Panamanian Pleasures

Panamanian pleasures enriching the mind, body and spirit.

Costa Rica was gorgeous and yet Panama has been tantalizing; the flavors, spices, and eye candy of the islands, dazzling one in a dreamy display.

The island of Bocas that where I’m on is tropical and quaint.
The tourists are the focal point. I have met people from all over the world, mostly Europeans and Americans in this hot spot. I was told by a local friend that 10 years ago there were only dirt roads on this island.

My experiences being of a dreamlike, magical nature.

I have to sometimes wonder if in fact…

I am asleep.

My taste buds have been exploding with the caribbean tastes, sweet, hot, fresh and juicy flavors that complement the tropical weather in this pacific paradise. The food here has been a source of exquisite delight.
Cooling and refreshing in the morning, I suck down fresh, locally grown papaya juices.
Invigorating my mind and body.
This orangey pink, slightly sweet fruit contains an enzyme called papain which helps break down proteins, a source of vit E, vit c and folic acid, I add in my own sprinkle of 5,000 Mgs ascorbic acid (vit c) as pep.
I’d love to harvest the succulent aloe leaves I have seen growing around and add into this creation, cooling and lubricating for the body.
Perhaps another time and place.

Pulling out my mini apothecary wherever I go, I infuse the locally grown coffee with 2 tbsns coconut oil and cinnamon, providing numerous benefits.
I have a theory, and I would like to run it by some skin specialists at some point.
In the past, being quite the gringo that I am, when out in the sun I would burn intensely without sunscreen.
Sans sunscreen, I have only been faintly red at points, quickly turning to a golden tan. My skin has been left utterly soft and smooth. I contribute this to ingesting coconut oil, aloe and avocados.

During the day I eat light, seaweed salads and greens with either apple cider vinegar or fresh lime juice for flavor. I am left with the vibrancy of these living foods, taking it in through all the cells in my body.
Ceviche is a new favorite of mine. Served chilled, this raw fish cooked in lime juices, cilantro and spices is a caribbean staple and the taste is incredibly tangy and succulent.
At night I pick up the pace with my meals, generously adding the local hot sauces to everything I eat, the peppers add intensity and spice, insatiably warming me up.

One balmy night while out with new friends while visiting a local bar with my travel buddy. No, we didn’t order a drink.
Instead we were feeling the need for an iodine/akaline fix, being the concoctioneer that I am, I pulled kelp out of my bag, asked the bartender for a couple of plastic cups and started mixing away, the fascinated bartender was receiving abundant tips
on sea plant life and detoxing. 😉

For more info on food sources described please check out these post:

Daily Additions


Winter Blues
This journey is unplanned and random and I laugh because I asked to come down to volunteer and my volunteering has taken an unconventional route.
It seems I am healing and coaching wherever I go in one form or another, without expecting any form of payment.
In giving of myself to every person I encounter, whether it be with a smile, healing/energy work, health tips or generosity.
I intend to always enrich another’s life. I wish to leave each person happier, more knowledgeable and feeling more empowered than before our encounter.
Leaving each place a tiny bit better than before.


I will post soon with more experiences.

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