Own the King Within

Men and boys,

I’d like to let you in on some secrets…..

Us girls or women, we are simpler than you think.
Trust me.
It may seem that we are complicated. Yet, that is only the exterior to a depth and power that resides in each of us.
All we truly need is a proper environment in order to flourish into our greatest potential.

The you that we love is the vulnerable space of connecting deeply and allowing us to feel safe. This allows us to have a space in order to let go within.


I know that your status may seem impressive, we may seem like we want the money, the cars, the house.

Those are side notes to what we really want.

We want you to be a lover, companion, staple, one that we can trust through thick and thin.

One who will be there for us, be honest, respect and honor us.

No matter what.

So, along the spectrum, there are two ways you can be with us.

A supportive, encouraging, loving space where we can grow into our finest and most beautiful, a space that we feel comfortable to surrender into, you being our counterpart and balance.

Building us up.

Or you can view us as a pain in the ass, piece of ass, crazy, stupid, bitchy and we will be nothing more than that.

Breaking us down….

Men, there is an element of dominance that you can sometimes display, which over time becomes controlling your woman, not wanting her to be attractive to other men, keeping her caged in. That diminishes our inner happiness.
Criticize, condemn and control us and guess what will happen? Like a beautiful caged bird we will lose our luster, beauty and ability to soar.

It breaks our spirit.

You see that when you control or are mean to us, it’s only your fear and insecurity shining through to us. And we know that.

We are the backbone to the world, and within societies around the planet we are viewed in a demeaning, diminutive or degraded way. Ways that keep our true natures enclosed behind these worldly mindsets.

We are not these cardboard cutouts you see in the media, no, rather we are

Much more

Let go of your ideas of what you think a woman is instead allow each of us individually show you the amazing creatures we are.

And love us through it.

Let us be whatever comes through,

And love us through it.

Be a place we can let go into, so we can learn to trust you. Show us how you want us for more than the surface, for more than the physical.
Show us integrity and honor in your approach to us.

We want to surrender to you into a space of what will support us on all levels.

We want to give you our hearts and sometimes self protect waiting for you to hurt us.

To be honest, there is much hurt between us sexes, whether or not we acknowledge it.
We are in a vicious cycle with one another, one of domination, control, mis-trust, anger and fear.

It has been going for thousands of years.

Drop the swords boys and girls, time to become men and women.
We are all wounded in some manner, let’s love each other through our wounds and learn how to recreate our roles into ones of reciprocal love, support and encouragement.

How can we shift that together and learn to really be able to trust that we have the best intentions for one another?

We women understand, in order for you to grow into your fullest man-potential,
you need love, support and encouragement.

Perhaps we don’t give it to you the way you need it.
Instead we come off as nagging, complaining, bitchy or demanding
I understand.

Underneath that, we are loving and considerate, we care about you and your needs. Please remember that.

We also have to feel good about ourselves in order to properly give you the best love. That takes making us feel good about ourselves, talking to and treating us as though we are spectacular, amazing.

Proper communication is so important. Listening to us and our rants can sometimes be the answer to our issues, we know that you like to solve our problems but sometimes we just really need you to listen.

Show us, tell us, inform us how to be our best for you and we will do the same.

Let go of assuming to know



what we think
how we feel
what we want
what pleases us (yes sexually too ; )

we are not all the same, in our individuality is where our true beauty lies.

While a comfortable life is great, what is it without proper love?

It’s about love, love, love.

You are so very loved.

Treat us like Goddesses, in return we will treat you as the Kings you are.


8 thoughts on “Own the King Within

  1. I am the Fucking tribal leader! I respect women, but they are no different from my peasant friends. Women behold the power! Give me as I ask for. I am the King. I first want a bouquet of roses, next, a fancy home to keep myself. You will be rewarded with my presence and gratitude I assure you. All At Once HEA!!


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