I am totally calling myself out as I sit here being the epitome of an American consumer, drinking a $3.00 plastic bottle of water, in a Starbucks, in midtown Manhattan.
While I love the hustle, energy and excitement that ensues in this metropolis, I laugh at myself, as I’m about to tell you why what I am drinking is not ideal.


Water is currently the most precious resource on our planet. Our life itself stems from it. Our rivers, lakes and streams are carved and flowing as the earth’s own life-giving force that is one of our life forces.
We are absolutely reliant upon this resource as a race, without it, we would perish. With that being said, there are water shortages going on worldwide.
Through industry, it is becoming tainted, privatized and corporatized for monetary gain; polluted by waste, herbicides, pesticides and countless other toxins.

What are the best sources for our water?

We have Bottled water:

Pthalate is a chemical in plastic, that is shown to be an endocrine disrupter that is also adversely affecting children. This chemical is found in water in plastic bottles, that has leeched due to the bottles heating up.
Who knows what happens to those bottles on the way to that refreshingly cold cooler?

Not to mention how absurdly damaging the transportation, cost of manufacturing, consumption and waste of the 100 billion liters of this precious resource is on our environment.
1.5 million tons of plastics are being used per year, while much is recycled, there is still tons taken to landfills.
Did you know that Nestle has been pumping half a million gallons a day out of Michigan’s lakes and streams for their product “Ice Mountain“?
No, it’s not coming from that snow capped mountain.

This saddens me because I treasure Michigan’s lakes and streams. Albeit some being polluted, they are still our pride and joy, providing flourishing ecosystems and a source of natural beauty.

With this being stated, what are the smartest and most sustainable options for drinking?

Home water filtration systems. This includes the shower, as the skin is the largest organ in the body and extremely permeable.
Reverse Osmosis is said to be a good filtration system, although demineralizing, it removes the yuck from tap water including fluoride. Remineralizing can be done with Iodized sea salt, there are also mineralizing solutions for ionized water.

The ideal would be an alkalizing system. If you do have a filtration system, filling up before leaving the house in glass or stainless steel bottles makes the choice more sustainable and cost-effective. When I was living in Hawaii our water system was a rainwater catchment and filtration system. I found this to be brilliant, it tasted as sweet as the lands, leaving a taste of the clouds on the tongue.

Spring water is said to be the most beneficial source for water, containing antioxidants and minerals. There are natural springs all over, it just takes some researching. I have a friend who fills up 5 gallon jugs at a spring near NYC when living there. Of course, be cautionary of contaminants if going to a spring and filter accordingly.

Water Crystals

Studies and photos by Dr. Masaru Emoto have stated that water has a crystalline structure, like snowflakes. Thoughts, words, emotions and intentions when emitted into the water change the structure of the crystal. Water has a consciousness and absorbs what surrounds it. When water comes from a more pure source, like springs or aquifers it has a higher effect on the body, with more absorption.

Our bodies are composed of 70% water. I like to give my body the purest, most positive, cleanest form of this life-sustaining force.

Allowing me to naturally be in that state of mind and being.

Which is why I bless my water with love, light and Reiki.

Water for thought, and life…how is your water intake today?



7 thoughts on “Water

  1. When I used to collect and use water from natural springs, we would always boil the water for 20 mins first because of Giardia. I went on a nation-wide search for clean water nearly 10 years ago now (time flies), and the cleanest most beautiful source I found was a waterfall in some desert mountains. The water fell about 40 ft into a small pool then filtered through sand into a smaller pool below about 3 times. I was able to collect and drink this water straight from the source. Wonderful! This land, I heard, is owned by the Nature Conservancy.
    I don’t know about now, but 20 years ago I was able to drink water right out of Lake Superior!


    1. I also want to add that when collecting water from a natural source, you must be careful not to pollute the source by stepping in it or putting your hands or anything else in it. And please be careful of the surrounding land and plants!
      Never swim or wash anything upstream from your collecting spot either. We usually picked an area at least a mile from where any people would be.


  2. in Farmington Hills Michigan the Tree House for Earth’s Children, you will find magnetized water sold by gallon, which have numerous health benefits that are worth exploring. You will find many things about health here. Herman is the scientist that founded the Tree House. Go there any learn what he has to say. He is a man not to miss.



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