Sacred Sexuality

“In our language we call women’s power over men Shakti. If Shakti disappears, the creative force in society is inhibited, the men lose their virility and become mechanical in their habits” Rabindranath Tagore, Indian mystic ~ He believed that the relation between the sexes in India under patriarchal religion was so distorted that the Shakti power could not function”- Excerpt from the Great Cosmic Mother.

Creation takes form in the throes of sexual union; the most powerful force that we as humans can undertake with another. A process that becomes like a fire, igniting infinite possibilities. The essence of humanity is formed in the embers of these fires, a flame that is creation, found within each and every one of us.

It is a drive for life.

Sexual union is one of the highest expressions we can give to another. It is a beautiful and intimate source of letting oneself go; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. A source so great that when built properly can become ultimate glory.

When one finds sacred sexuality within true love, it can become a gorgeous process, powerfully intertwining sexual energies, while the relationship evolves in other forms. Allowing each partner to become each other’s sexual dream; while understanding feelings and needs.

The Lovers

As highly evolved as our brains are, we are still mammals. It is a primal and instinctual need to find a mate, be touched and have intimacy. We can view this as evolution at its finest, merging our higher and lower brain functions of emotions and cognitive thinking with our primal mammalian drives. We are pleasure deriving beings, which can be a happy, loving experience, or the opposite. Through balancing the pleasure and pain with consciously evolving and transforming, we make progress as a race.

The idea that sex is only a physical process is preposterous. When connecting sexually, each partner takes on the other’s karma. In shamanic teachings it states that a woman, as the holder (womb), contains a man’s energy for 6 months to a year, a man holds a woman’s energy for less, 3 to 6 months.

Sacred sexuality can be found in texts worldwide from Western and Eastern mysticism and practices. In Tantra, which translates as mind-blowing/expanding in English, sexual union is viewed as a building of energies, leading to Kundalini awakening and higher divinity through orgasm. If that great rising, libidinal force comes up and through during union, it has the power to transform both people. When awakened, this force can lead to enlightened states of existence. The awakening of Kundalini can be a harsh process of metamorphosis, once awakened it works through as a life force of its own.
Sexual union is one of the most divinely powerful forces we are gifted to create and manifest from. Reverence for sacred sexuality becomes a state of surrendering.

Sexuality is a beautiful power that’s been brainwashed to be taboo, or lessened as just a physical expression.

Before the patriarchy Hindu caste system came into place in India, there was reverence for the woman and in Tantra she was revered as the vessel for great sexual power coming through. I don’t think this is relegated to just females having that power, it represents the power of what can come through orgasm and the connecting of the chakras together in sexual union with a partner. A sensual and physical rush and place that is pure bliss when reached.


How do you feel about sexuality?



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