Detroit’s Paradise

It seems that I always try to plan what I am going to post, only to be surprised with what the post itself would like to be.

Art reflecting life, unpredictability, making for exciting company.

Over the past few months I have been in transition, preparing for what I knew was going to be change, moving forward, growth, yet I didn’t know what it was.
I will elaborate more on that in my next post, which now will be more frequent.

For now, I have ideas.

Ideas a plenty.
This particular idea came to me whilst in Europe.
While there, I realized that one of my favorite parts about the sprawling, cobblestones, low-lined cities were all of the trees interspersed throughout.

Berlin, a city that was torn to pieces less than 100 years ago, is now a thriving metropolis, with a more sustainable city structure. Teeming with wildlife and parks that the Germans take pride in, life and structure are interwoven together.

I thought to myself

How to integrate more of the natural elements into our city of Detroit?
A city that is an empty canvas, waiting to be painted, into what my generation desires for it to be.
It’s truly up to us.

As a metaphor, I feel that Detroit was once a beautiful young woman and in her prime was the hottest lady around, where now she has a hunched back, her makeup is dripping off of her face, the remnants of her beauty still remaining, yet buried underneath the struggle of what has occurred.
Its time for a makeover 😉
I have a vision of Detroit being created from this into an oasis, filled with vibrancy and life, being green and setting examples for cities around the country and world.
Imagine a more sustainable Detroit, a city empowered in it’s glory.

There are already organizations like the greening of Detroit that are working towards more urban farming and planting more trees.
I would like to see it done on an even larger scale.

Where all of us can take part in beautifying the city of Detroit.
A tree planting day, that includes any and everyone, a day set aside for this specific purpose, where all can come regardless of race, class, creed, gender, age.
For all to come plant their own tree in Detroit.

Doing so would not only clean the air and give back to the earth what has been taken.
It would also be much more aesthetically pleasing, as the ancient Greek quote goes, “That which is beautiful, is also good”.

I love Detroit, love the people, energy and depth of this amazing city.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, it will come to its full glory yet again.
This is not something that will be overnight, but imagine a city that for our children and grandchildren could be a place of splendor and beauty, one that rose from the ashes to be reclaimed and reinvented as never before imagined.

So with that being said, I have the idea


I am passing this torch on, this idea is for you to do something about, or not, it has been put out there, I gave a summary of it to the city council commissioner.
So now it’s time for me to leave it in your hands friends. This is going to take a team, working together.

For I am departing, my heart is calling me onward.

Guiding me yet again, this heart that has lead me into some obscure places over my lifetime, yet I would not take back ANY of it.

I am needed elsewhere in this world.

I will be back tomorrow and the next few days, as I have so much I would like to address now that there is more clarity.

Sayonara for now



2 thoughts on “Detroit’s Paradise

  1. Nicole- it’s been a while lovely lady. Happy belated birthday! I just read your post for the first time. Thank you for sharing your ideas!! You are truly someone inspiring. Keep your voice going, it inspires me out here in CA. Much love sista.


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