Emotional Feeling

This is a perpetuation of my absolution of feeling guilt for
as though somehow, as far along as I am in my conscious evolution I am beyond the most basic human instinct of feeling.

Being human, there is a range of emotions that pass by, while the thoughts in my mind attach to these separate feelings, I give them more credence than they sometimes deserve. This is where meditation and the practice of acceptance and release come into play.

While I believe in the zen mentality of allowing thoughts to pass by, or the existential belief that there is no meaning, we make meaning. I think it negates the power of our emotional being, that which desires to be felt.

In our society we are conditioned to be on the more unemotional side, as though we can’t express ourselves fully without feeling accepted for what’s being felt.
Have you felt that?

I think this is even more prominent in the conditioning of boys and men. Which is saddening, because some of the most poignant experiences I’ve had with men have been them opening up their beautiful emotions in my presence.

If we were raised to believe that emotional release was healthy and helped us to be healthier, whole beings, I think we’d have a different story.


There is a beauty to feeling, for love is the highest truth of our emotional beings. As simple as that sounds think of the love you have for those in your life, does it resonate a feeling or vibration much higher than anything else we cling to as real?

True health holds the highest components of emotional release, repressed emotions can block health on the physical level. Perhaps all sickness is only a result of emotions that have not been felt?
In some of the teachings I’ve come across is when we tap to a core of emotion, even to the quantum level, it is released from all aspects of our being. Therefore hiding and evading what we feel ends up hurting us, if we can touch the center of whatever a locked emotion is, it becomes liberation.

With that I end this and tell you…

Feel what you feel it’s beautiful┬áto feel, acknowledge it, let it be, for then it becomes a passage of knowing, strengthening you in your own self-growth.