Seeing Love through Pain

How do you wish to choose your experience?

We can find love and access beauty even while experiencing what we absolutely despise. Truly, it’s just a matter of perception. To view any task as an obstacle of teaching, helps to cultivate a state of gratitude for whatever life is bringing. Leading to empowerment in any given situation. Life is not always easy, and can be downright disheartening. With a view from a separate angel, perhaps an epiphany can be brought to light.

The essence of raising the vibration consists of bringing ourselves up, when all hope may be lost.

There have been times in life, where I have been at my lowest. Unable to understand how things could possibly get better, comprehension of the bigger picture will occur.
Those time periods are tests of personal strength. If I can get through something that may appear to be surmounting difficulties and see it with a fresh perspective, that issue will tend to dissolve out of my life.
Upon resolution, the light will filter through. What I felt was so traumatic, was only, in fact, something that builds character.

The ups in life are heights of crowning achievement, grandiose beauty with glamorous feelings.
The lows, the lows are our defining moments, how we carry ourselves forward. They build our strength and resolve in self and teach us the discipline of a seasoned warrior.

How can we understand ideas like compassion and tolerance for another, if we aren’t subjected to something that shakes our world up?

We never know what someone else has gone through, judging from the outer realms becomes a parody on self.

Life is a composition of the ups and downs, like music, the downs are the nostalgic beauty of the whole piece.

Feel out your pain, your sadness, your fears and doubts, and remember, it will get better. This is a part of your journey. Over time, it becomes your choice how you perceive these lows in life.

Pushing forward teaches perseverance.
perseverance builds patience.
Patience creates a deep understanding for life and others.

When things may seem disturbing, traumatic, monotonous, horrible. All efforts may feel in vain, and relationships could be falling apart, the bottom seems to be dropping out, nothing is working right.
You may not want to care, you may feel like giving up hope, you may not understand what is happening.

Realize in these time periods;

Life is more than what we are seeing, this is building you to be an even more resplendent being.

You have a purpose, push through, you can do it.
Find something right when everything is going wrong.

Somehow, some way, life will work its way out.

I promise you, dear human, there is a purpose for everything. Perhaps destined or not, either way;
Can you find your purpose for being?
Can you see the infusion of what has created you?
The uniqueness that comes from your individual expression and experience?

Life is your choice.


I will be talking more about raising the vibration in a separate post.