10 Popular Essential Oils and Benefits

Essential oils are amazing remedies, not only for health but also well-being. With a myriad of effects on the olfactory glands. Our scent glands are closely tied to our limbic system, which correlates to our instincts, moods and emotions. The glands access the amygdala and hippocampus; emotions and learning. This is the reason we tie emotions, memories and events to scents.

The use of essential oils dates, give or take, 5,000 years. Ancient. Below are some very popular oils and their benefits. I can say from personal use they are amazingly beneficial. I will highlight snippets of some benefits below.

1. LEMON OIL:  Lemon oil is made directly from the peel of lemons. It is a well-known disinfectant, killing the pathogens E.Coli and Salmonella when used on surfaces. It improves the metabolic process, aiding in weight loss and alkalinity: 1-2 drops added to water. Contains d-limonene, a cancer fighting antioxidant. Raises dopamine levels to improve mood, especially when diffusing in air. Nourishes the skin.

2. LAVENDAR OIL: I put a drop on the bottom if my feet every night. Promotes restful sleep, helps insomnia. Benefits nervous system through relaxation. Eases headaches, depression and stress. Stimulates blood circulation. Respiratory and sinus benefits. Hair care and hair growth. Cognitive function boost. Pain relief including muscle aches. Defends body against certain fevers. Helps restore hormonal balance.

3. ROSEMARY OIL:  A well-known herb, that is so flavorful and beneficial. Stimulates hair growth, add a few drops to shampoo. Relieves respiratory problems, especially when used with Eucalyptus oil. Helps indigestion. Detoxifies liver. Stimulates circulation. Increases concentration, memory and cognitive function. Studies have shown it can slow the onset of Alzheimer’s. Stress relief. Immune system boost. Put a drop on each temple.

4. FRANKINCENSE OIL: Sap from the Boswellia Tree. Promotes healthy cell regeneration. Useful for skin health, treats dry skin. Anti-aging. Strengthens gums and roots. Promotes mental peace and relaxation and stress relief. Helps digestion. Purifies the air. Speeds up the healing of cuts and wounds. Assists with symptoms associated with menstrual syndrome.

5. PEPPERMINT OIL: Peppermint is commonly associate with freshness and enlivening. Helps with indigestion, nausea and morning sickness. Headache relief. Joint therapy. ADHD support. Sunburn relief when added into a carrier like aloe or coconut oil. Natural energy boost. Promotes oral and skin health.


6. SANDALWOOD OIL: A grounding scent that improves mental cognition and clarity. Boosts memory, especially when stressed. Promotes relaxation. Mild astringent and emollient when used in skin care. Natural aphrodisiac boosting libido, especially in men. Anti-inflammatory. Expectorant.

7. GERANIUM OIL: Sweetly smelling from the Geranium flower. Boosts immune system. Speeds up healing process of wounds and is a Hemostatic which speeds up coagulation. Helps heal scars and fades the skin. Promotes distribution of metabolism. Helps with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Helps with depression, anxiety and anger issues.

8. ROSE OIL: A personal favorite although good quality can be pricey. Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety. Promotes feelings of joy, love and well-being. Reduces fever and inflammation. Treats wounds when used in lotion or oil. Anti-spasmodic with the respiratory system, limbs and digestive tract.

9. TEA TREE (MALELEAUCA) OIL: It comes from Australia. Along with Frankincense is anti-cancer. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory. Helps infections and cuts. Oral health. deodorant. Kills mold. Anti-parasitic. Anti-fungal. Helps with eczema and Psoriasis. Treats acne. Use as a cleaner when adding 10-20 drops in water in a spray bottle.

10. EUCALYPTUS: An invigorating scent. The benefits are similar to all the oils I’ve included. Helps with cold and flu. Nourishes hair. Helps heal respiratory functions, including colds, sore throat and bronchitis. Mental stimulant, alleviating stress. Increases blood flow to the brain. Controls blood sugar when 1-2 drops ingested in water.


The benefits I’ve mentioned includes diffusing, oil burners,  adding 1-2  into water or oil carriers like Coconut oil or using directly on skin. Some of the oils are not suitable for ingesting in water, including tea tree oil. I have found the oils I use to be suitable for using directly on skin, be careful with not getting into the eyes. I use therapeutic oils that are sourced, cultivated and pure. There are many types of brands and oils out there and can be found at any health food store. Try using some for now and see how you feel. If you’d like to order high-grade, therapeutic oils please contact me directly.

Great and comprehensive article on Essential Oils: https://organicdailypost.com/ultimate-guide-to-essential-oils/

Use at your own risk, for more disclaimer please refer to bottom of About The Journey page.




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