Come Together

It is time for us to remove the veil surrounding us,
for us to come together as one
see past the races,
past the gender,
past the social standing,
past everything.

I think about the next few generations, and question the survival of our species.
In order for humanity to survive, we have to come together in a place of love, acceptance and tolerance.

I guarantee you can find a common bond with every human on this planet, regardless of culture, class, race, creed.
I am you, and you are me, we are everybody.
So the question I’d like to pose is, there are obviously differences,
do we judge or honor those, and celebrate the similarities?
What does that take?

There is a mentality of intolerance that breeds superiority, I know it well from my firsthand being in it. It causes separation, and separation is the antithesis to real change.
I love humanity, I love every person, or try to, I don’t care who you are.
We may not agree, or have the same opinions, but I honor each and every person on this planet for the path they are walking.
It may not be mine, but that doesn’t make it any more or less.

It just is.

the differences are our uniqueness, and without that we would all be the same, so instead of turning away from one another and judging what is not the same, its time to love and celebrate the common bond we do share, which is being human, living on this earth, and being the guardians of her.
NOW is the time, the time for action,
the true age of Aquarian.

We are a species, just like any other species, we all have our purposes within the “packs”, as we have migrated we have evolved to look different, but we are essentially the same.
A group, which has been difficult for me to wrap my head around, with how anti group I can be at times.

I am part of a group, many groups and I respect what I have learned from all of them.
When one thinks in a group mentality there comes a point where everyone is thinking for the whole, which is a beautiful concept.
Truly caring, loving and looking out for one another.
Its like thinking of the whole of humanity as one mass, and when one of us is broken or hurt, all of us are.

The allopathic approach Is symbolic of our way of being in the world, that somehow the rest of the world isn’t affected by us, or we aren’t affected by them.
Allopathic thinking, which can cause major stress on the whole, similar to a human body having a cancer cell, it will spread and take over if not healed properly.
It seems like we all are trying to heal a “broken finger” not realizing that the cause is the starvation in Somalia, the people who are hurting over there.
If you look at us as one pod of being, then many issues would cease to exist, because when someone else is hurt it directly affects you, or me.

Whether or not I am consciously aware of it.
With that idea, taking responsibility for everyone will create the change that is needed within our world.

Thinking, it’s not up to me what is happening in our world……
I am here safe in my space,
is a lie.

So it goes for all of us, we directly, or indirectly affect one another and the world, everything we do, think, say and feel goes in to the web that is currently creating our reality.
My way of helping our web of human consciousness is thinking positively, which isn’t easy all the time, sending love vibes out, and also loving myself, and working towards honoring everyone’s individuality.

How to think in a we mentality?
It would help the whole, not that everyone has to be, but it would be nice if every human had their basic needs met, and did not have to worry about survival. We have reached a point in the evolution of our species that it is feasible.

We live in a country that has an abundant food supply constantly being shipped in from all over the world, and there are still people in our own country who die of starvation?
not to mention the more impoverished countries.

There is a mentality of
“someone else will take care of it, it’s not my responsibility”
Look where that kind of thinking has gotten us and our current state of existence on this planet.
I think its time to take responsibility, own up and care about each other, the planet, ourselves.
collective consciousness yo.
It’s the whole of humanity, forget about what religion, sex, class, gender,or age one is.
Look through the eyes of the higher plane and see that we are

one species, one earth, connected to one another, whether or not you like it….

Lets stand up for humanity and be empowered as a WHOLE.
Lets turn towards one another, instead of away.
Lets let one another know how much we care,
Lets make a difference in each others lives.

It doesn’t have to be at the level of changing the world per se, but changing the way we perceive the world,
seeing and bringing our individual gifts and light.
Now is the time.


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