Genetic REvolution

While I was contemplating our DNA structure, a vision came to me. In this vision I watched amoebas turned plants, plants turned fish and fish started crawling out of the sea. As the development occurred I saw reptilians walking into animals and finally humans were born.
The notion came to me, somewhere within the evolution of Earth’s creatures and DNA something evolved as well as went astray.

This is a idea that I am presenting, one that may seem very far off, yet rings close to home.

Think about the evolution of earth and how things arose from amoebas to what we are now as the highest cognitively functioning species. Could it not be said that perhaps within our evolution a mutation occurred very far back?
That we are a product of a mutated genetic inheritance?

Could it be that our lower emotions ie. rage, aggressiveness, fear, paranoia, anger, misanthropy, negativity, hiding, domination, lying, aggravation, frustration, irritation and more are variations of this mutation?

I think fear is a genetic mutation within the DNA of our species and other species.
It first occurred within the evolution of some fish (think piranhas) becoming parasitic and vampiric in nature.
I believe this mutation is like a virus and spread and has consciousness in and of itself. That it becomes more intelligent to keep thriving, many strains have developed from it.
This mutation comes in displays of domination, control and fear evolving as life did on our planet. Part of this is understood by our reptilian lower brain also known as the Paleo Mammalian brain, which we all contain in the Basal Ganglia region of our brains.

I understand there must be a balance of keeping our ecosystem in harmony with carnivorous forms through fear, yet, we are not in harmony with our planet, if anything we are the parasites upon it.

Seemingly inherent within our biological nature, the domination factor that perpetuates fear also resembles the animal kingdom.

A hierarchy.

This factor keeps us cycling through collective patterns over and over, reinstating the paradigm we’ve been in. These mentalities keep us separated from our neighbors, other species, nature, plants and animals, viewing everything as a possible threat or enemy.

I ask if any of this has shown up in your life experiences?

Furthermore, is it our responsibility to raise the consciousness of these lower vibrations within us and the world ?

Think about the viruses that have seeped into our species, do we perpetuate viral consciousness by feeding into these thoughtforms?

Is it for us to acknowledge that many of these thought-forms have shown up as ailments and viral thinking within our collective consciousness, could they be representations of ailing unconscious patterns that we are just ignoring or “band-aiding”?

I think cancer and other diseases are collective unconscious patterns we are collectively not addressing.

I believe in the future, the evolution of our species will evolve far beyond a point of needing medications or vaccines, and that we will heal these viral thought forms with the power of individual and collective mind. I believe we have the capacity to heal our body and beings completely, it is a dormant power.

In order for that to occur, we have to first acknowledge our somewhat parasitic nature upon our planet and accept it for what it is. That means taking responsibility.
Once we take responsibility for what we have incurred, we can then take the steps to correct and transcend our collective actions.

As we do so we move from a dominated hierarchical structure into a balanced ecosystem with a more harmonious consciousness that gives and takes. It is up to us to be the loving caretakers of Earth and all her species.

I believe this REvolution links directly with the formation of the EGO.
Individual and collective EGO is moving into amore unified collective consciousness as it evolves.

This evolution is awakening us to our individual power and potential, to then raise and connect to the greater collective mind and consciousness. As we work it together, we expand more in our capabilities and understanding.

It’s in my opinion that what is proposed as junk DNA is actually intelligent, higher realms of possibility within our species. Which includes the inception of language and words to vibrationally create our reality. “It is in fact a holographic, fractal bio-computer of mind-boggling capability”.

Could it be that the Kundalini, Shakti, feminine divine consciousness is the key to awakening our DNA and evolving quicker?

That a part of our DNA contains a consciousness that is awakening the remembrance of our inter-connected nature to our genetic structure; including all on our planet and universal matter?
I truly believe it is the inner power contained within all to become the greater race we are meant to;

Real Re(Evolution)

I ask you to think about what I have theorized, after all, that’s all this is, is a thought put into logos.

How awakened are you to your DNA?


I highly suggest you read the first part of a two article series in the link below about Kundalini. I will get into Kundalini in more detail in the next post as well as my own personal experience awakening to it, while giving ideas to start working it within yourself.

This will be a 3 part post.

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