Knowing something beyond the existing life I was living was to be experienced, I left an old life behind, to wander and seek out my inner vision. I was led through different terrains, to the extremes and back again. The desert heat and dryness wrung out inner demons, the mountains called into the quiet of my being. The ocean strengthened and purified, the fires of lava lit up the flames of creativity and desire. Lastly, the jungle and forest whispered to me of sacred sensuality.

Visions of my truth revealed through a quest of visioning.

“The visionquest, or perceiving quest is the way we must begin this search. We must all follow our VisionQuest to discover ourselves, to learn how we perceive of ourselves, and to find our relationship to the world around us” ~ Hyemeyohsts Storm

In Native American and other indigenous cultures a visionquest is a right of passage, marking a turning point in life. A traditional quest is done for three days, while fasting, consisting of venturing alone into the wilderness. As deep internalizing occurs, a vision may come to the seeker.

The quester is able to reach parts of the mind and spirit concealed by everyday living. In a state of purification, left with the devices of nature, this vision reflects the seeker’s true calling. The seeker is in a state of high consciousness, lending to a more enlightened state. An animal totem may appear as a guide, lending it’s magical traits to the quester.

“In many traditional cultures and spiritual paths, such a glimpse is called a vision, a soul calling, or the intuition of destiny — which never arrives in cultural terms, such as a job or social role, but rather embodied in mysterious, usually nature-based symbols, themes, or patterns.” ~ Bill Plotkin

In his book “Nature and The Human Soul” Psychologist Bill Plotkin breaks down life cycles according to a Jungian, nature-based model of existence that reflects the Native American medicine wheel. This is separated into 8 phases, healthily allowing one to become a true elder. He theorizes that people in Western civilization are stuck in patho-adolescent phases, that in our materialistic world, even as adults, most are not connected to their true natures. This is in part due to not having healthy and celebratory rites of passage, nor being in touch enough with the elements. He proposes that a part of becoming a healthy, functioning adult is seeking mind-expanding sources. Western civilization craves and seeks out these sources subconsciously, in sometimes unhealthy ways.

If one can’t face the unknown by bravely heeding the call, how can it be to consciously evolve?

As humanity and technology progress, teachings within dance, music, trances, plant medicine, sweat lodges, nature and visions can aid us in unlocking the keys to our evolution.
Leaving all expectations behind, when done with conscious intention, these techniques help the ego transform. Intense breakthroughs in consciousness can occur, sealing in the purpose of self with glimpses of one’s highest purpose.

Visions are waiting to be revealed in each and every one of us, what quest will it take for you to perceive yours?

aho mitakuye oyasin,


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Article by Bill Plotkin
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I highly recommend Nature and The Human Soul


Masters of our ceremonies,
make me dance,
make me move,
play the tune that my body sings to.
dance with me, speak to me,
until I can hardly breathe,
take all capacity of thought, emotion, and being,
until my being fills with you,


you are



MOVEMENT: Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival
A favorite of festivals, it brings in elements of Detroit’s energy, a grittiness and depth that can only be found in this city.
Our city….
of soul, dilapidation and creativity. Now a resurgence is happening and it’s so exciting.


Looking around, where thousands surround Detroit’s Hart Plaza. I am witness to the growth of what this movement has become since its start 12 years ago.

There are 4 stages set up in the plaza, the speakers immense and encompassing, they vibrate sound powerfully.
Each stage holds its own micro-environment, bouncing from each, my ear tunes in to the music.


This year, as I strolled down the stone steps to the massive stage set up in the center, my thoughts were of a disconnected nature.
In the past this scene was a huge part of my life, now a smaller piece of the whole of my existence.

“Will this do for me what it used to?”
I asked myself

“After all I have experienced, what does this mean to me now?”

Heavy, low bass rumbled through me, re-awakening my purpose within sound.
The air thick with rich, warm South American tones, reminiscent of where I traveled from.


A musical healing, the vibrations touch on parts of me, becoming a dancing release.
My body was attached to the spot. As music and I remember one another as long-lost lovers. We meet and all that is spoken of is this intertwining love

Transporting me through space and time.


