Part of my living dream, a part that was unknown to me until the idea came up. It’s the spontaneity in life that sometimes blows my mind.

A trapeze class?
My adventurous room-mate and good friend Pamela prompted the idea with a “Just come with”.

Yes, I thought to myself, I’d love to see what this is all about.

Being a bystander to something so incredible would not fit into my agenda, as is my way I will always achieve my goals, of course if it’s for the best of all involved.

Well, Trapezin’ apparently was.

Pamela had purchased her deal through Living Social, thankfully I was able to take part in the class that there were 20 others in. All of us participated in one of the coolest local adventures we could undertake.

This class took place less than a mile from where I’m residing on Belmont Harbor, perched right next to Lake Michigan. The staff of Trapeze School New York-Chicago and Living Social were rad, every one of them had their unique way of bringing this adventure to fruition.

We first took part in a twilight picnic on the grass where we mingled, ate and watched the sunset. All the while aware of the dizzying heights from where we’d be flying from.

After the picnic we were separated into groups of about 6-7, the class was a three round instruction. The first round I took part in was grounded partner balancing. In this our group was instructed on how to support one another as we performed different tricks. After which we expertly learned how to balance in a human pyramid. This part was reminiscent of kids in a gymnastic class….


For adults of course …..

The second part we were guided to a low swing where we tried several tricks while being supported by our expert teachers.

I got a bit ahead of myself as my yogic acrobatic spirit came out, I kept thinking…..
I HAVE to do this again, it comes so naturally.

The third part was the aerial, where we were shown with exemplary instruction on how to trapeze correctly. After watching others go, I was harnessed in and led up the ladder about 40 feet off the ground to the landing, where I prepared myself with the instructor until prompted when to fly.

On top, with the darkened sky I was under the full moon with Lake Michigan in view, to my right was the full lit up city skyline. A gorgeous sight that has left an unforgettable impression on my full adventuring memory.
It was a bit daunting as I was standing up there, waiting for the prompt. My knees were a little shaky, I was breathing deep as I grabbed the bar and flew….

Then the magic took place. Listening to my instructions, I started soaring, knees up, backwards, forwards, somersaulting, legs flying with the wind whipping through me.

Liberated and exhilarating as I exerted myself with my best effort.


There was a list of people who if performed well the first two flies were able to fly again, this time expertly caught by an instructor. While I made the “catch list” my defiant self didn’t listen properly, I missed the catcher’s hands and ended up back flipping my way down instead 😉
Leading me to believe I’m meant to take more classes to perfect this aerial art.
How else am I to fly if I don’t learn to properly spread my wings?

Walking away there was an exuberance of pride felt for my first trapeze class. An accomplishment that reinforces the belief that I can do anything, as long as I set my intentions.

This whole adventure not only blew my mind, but was affordable as well. The staff was amazing and I’m happy to say I felt expertly guided and safe the whole time, while having an absolute blast. TSNY Chicago not only offers many trapeze classes, but others as well including acrobatic yoga which I will definitely be taking.

Even with my adventuring spirit Living Social has incredible offers on endeavors I would never think of. At the end of this class one could buy a two for one instruction for next time. Living Social Adventure has deals all over the world that are just as unique, check them out. It’s easy to receive, all you have to do insert your area and voila, you get an email with daily specials.

Hope to see you flying~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


3 thoughts on “Trapezin’

  1. The one shot you always ctaupre (and the one shot that always gets me) is the one of an older couple parents, grandparents, maybe, but it’s always a couple much older than the bride and groom and they’re dancing, eyes closed or holding hands at a table and smiling at each other.And you just know they’ve been together though a lot of better, worse, sickness, health, rich and poor, good and bad and you always catch them in a tiny moment where the love the pulls them together is the one thing you see.You seem to always get that shot. Gorgeous. I love it. All the best :)May 20, 2011 3:24 pm


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