I sing to you, Sacred Macchu Picchu

Following my map I had to forego a few stops, time was running out. The search was on. I came so far, my treasure had to be found.

Arriving in Cusco, a beautiful city set in the mountains, I had two distinctive goals.
Upon arrival I had 3 days to achieve:
My purpose = ayahuasca,
My dream = Macchu Picchu, a place I had been envisioning since I was 13.

As I said in a prior post, my funds were running low, so the attainment of these goals was questionable.
How can this all occur, I asked myself?

It will, I know it

I listened for the quickening and was unsure if anything would happen. Then like a rainfall, it poured down on me at once, my dream coming to reality in a tour, manifested easily.

To the Incan Sacred Valley and Macchu Picchu

These lands called to me, and I heeded..

Walking through the Sacred Valley, one forgets about modern existence and technology. Primal memories are invoked, lodged within the evolution of our DNA. These lands sacred, the air feels ancient, succumbing to the power of this world, one that becomes nameless, timeless, placeless


I envision what this must have been, with an extinct people living amongst this.
Places built with expert stoneman-ship, structures that defy the times.

Pisac, a city built upon the ruins of an ancient city.

Across is the mountain that Callpa had explained and drawn out for me.

More within the mountains

Taking the train to Aquas Calientes, a tranquil city by the river, I awoke at 2 am to get on the bus to be one of the 400 to be able to hike up Wayna Picchu.
I was the first person in line, all of us in excited anticipation, the bus ride up felt like a field trip at 5 am.

Walking up the entrance as the sun was rising, the air takes on a different tone, a stillness enveloping everything.
Coming through the clearing, it is beyond expression.
The ancient structures becoming one with the mountain, together creating
Macchu Picchu, smelling ancient and sweet, breath blowing through my being.

Whispering to me the sacredness was calming, vibrating with an energy never before experienced.


Speaking of transcendence and mystery.

Walking these ruins, I spiraled into their pulsating embrace

This place is magical,
awe-struck reverance, for an era of ancient people and ritual.

How were you created? I asked this place.

It whispered back

“With time and effort and untold secrets”

Hidden places, secret spaces

Looking across the mountain to a blue mist rising. Life energy of orgone circling through and around me. I had known that this place was one of the highest energetic places on earth, no description can capture that meaning.

The river flowing down below, I find myself remembering,

Ancient memories of being on a boat, traveling these mountains, in search of something.
What is this that I am feeling, I almost remember it clearly.

The Incan energy speaks to me.

“These lands are protected by our ancestors.
remember our presence,
the place,
don’t let our history and lands be forsaken,
amongst what has become your human race.”

Tranquility came over me, keeping me in a quiet stillness.

Incans, I understand your connection, and will revere your message, doing my part in
my larger purpose

Making the hike up wayna picchu, the mountain overlooking Macchu Picchu,

The smell of fresh, cold stone permeating, alive with green moss, along this magical path.
Climbing higher and higher, reaching the top to another structural masterpiece, inlaid with ancient ruins even closer to the heavens.

Memories again surfacing of walking this path before,
a woman guiding me up the stone stairs,
leading me to my home and family.

Speak to me, speak to me

Living, breathing, circulating
My heart exploding with the surges of your energy,
what are these visions?
what is this that I am feeling?
something lain dormant awakened within me.

Within these ruins lies forest and jungle, climbing through I found my space for meditating.

Giving gratitude for something beyond description, beyond my life and being, beyond civilization,
beyond a calling,
beyond imagination,
a oneness within creation.

Do I have to leave?

I desire to sleep under the stars and frolic amongst the sun and moon temple, dancing with the life force that lights up this place day and night.
Sing to me, sing to me,
my spirit is alive with your ancient energy.



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