Beauty Secrets

Here I’m giving home remedies for cultivating natural beauty from outside in. As we all know, beauty radiates and starts from within. Buffing and shining the outer, so your inner light can sparkle even brighter.

I prefer to have an au natural glow and have found some fun ingredients to play around with. Below are some of my favorite natural beauty treatments; be forewarned anti-aging may occur with use.


FYI: Sodium Laureth Sulfates and Parabens are not good for the body and should be avoided at all costs.
Natural shampoos with a pinch of Borax (12 mule team) works wonders to boost body, health and shine.

While I was in the Panamanian islands healthy conditioners were unavailable. Unknowing what to do about my hair I improvised by cutting an avocado in half and after shampooing slathered on my hair for 5 minutes.
Afterwards, my hair was extremely silky and shiny and bouncy.

To do: Cut open an overly ripe Avocado before showering. After shampooing slather on hair completely covering roots to ends. Leave on for 5 minutes or longer, you can even sleep with it on in a hair bag.
It helps moisturize, replenish and soften hair into a silky state.

Biotin (2-5 mgs) taken once a day and B vitamins helps hair grow quickly, fuller and healthy.

Natural Skin:

Natural face wash: I like to use baking soda or borax with a bit of water as a face wash. Or a natural soap with oatmeal or chamomile for sensitive skin.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: An amazing astringent, after the initial sting and redness cools down, skin is left healthy and glowing, with diminished breakouts.

OILS:  Oils are great moisturizers and healing for the skin.
Each oil carries a different property and will work according to skin type. My personal favorite is Coconut oil. Vitamin E and Wheatgerm help with scarring.
Olive Oil is anti-aging, mixed with Citronella oil, a great bug repellant.

Cocoa and Shea butters: Extremely moisturizing. Cocoa butter helps with stretch marks and scarring. Shea butter improves skin tone. Oils and butters can be mixed together as concoctions based on skin type and structure.

Exfoliators and Masks:

For fresh, supple and healthy skin.

Honey and sea salt: A mixture that exfoliates by sloughing off dry skin while the honey acts as an antiseptic.

Body Brush: Exfoliates skin and stimulates the lymphatic drainage system.

Yogurt (organic) mask:
Leave on for 20 minutes or more, it’s soothing to the skin while leaving it moisturized.

Castor Oil mask:
Healing and moisturizing for extremely dry, weathered skin.

Olive/Sunflower oil with sea salt & essential oil:
Natural exfoliator for whole body.

Aloe vera: Heals burns and can be used as a cooling mask.
Blend whole leaf with essential oils such as eucalyptus or mint and refrigerate.
Hydrates, heals and cools the skin.

Natural tooth paste and whitening:

I suggest toothpaste that is fluoride free. For information on fluoride dangers.
Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide work well as a toothpaste, and natural whitener.
A good friend introduced me to an AMAZING whitener; Activated Charcoal.
This can be sprinkled on top of toothpaste and is one of the best whiteners I have ever used.
Be careful when using, it is black powder and stains sink easily.

Bath Time

Luxurious and soothing, I create bath concoctions based on my mood.

Sea salt and Baking Soda (mineralizing)
Borax or Epsom salt (detoxing)
Lavender oil and sea salt (relax and cleanse)
Eucalyptus and sea salt(soothe and cleanse)
rose petals/ rose buds (feeling flowery)
The concoctions are endless, be creative and make one based on your mood.

Create your own pampering day:

Pick a day of the year that resonates with you. On this particular day take time to pamper yourself byindulging in your every wish and desire.
Celebrate who you are and all of your unique, amazing qualities. Write a list of your favorite things about yourself, or shop for favorite beauty items.
Dress up or down, sing in the shower,dance in sexy underwear.
Eat foods that make you feel sensual, dress in clothes that make you feel beautiful.
Do whatever your heart and beauty call you to do on this day of yours. Allow you to enjoy and celebrate feeling gorgeous in your skin.

Own the Goddess within
Like Aphrodite coming out of the sea-foam, a “goddess bath” is a sensual way to celebrate your day. Fill a bath up and sink into it as a reminder of your unique light, awakening you to your splendor.



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