Underground Waking Dream

Where does dreaming end and living begin?

What is the imagination’s purpose, is it to create or dream awake?

Visions of my ideal future surround me, as the dreamer I am, yet I feel disheartened when they don’t come to fruition.
I lose my trust in myself and ability to create, and it triggers a thought of, perhaps I don’t deserve what I am dreaming.

And that is simply preposterous.

The truth is, we live in a world where we have to give into the system. One that can sometimes damper even comprehending dreams.
Think about this deeply.

We are entrenched in a paradigm that serves money.

Does that create happiness?
Where does happiness stem from?

If one doesn’t feel good about themselves, nor know who they are deep down, all the money in the world will not save them.


Here is where the balance of the physical and non-physical must occur. We live in a physical reality, one that puts material abundance highly. Materialism can create beauty, but when it serves that which does not know itself, what’s the point?

Money nor a degree do not create character and wisdom…

Life and achievement of one’s passions, knowledge lived and dreams does, through the up and downs of the dualistic nature of our universe and what is known as a human life.

What is truly important?


Which brings me to the idea of supporting the arts. For without true creativity our world would be devoid of aesthetic beauty, meaning visual, audio, sensory, tactile, design, writing, and everything that we base our aesthetic pleasures upon.

The artists are where our world finds solace in appreciating creativity, right?

It would be my ideal, as I’m sure many other artists to follow our creative impulses, feeling we could indulge in them while make a fantastic living off of them.

Sometimes, when us underground artists grow into the above ground, into the eyes of the many, people wonder…

Where were you hiding?

Working within an establishment that supports that which will make money, all the while the genius minds that create new paradigms can be cast aside.

To what?
Work for something that does not support dreams.

I will make my Underground Waking Dream happen, with or without support from anybody. With passion, conviction and love in my heart for the path I am walking.

By supporting the many facets of local talent and arts, not just what is pop and uber-popular, creativity is honored and appreciated and brought into the forefront of our culture.

Without dancers and listeners where would musicians be?

Without readers where would writers be?

Without patrons of the arts, artists can become disheartened, losing their drive to bring forth fresh talents. Which becomes unfortunate for the masses, for there are brilliant minds that could be forsaken if not properly supported by our establishment.

Don’t you see, the underground are the roots to where the above ground’s blooms sprout from..


What would you do if you felt supported to live and become your dream?