Here I am in front of you, nakedly baring my soul………….

This is my artistic creation, pieces of my 250 page memoir interwoven with my views, ideas and information.

This piece of work is an account of where I am within my story, what has been created from my experiences and how I am bringing it to the world. Thus becoming a merging of the highs and lows, the dark and light, the joys and sorrows, the strengths and insecurities. I am honoring the truth that I have come to experientially, in following my heart and allowing life to unfold around me.

Through this journey, I will allow you to get a glimpse of who I am and how I choose to create my life. Touching upon topics of health, love, music, collective consciousness, healing, manifesting, sustainability, spirituality, gender roles, conformity, WAKING UP and all else that goes on in my contemplative mind.

I will question the existence of the parameters within myself and our society, through that finding self within our conditioned world, and the self-love that comes with accessing my authenticity.

I go rather quickly and digress as I have much to discuss

See if you can keep up.