses coming from Amalfi were. We waited for two which were already full to then, luckily, share a cab with a lovely woman from Toronto who also lived in Italy.  With her angelic help, we made our train just in time.





Apologies for the delay in my travel writing, which happened in September. There has been a bustle of new activity which I’ll share, along with a creative block, which feels like it has (finally) dissolved. I’ll be back with our trip to Rome and Stockholm.


London Calling

To love is the greatest gift we’re imparted with, something that’s impossible to summarize through mere words or pictures. It is a timeless treasure from the universe and bestowed within this precious gift one finds through love a deeper and higher truth of self that can be shared with another.

Love the most grandiose of all adventures.

While my usual propensity for adventuring is going solo, I found the perfect travel companion in said love, his name is Bryan 😉 We found on our overseas excursion that we adventure well together, with calm agility and fun intrigue.

Our fist stop on this journey was London for 3 full days, in all its English glory. A city that is etched in heart and mind as one that feels quite homey. With rich cultural heritage that is preserved from eras bygone, along with cheery people speaking our mother tongue.


We stayed the first two nights outside of London in a perfectly picturesque English country village along the Thames.  We stayed with Bryan’s dear friend and his significant other, in their cozy home. They welcomed us warmly, our time there was lovely.


Reuniting with people in London is a favorite way to not only explore the city and places to eat, giving us a taste of local life and flavor, but also cherishing the people we know and love in one of the most fabulous cities in the world. We met with many friends throughout the city, including at Beaufort House in Chelsea and Smokey Tails in Hoxton Square. We also spent quality time with a family dear to me. ❤

Delightful every stop along the way.

Enjoying views of the majestic Buckingham Palace and its stately gardens, we strolled through the city,  getting lost to find where we were. We came across Hyde park and Kensington gardens. pleasantly surprised with how beautiful, fresh and expansive they were.

IMG_6508 (1)

All the sights and beauty of London embraced us in a glorious way. It was admirable to see how families and friends gathered in the afternoon for the traditional Sunday roasts, in homes, restaurants, even pubs. We observed phone-less, enthusiastic conversations and took note.


And that was all a prelude……………….. I’ve been saving the best for last. 😉


We stayed at Blakes hotel in London in a pristine white room, with a four poster bed, tv in the mirror, huge antique bathtub, which felt like a dreamy escape. The concierge were jovial and welcoming.  The decorum was modernly decadent with a worldly flair.


Romantically, letting the night take us where it would, we ventured out to an exquisite restaurant for a richly flavored dinner that left our tastebuds singing with flavors. Gallivanting through the city afterwards, everything was quiet, almost empty.  We stopped at the Shard for for panoramic views atop London.


Walking over the Westminster bridge, there was a feeling of palpable excitement in the air. In the misty night, with droplets of rain falling ever so gracefully, I was calling into life intentions. The moment overcame us and I saw Bryan get down on his knee. I felt the pitter patter of my heart, feeling breathless as I heard him ask “Will you marry me?”.


My heart was beaming, a shocked giddiness overcame us. The incredulousness of the moment came in an outpouring from the soul. It felt as though time stood still, spiraling through eternity as we gave our exclamations of love and devotion to one another and life. A beloved truth that was a known knowing when we first met.


An emphatic YES resounded not only to the question, but to love’s calling. In all the ways it permeates life, through all the realms of having true love and a best friend. Love being the greatest gift we can give, it’s also in the receiving; Opening, being receptive and hearing when love comes beckoning.

I’m beyond grateful for sharing this dream life adventure.





I’ll be back with our travels through France, Italy and Sweden.


London 2016