“All men and women are created equal and endorsed with inalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” -Thomas Jefferson.

The existence of a society and the highest values and progress of the people within that society being based on individual happiness through equality, peace and freedom.

That, essentially, is Ataraxia.

If the foundations of a society were to encompass those notions, with every person respecting and honoring those values in self and others, it would allow for individual and collective sovereignty and sense of purpose.
With all the counterparts of politics, economics, science, ecology, earth, production and living merging to suit the needs of the time, or Zeitgeist.

“It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness”

Productions and means to produce with the relations regarding production are vital to a society. If we all were given equal opportunities in our strive for personal freedom, we would be more productive in our individual purpose. Undertaking a compassionate conscious level could lend to a world of Utopian existence.

From times of ancient societies of primal communism, to feudalism comprised of serfs and lords, we are now standing upon capitalism, turned heavy consumerism. It is on the books that we live in a capitalist society, a breakdown being private ownership of self, rights and life. That is a fabrication, in reality we are still ruled by a higher class, who own the means of production, otherwise known as the banks and corporations. A self-serving capitalist mindset with a divide and conquer strategy is what drives many.
This is no longer true democracy, it’s bought democracy, equating to the 1% and 99%.

There are many ideas surrounding what is the best economic and political system. From Anarchy to Communism, Libertarianism to Conservatism, Capitalism to Socialism, Industrialism to Egalitarianism. Every single one of these ism’s I can find something to agree with, each containing their pros and cons.

Bottom line, many came from time periods where the ideologies worked for a productive society and what worked 50, 20, even 10 years ago are no longer solutions for our future. To say that one way will govern the people is preposterous, we can no longer look to the past to govern us.

Each generation inherits what the prior generation encompasses. It’s time for a change of the guard, a guard that has many imposed ideas, categories, labels, generalizations and self-righteous thinking. Keeping our world separated in a somewhat xenophobic manner.

I think we can all agree, that true freedom are intrinsic rights of every human.

All the people should have a say over what is our governing blanket.

A new system will not have one set of ideals that permanently run it. Like flowing water, the people in it will continually evolving.

Our now is composed of technology, means to production, a world that needs to be taken care of, a desire for equality and individuality with a hierarchy structure in place.

We no longer have the luxury of keeping ecosystem, economics and politics separate, this is a new paradigm for which we have to shift our viewpoints a bit.

“Sanity in it’s essence is nothing more that learning to live in harmony with nature’s laws”

Where does creative purpose fall within this?
How can we work all the elements together to have a productive, happy, society?

I believe it’s in a balance of one’s creating, doing and being while honoring others and self-sovereignty.

A break with the idea of one system and our current consciousness.

Moving beyond rigidness, the box and one system. Shaping a form to a flowing, merging, agreement of ideas and tenets to suit the needs and desires of the whole and individual as they surface.

What is your idea of happiness and freedom, personally and collectively?



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