Starting a Service-Based Small Business

Written by Featured Writer: Virginia Cooper

If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you may be looking for ways to earn a little extra money. You don’t have to turn to direct sales or sell all your possessions on eBay. There are plenty of service-based businesses where you don’t have to keep any inventory but can earn a little extra cash. 

Service-Based Business Ideas

Some of the simplest businesses to begin are service-based. Getting started generally requires very little investment, though you may need additional training, certifications, or classwork if your new field requires licensing. Here are several ideas as well as some benefits of these industries.

Virtual Assistant. Many business owners need a hand getting all their administrative tasks done but don’t want to hire a secretary. As a virtual assistant, you’re an independent contractor taking on tasks for business owners, such as sending out marketing messages, making calls, or scheduling appointments. This can all be done from your own home office.

Pet Sitting. When people go out of town, they often need someone to care for their pets. You can do this from your home or stop in at theirs. The position generally includes feeding and watering the animals, spending some quality time, and maybe walking dogs. Some entrepreneurs pair pet sitting with house sitting services as well, staying at someone’s house while they’re out of town and making sure everything is taken care of until their return.

Bookkeeper. If your math skills are on point, you may be able to help other business owners keep track of their finances. This is an essential part of any business, though many owners avoid it. With new businesses opening all the time, this service is always in demand.

Getting Started

No matter which type of business you choose, you must do several things before getting started.

Begin with funding. Do you need supplies to start this business? Are you paying out-of-pocket for them or looking for a small business loan? Many states and cities, including Los Angeles, have grants and other programs for those starting small businesses.

Choose a business structure. While many individuals opt for a sole proprietorship, starting a limited liability company (LLC) has many real benefits. You limit personal financial responsibility, have several business-related tax advantages, and still retain all ownership and rights to your business. Each state has its own rules and procedures for setting up an LLC, so check the specifics for California. You can form an LLC on your own or use some of those start-up funds to hire a service to do all the legwork for you.

Designate a workspace. While some of these business ideas involve you working in a dedicated space outside the home, many can be performed right from your own house. However, it’s important to have a separate area in your home for business operations. It makes it much simpler to focus on work tasks and can potentially provide tax write-offs.

Make Your Small Business Dreams Come True

Starting your own business can be the solution to a million problems and a great blessing for your family. If you need help manifesting your dreams, reach out to Nicole Ciccarelli for help and guidance. A fellow small business owner, she specializes in unlocking your energy to achieve your purpose.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels