7 Tips for Traveling with a Baby or Toddler

After several years of posting very little and being immersed in new mom and pandemic life, I am back to share with you in a new way. I am re-creating the experience of this site to share information tailored to decades of childcare and nannying experience, along with years of intuitive travel and adventure, coupled with all the knowledge I’ve experientially gained in the health and healing, wellness and meditation, farm to table cooking arenas. My goal is to be posting more with practical guidance and tips.

My intention is to also feature other writers in the mom, mindfulness, travel and adventure, health and parenting realm, so feel free to reach out to me with articles.

As promised on my Instagram, which for whatever reason is not linking to this site, @nicole_astara I am here with travel tips with little ones.

I have flown with my 2.5 year old son 18 times to date, most of them have been just he and I flying. I’ve found flying, for the most part, has been smooth and effortless, besides our most recent flight where he vomited all over me. It is important to have a checklist either in your mind or written out of what needs to take place.

Here are tips that I have found to be extremely helpful:

1. If it’s an afternoon flight, keep the child or baby up so they’re tired for the flight and nap on the plane.

2. Have them drink from a bottle, sippy cup, pacifier or nurse going up and coming down to help their ears pop and adjust.

3. Bring books, snacks and simple activities or a device to plug headphones into for music or movies in flight.

4. If there is a long layover or delay before the flight takes off, have them run around and burn energy at the airport so they are not as restless on the plane.

5. If you need quiet space to decompress with your little one, nursing pods are a great option along with chapels or contemplation rooms which most airports have.

6. Bring a stroller and check it at the gate at each airport, I find it so helpful to cruise around in it, if we are in a hurry, for eating and if he’s walked a lot. It’s also great to put the carryons in the bottom.

7. If you’re traveling alone with a child use the skycap if available for departures, and for baggage claim, get a cart and stack the baggage and you can put the car seat on top.

Hope these help and feel free to ask any more questions regarding traveling with children.