Bienvenidos Panama!


Before I begin with adventuring

I would like to impart a thought.
This living my dream,
this is not just me…..
while my dream may be different from yours,
I ask you.

What are you passionate aboout?
What drives you?
What is it that your heart sings to, where time seems to not exist?

Seek out your dream beyond the societal constructs of norms and conforms.
Your purpose is to live your dream, and your dream reveals your purpose within it.
As conventional or unconventional as it may be
Go for it.

create your dream,
live your dream,
become your dream……

: )

First lesson of traveling for the day.
On both buses on our way to Panama, there were occurrences that made me have to take the initiative by being assertive in the language that I know very little of. Both of these lessons in asking reminded me of the importance of body language.
Graciously, gracias and a smile go a long way.

I asked myself, what is the best in a sticky situation?
sit and feel annoyed and/or complain, or try to accept and tune out what is?

change is not created either of those ways….

In asking.
I receive.


While in meditation,
I remembered,
its up to me how I am feeling about any situation
acceptance is the key,
one can also ask for what they desire,
although it may not always be.

Our day of bus riding was coming to an end, as it was getting dark
we were arriving to the border of Panama and almost as a disappearing act, everyone had exited the bus. My traveling soul sister Sheena and I, were the only two on the bus by the time we arrived at the last stop.
Thinking we were going to be able to cross the border as we had been informed, plans had shifted and it was not possible at night.
Looking around outside we both felt ill at ease.
To say the least.
Surrounded by what most would call dangerous, our driver had us stay in the bus while figuring out a situation for us.

Ummmm Hotel?
we asked in our oh so american way
This guide of the night looked at us, an elderly gentleman with care in his heart, and took us under his wing.
Driving us around in the bus, he took us to a nearby hotel and the young girl informed us.

No Vacancy.

Our vigilant bus driver would not give up, after stopping to say hello and tell his wife he was helping us, he then drove us to another bus driver.
There they brainstormed a way to get us not quite panicking, but definitely wide-eyed young american women to a place that was safe.
Over and over I kept hearing,
its all going to work out perfectly.

As this mantra was repeating in my head, a car drove by, the bus driver flagged him down and after speaking with him, informed us that this driver was safe and would be able to take us to a town called Bribri, 30 kms away.

there were no other options.
As it is in the flow, with intentions of always being guided, and knowing that I am protected….
follow the signs.

an amazing force was working with us.

We were lead to a quaint, homey hotel in the jungle.
and it worked out perfectly ; )

Back to the asking thing, I asked for adventure, and I realized
be careful what you ask for……
Ease and lightness are now a part of this adventure.

I asked to immerse myself in all of the culture of Costa Rica, and I got a flavor of its richness and warmth in Bribri. a glimpse that would not have been viewed if it weren’t for this apparent obstacle.
There was a familial warmth in the way life took place in this little town, as though everyone knew one another and took pride in creating a synergistic community.
Spending only a couple of hours here while waiting for the next bus, I liked the feeling I received from this place. While we were definitely outsiders, we were treated warmly, and with a smile, welcomed into this community.


The rest of the way to Panama was smooth sailing, we had to learn the ropes of the lessons. Once in, Panama felt different, a new landscape presented itself, more banana trees and dry weather.
Crossing the rickety, old bridge with gaps as large as me in it, making friends with Norwegians, we made it through the border, taking a shuttle to the boat taxi to the island of….
Bocas Del Toro.
The next post will contain some of the adventures thus far in breezy, tropical Panama.


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