“It’s the best high you can get naturally” (quoted from new friend on bus)

Do it at the office, do it on the train, do it while driving,
I’ve even done it while partying.

Here, my dears, we are discussing an ancient yoga technique. A quick fix to stress and anxiety.


Prana= life force
Yama= breath

I will go into more detail on meditations and visualization down the road.
The practice of discussion is alternate nostril breathing, balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, easily bringing one into alpha states.

This form of yoga connects to the Nadis, also known as energy channels or meridians, which also connect to the chakras.

The left channel= Ida
Represented as the feminine.
Right brain.
Cold, introverted, receptive.
Being. Associated with creativity, nurturing, empathy, emotions.
Passive, observant, intuitive and understanding.
Represented by the moon.

The right channel= Pingala
Is represented as the masculine.
Left brain.
Red, hot and extroverted.
Action. Associated with logic, language, rationality, analysis, imagery.
Enactment, planning, drive and purpose.
Represented by the sun.

Sushmuna = Center
Masculine and Feminine balanced
Enlightenment. Attainment of higher consciousness.

A guy friend and I were recently discussing our inner feminine and masculine. I was explaining to him that even though I am female, I pressure myself at times to keep going and doing, instead of being ok with “being”

We were contemplating how it can be challenging in our society to go into the yin, the passive state of observance and waiting.
In the western world, we are conditioned to be in action, instead of waiting for the notion to act.

Now, this is significant and may seem confusing, yet makes perfect sense. A bit of a paradox.

If you don’t know what to do, don’t do. Wait until the notion comes to you.
You know, when you know.
Action with knowing is more powerful than action without.
That is why meditating or breath work can be a powerful form of quieting your mind,
to hear yourself more clearly and act from your true sense of being.


Alternate nostril breathing is quite easy and one form of Pranayama. It helps balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. If stressed, it can quickly bring you into balance. It’s simple and can be done anywhere at any time.
A test to see which side of your brain you are using:
Lick the top side of your index finger and hold it under your nose and blow. Whichever nostril is blowing more powerfully is the side of the brain you are working with.
This technique is a way to balance both sides:

Sit crossed-legged or in Lotus posture.
Close your eyes.
Hold right hand up to your nose area, in a cupping motion.
Then take a deep normal breath, inhaling, and before exhaling block the right nostril with your thumb, so that the exhale only takes place in the left nostil.
Exhale fully for 5 seconds through left nostril.
Breathe in fully for 5 seconds through left nostril.

Switch finger placement before exhale so that the left nostril is covered by pinkie finger.
Exhale for 5 seconds fully out of the right nostril.
Inhale for 5 seconds fully through right nostril.

Switch finger placement again so that you exhale through left, in through left. Continue to alternate for at minimum 2 minutes up to an hour.

I like to visualize light coming through each breath and filling me up, while expelling toxins, stress and negativity on the exhale.

Kundalini yoga has several forms of pranayama, a bit different then what I have mentioned. One of those is; right nostril stimulating and energizing: breathe in through right nostril, out through left. The left nostril calm and tranquilizing: breathe in through left, out through right.

Right nostril stimulating and energizing: breathe in through right nostril, out through left. The left nostril calm and tranquilizing: breathe in through left, out through right. Try for 2 minutes or more.

To gain more information on Kundalini yoga there are classes held at many yoga studios. They have powerfully shifted many parts of my life, connecting me to mind, body and spirit. There are many more breathing practices for different areas of life and the body, including breathing at certain times of the day. As you develop more of a practice you will understand more of your mind, creating equilibrium and self-awareness. If you’d like a personalized session or practice to work with please contact me directly.


Hope this gives you the high you are seeking  😉