Capri and Amalfi Coast

While London felt like home and Paris was a sweet interlude, Italy topped our trip off and Capri and the Amalfi coast were the favorite parts of our overseas adventure.



We arrived by ferry from Naples. Immediately we noticed the flowing and beautiful Italian language, picking up on words here and there from knowing bits of it. We also noted the bouncy, affable and confident flow to the Italian way.  One that suits our personalities, sharing, caring yet assertive.


Our ferry ride to Capri was about an hour, in a storm and choppy waters with rainbows guiding the way. Once in Capri we found it difficult to get a taxi, in torrential downpours we decided to share one with two guys who happened to be going to the same, Hotel San Michel, for a wedding.


The roads up felt precarioulsy close to the edge, like a thrilling adrenaline rush. The driver wound with expertise into Anacapri. It looked surreal with colorful homes dotting the hills. We arrived to our hotel, which was nestled up on a cliff and walked out of our hotel room to a huge patio with this. Needless to say we didn’t want to leave this paradise.


The first night there was an Italian couples’ wedding with about 75 people. After dinner we heard the music up in our room, so we decided to crash the wedding party and went down to see it hopping with a rambuctious crowd that we assimilated into. We were the Americans that were a bit out of place. After about 10-15 minutes of hanging with this party all the lights in the hotel went out. Music stopped and everyone was left mingling about. This is where we took our leave and went walking through Anacapri. For being a small island there were many people out in the squares.


While visiting, we explored Capri by hiking its trails and walking through the main centers of Capri and Anacapri. We ate delicious fresh food sitting outside, enjoying the balmy nights. Feeling serenaded by the magnificent views and tastes of Capri.


We met a couple at our hotel pool and hung with them for the day, having fun sharing travel stories and finding new things to do. We had been up in the air of where to stay next, from Positano, to Amalfi and with the suggestion of our new friends we decided on Maiori.


We visited the Blue Grotto. Which has a line that winds down the mountain. We thought this somewhat pricey tour would at least give us a while in the grotto, but to our surprise we were rowed in, went around a stunning blue cave, sparkling with unreal colors, to be rowed right back out. I’d say it was 4 minutes or less.





We took the ferry to Positano because of a storm. This added several hours to our trip, but the views of the coast we wouldn’t have seen otherwise given our time there. We took the bus, again winding precariously along the high cliffs that at times felt unnerving.


The fresh ocean air was intoxicating and invigorating, smelling of salt with slippery winds.  We drove through Positano and Sorrento into Amalfi. The views were absolutely breathtaking along the coast.



We arrived to Maiori and walking through the square, it felt almost empty, which was a sweet relief from the bustling touristy areas that we had been in. People there did not speak english as much, so we made due with the little Italian I knew.



We had the best food we’ve ever eaten in our lives in Maiori at Mammato dal 1890. An unassuming restaurant that knocked our socks off. While all the food we ate in Italy was out of this world, this place was mouthwatering. We had fish baked in sea salt, mussels and seafood fresh from the sea in pasta dishes that melted in the mouth. Savory, rich and addictive with flavors bursting of simple spices, fresh cream and tomatoes.


We delightfully porked out into a food coma and were so impressed we decided to give our sentiments to the cook. We stopped in the kitchen to find the chef, a little lady, about 70, who we were interpreted to that her restaurant’s recipes had been handed down from her family members for many generations.


We went to the place across the street the next night and were immensely impressed with the food there as well. Ahhh Maiori, you captured our tastebuds fancy.


We spent our last day exploring Amalfi. It just so happened it was the first storm in the area for the past several months. We were not dismayed and still enjoyed our time exploring the shops and cafes of Amalfi.


The next morning we had to jump on a bus to get to the train station in Salerno to make our train to Rome, the last stop on our Italy trip. What we weren’t prepared for was how packed the buses coming from Amalfi were. We waited for two which were already full to then, luckily, share a cab with a lovely woman from Toronto who also lived in Italy.  With her angelic help, we made our train just in time.





Apologies for the delay in my travel writing, which happened in September. There has been a bustle of new activity which I’ll share, along with a creative block, which feels like it has (finally) dissolved. I’ll be back with our trip to Rome and Stockholm.


Love to Love Me


A wise woman once stated
“It’s not how much you love the person you are with,
it’s how much you love yourself with that person.”

Once upon a time I was in what I thought to be love. Rather than love, it was more of a lesson, within my soul’s growth and process.  I went to Germany for this love, a love I thought we would end up happily ever after, only to realize the ending of such was a new beginning.

Where it once felt easy and effortless, this love started to go against the flow.
I felt I was swimming upstream in a rapidly rushing current of water.
Missing my own boat to jump on another. Yet a healing process was underway. A transformation that the rest of my future world will help you discover, as I discovered myself.

I glimpsed my inner girl transforming within the chrysalis, accessing the woman I am. I began to experience my shadow and light, awareness of self coming into sharp contrast. I saw that I wasn’t living MY dream, rather living someone else’s.

I asked myself.

Am I happy? Please show me the truth of what I’m meant to see.
Seeing wasn’t easy.
My truth was

“This love isn’t right for me, cultivating an inner unshakeable love is to attract my true love who is meant to be”

the universe slapped me in the face with reality,
shaking me to my core, waking me from my unawakened dreams, allowing me to let go of that which was no longer for me, to open up to unexplored possibilities.

A pivotal step in my growth, this spanning love throughout the years was a transformative teacher, strengthening me in who I am.

I learned that words are nothing but dreams without action…

Action Speaks.

I experienced my ability to give love and how much love I have to give, I love to love

If I am not truly loving myself, how could I possibly build a loving relationship on being in any space other than self-love?

With patience, independence and awareness, unhealthy patterns were overcome.

Within the cataclysmic breakdown of this relationship, I felt myself gliding into new directions. Thoughts came to me in the contemplative state I was in while traveling alone to Italy.

“I desire to move into a space of empowerment and inspiration close to and coming from my source. I will allow only the best treatment in my life, from myself most importantly. In order for me to have what I want with my love, I have to be my love. So that I can attract the love I’m meant to have with my true soul mate when the time is right.

It is time to do what feels right, be who I know myself to be, contentedly within, LETTING GO into my flow of existence.”

Walking through the romantically lit city of Verona, a treasure of unfounded beauty,
I understood that I came to Verona to fall in love.

to fall in love with me.

In the mirror, I had a heart to heart with self, looking into my eyes I told myself,


I know that you were looking for this deep transformative love and wanted to have it because it made you feel loved, yet,


The love, adoration, strength and happiness you are looking for, I will give to you, I am here for you and fully love you.
I believe in you, that is all I can do. When the time is right, True Love will find it’s way into your life, and you will know it’s right.”

With that being said, the cultivation of self-love has been more reliable, more trustworthy, more difficult and more resplendent than any love I have yet known.
Self love means loving who I am and loving my life, even through the harshness. Witnessing the beauty of self and life even when I almost want to give in, when I feel I slip up, when life is not what I want.

When every fiber of my being wants to break down and not push forward,

I persevere.

I love and accept myself and all that entails, my inner love becomes pronounced daily; the lotus flower within my heart, unfolding, never-ending.

My living dream is every moment, every experience, every taste, every smell, every encounter, every thought, every emotion.

Love is a two-way street and it starts within.

I am love