Shilajit & Shrooms



In ancient Sanskrit texts, over 3,000 years old, there are references to a mysterious substance described as “The destroyer of weakness”. This substance was known as Soma and was unknown what exactly it was until more recently when Himalayan villagers continually observed monkeys eating a substance from the crevices within the Himalayan mountains. Upon observation these monkeys would have high levels of energy and awareness afterwards. The villagers took it upon themselves to eat this humic substance and were astounded by its benefits. “Soma was considered the elixir of immortality, the secret substance used by alchemists to perfect both body and mind.”

Shilajit is formed from ancient organic plant and animal material. As the Himalayas rose, what once was a moist, tropical jungle was trapped by layers of rock which became pressed and over time decomposition created the rich, humus substance known as Shilajit.

This tar-like substance became known as a mind, body and spirit healer and a staple in Ayurvedic medicine.
After 60 years of clinical research the claims are shown as extremely beneficial. Shilajit is an allergy and stress reducer. It increases energy, helps digestive issues, improves memory and cognition. It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and eliminates free radicals. It’s shown to increase immunity, strength and sex drive. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac and prescribed as the “Viagra” in Ayurvedic medicine for men. Also, an anti-microbial and detoxer. It assists in mental stamina, memory and concentration. As well as treats anxiety and depression.
This Superconductor contains Fulvic acid which binds to heavy metals and chelates them from the system naturally. It’s filled with phytonutrients, biochemicals, enzymes, nutrients, antivirals, antifungals, antibiotics etc. The reason being that through years of breakdown by microorganisms such as fungi, algae, yeast, the RNA and DNA of the original plant life remains intact.

Amazing, right?

All I have to say about my personal experience with Shilajit is, I LOVE IT. I find it to be an incredible tonic of vitality.

Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake and Maitake


Having been used in China and Japan for thousands of years, these mushrooms are powerful medicines, adaptogens and immune boosters.


Also named Linghzi or Ganoderma Lucidium, Reishi is known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”. Research has found that use of Reishi improves immune and liver functions, stimulates health and prevents degenerative diseases as well as allergies. It is a perfect antidote for influenza as well as other infectious diseases. It also promotes memory and concentration as well as being a happiness booster. It’s adaptogenic meaning it adapts to the body and gives what is needed. It’s made as a tea or taken in herbal concoctions, which is how I take it. I’ve found it helps memory and concentration as well as makes me feel fabulous.


A mushroom that is precious medicine. Cordyceps increase health and vitality, it’s anti-aging and prevents many diseases. It works on the kidney and lung meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. A super strengthener for the body, helping with fatigue, night sweats, lower back-pain, increases libido, impotence, hyperglycemia, respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease and even liver diseases. It helps with infectious and inflammatory diseases as well as sexuality and fertility. It has anti-cancer benefits and helps to regulate the body by being adaptogenic as well. I take in an herbal remedy with Reishi that is formulated for mental focus, strength and health.

Maitake and Shiitake

Similar in their benefits, known as a cancer preventative they are used to fortify the immune system. They lower cholesterol and blood pressure. They also aid in weight loss while boosting energy. They are consumed in dishes or teas. Also great healers with influenza or colds.

“Scientific research indicates that the major actions of medicinal mushrooms are stimulating the immune system and protecting against cardiovascular disease, free radicals, mutagens, and toxins. Most medicinal mushrooms contain polysaccharides (complex sugar molecules) called beta-glucans that increase RNA and DNA in the bone marrow where immune cells, like lymphocytes, are made. The combination of compounds in mushrooms is believed to target the immune system and aid in neuron transmission, metabolism, and the transport of nutrients and oxygen. Three mushroom varieties — reishi, shiitake, and maitake — have been studied intensively and have proven to possess strong medicinal properties. All mushrooms must be cooked to get the nutritional value. The cell walls cannot be digested unless they are tenderized by heat.”
Prescription For Dietary Wellness by Phyllis A Balch, page 167

For now, try these out and see how they suit you, if at all. I’ve found them all to be extremely beneficial to my mental, emotional and spiritual health.

How are your Shilajit & Shrooms’ feeling?



For more information check out links below:

Intuitive Opening


What I am telling you can’t be proven by statistics, science or logic, it is just my way of experiencing my gifts within this world. My natural attractions and aversions are much easier for me to understand in the place that I am in. What I have realized is that I no longer have to surround myself with anything that is detracting from my personal sense of happiness, love, freedom, joy and abundance.

My heart is my guiding force, where I feel through the most. When something is right, it will flutter like an expansive, lovely feeling. When something is not right it shuts down, feeling dark, empty and cold.
When I go into a room, or hold an object, I will understand energetically what has taken place before through flashes, colors and feelings, in different parts of my body. I call these feelings empathic residue, which I am able to “tune into”. If something doesn’t feel right, I can bring love in, which shifts energy dramatically.

We all have the ability to feel within our body’s innate intelligence what is right for us, it is only a matter of opening up to it.

Opening up to Your Intuitive Capacity

Intuition is not easily explained, nor found in a book the many forms it can take. It is a higher knowing, that each person understands for self moment to moment, coming from one’s higher force.

Learning to trust self is one of the most important aspects of being a sovereign being. Imagine if we taught children to trust themselves and their knowing, how empowered every person would grow up feeling.

As we are coming into 2012 there are many theories abound. Some propose that instead of the apocalypse, humanity is evolving into higher conscious beings.
I believe that our evolution will come in a rapid leap of consciousness.
We are coming into heavy realizations about our world. One of the most pertinent is that our world can no longer be an unbalanced system, for our actions affect not only us, but our planet, animals and future generations and perhaps even the whole universe.

Opening the pineal gland is an aspect of raising consciousness, connecting to this gland is an enlightening experience. There is so much to be said about the pineal and pituitary gland, since this is already lengthy, I will give you an easy opening meditation, and some links, if interested please do research and come up with your own decisions.

The pineal gland located in the center of the brain is known as the seat of intuition, related to the third eye chakra, this gland allows access to higher states of consciousness.

Meditation for Pineal and Pituitary Opening

The pineal and pituitary gland both secrete fluids. The pineal is white and the pituitary is yellowish gold. I like to sit quietly breathing in and out light, to then focus intently upon the pituitary gland.

Visualize the third eye chakra with white light coming from the pineal pouring out of the third eye. Two minutes.
Then visualize the light connecting to the occipital lobe, which is where we are able to comprehend our intuitive abilities.
Visualize this radiant white light lighting up all parts of the brain.

How open is your pineal gland?