I was lead to incubation states of tranquility and centering in the Westin Book Cadillac hotel.
Here I cultivated familiar bonds I have made with people from all over the world, connecting through music.
I understand the musical groups I am drawn to have subtle ties to our roots.
Paxahau of Mayan origin literal meaning
Pax=power of music ; Ahau=cycle of time in Mayan calendar.

Movement is a primal instinct grounded within us, stemming back to the dawn of humanity. Our own dance rituals and sounds have evolved into something I know our ancestors would be proud of.

As I’m dancing on the grass, under the sunlight, a veteran in his army uniform strolls over.
“Your dancing makes me happy, seeing all of this love and peace reminds me that this is the freedom I fought for. Can you show me how to dance to this music?”
He asks

Feel it capitulate you
Move with it however you allow it to
An energetic exchange, infinity of ebb and flow.
A bridging of many worlds occurs,








Burning Sage


Animus Totem


Carl Jung theorizes that us humans have a subconscious, conscious and super-conscious (collective) mind, and they work together to create self.

The subconscious, or animus, is represented by our more primal instincts and qualities, like a sponge it retains everything that happens within our lives.
According to Kahuna (Hawaiian) and Native American traditions, every human has a totem, or animal spirit. These animal spirits have characteristics that hold aspects of our personality. They can also become our protectors and guardians as well.

Could I perhaps, have an animal spirit?


who are you???

Totems are something I view similar to horoscopes and astrology, it can be taken metaphorically or literally. If anything, it adds an element of fun to life. Signs, messages, traits are whatever we make them to be.
I give my life meaning, and the meaning I wish to give it is being a magical experience.
This is one of my many ways.

When I was 23, I had a profound experience introducing me to my main Totem.

It was a warm, sunny, brilliant day and I was driving to a friends house.
Happy, anticipatory, with the warm spring air blowing through my car, I was on a two lane road going up a hill, when I was stopped dead by the car in front of me. Before realizing what was happening, I looked in my rearview mirror to see a huge dump truck barreling into me. I knew that it wasn’t going to be able to stop. As if on cue I felt some force come through me to guide me in that moment, I veered my car to the the embankment, only to be plowed into with such force that it spun my car.
I knew that if it wasn’t for me turning to the right, I would’ve been smashed between the car that was in front of me and this bumbling, unstoppable dump truck.
I stepped out shaking, scared and in shock. Raindrops and white petals appeared, falling from a clear blue sky.
Bemused, I looked up and circling above me was a hawk. It seemed to stay there, as though it was watching over me.
I connected in that moment with the gliding, circling, grace and knew that what had happened was to connect me with this bird.
It was a beautiful moment.

Hawks appear around me, guiding me with a gentle grace
They speak to me….
You are on the right path, follow the signs.

Hawk represents spirit, being a visionary and messenger, not always accepted in the times that they are brought into.

I find it a game to see what totem is working with me, at different times I have had visits from varying animals in my life. Each one representing qualities that I was coming into or working towards owning.

During my travels I visited Montana, while there, one of my initiations was a mini vision quest.
A vision quest is a native american rite of passage to find oneself in solitude and nature, usually lasting 3 days. I had a distilled version for myself, which consisted of me gallivanting off into the forest by myself for 3 days, 10 hours a day.

The first day of this vision quest I was walking into the forest, unbeknownst to me there was an owl perching on a tree stump next to me, startling me as it flew up, it’s huge wing span almost hit me in the face.

Two days later, while meditating in this same forest, I opened my eyes to be staring 100 feet ahead of me into the yellow eyes of the owl, penetrating me with it’s gaze.
It was freaky and amazing, all in one.
I viewed it as a sign, as this was a time for me to go into my underworld, to use my night vision to journey within darker places within my unconscious mind.


How to find your Animal Totem

Sit quietly with yourself and ASK.

It may show up in your life unexpectedly. An animal or bird will appear and you will have an understanding. It may also come to you in dream form, or from another person telling you that you remind them of an animal.
Think about yourself and aspects of your personality that may relate to an animus.
Once you come to know this animal, then it is time to become more acquainted with its traits, so that it can be something to benefit you.

What is your Animus Totem?