Ciao for now, onward to Panama City

As it ends, so it begins

ever anew, better and better.

In search of a treasure.
A gift of unfounded beauty, a discovery within an awakening, soul diving and seeking for the essence of which becomes


A 10 hour ride through the night from Bocas Del Toro, to Panama City.
The bus ride out here was quite the trip.

After stopping twice and already transferring buses, we were stopped a 3rd time by immigration.
Walking onto our bus and asking something in spanish. We were informed they were calling a ticket number, for the luggage underneath.
Siete was all I heard called out, looking at my ticket, 1117, they were saying my number.
The only one called.
Uh oh, I thought to myself, did they happen to see one of my many different bags of white powder that I bring with me in my apothecary?
No, not anything illegal, rather, my baking soda, sea salt and borax that I use in my different concoctions for alkalinizing, which I am sure could be looked at rather….. suspiciously.
Singled out, I walk down the bus with a questioning grin on my face,
Down the stairs, over to three immigration officers looking in the luggage compartment.
“Is this your bag” they ask about my out-of-place, italiana, shiny, faux crocodile skin bag.
“yes” I said, with a smile on my face.
The officer looking at me, pulls the bag out and asks to open it.
“how old are you?” he asks
“twenty-eight” I said
“what are you doing here?”
“I am traveling and writing” I said to him
As he is asking this, he is holding my lacy, pink and black underwear in his hand, up for me and the other officers to see, with a slight grin on his face.
I am trying to hold in my giggles.
“how old are you” he asks again.
“twenty-eight” I said again
“are you a soldier?” he asks
“a what?” I ask him, unclear if I heard that correctly
“are you a soldier” he asks again.
I look at him to see if he is serious, then look at my girly bag, and underwear in his hand.
again trying not to laugh
“no, I am a writer” I say to him.

“Ok, have a good night, enjoy your trip”
he says to me, no longer hiding his full grin.

I walked back up, laughter escaping, everyone on the bus looking at me with curious faces, wondering what just transpired down there.

My segue way to Panama city began.

Panama city, Panama city, you boast of contrast and a somewhat thriving economy.

Staying at Luna’s Castle, it has been my first experience in a hostel.
Stepping out on the veranda, to view Casco Viejo, a part of town that models old, quaint european cities. Across the sailboat dotted bay, modern high rise buildings and structures make up the city.
An artistic, open, worldly vibe at Luna’s.
Within this place unique art and design is displayed, comfortable and busy, it all makes for a quirky party.
The club Relic is underneath, with the old stone,structure of the city, light up by dim lanterns, one feels transported into a different time period. Within the lush courtyard, it becomes a connecting with Americans, Europeans, Israelis, friends from down under and all over. Incredible friendships were formed.
The staff here is young and inviting, with a hip, cultural sense.
Amore to Luna’s Castle, you are the best place to stay affordably in the city, and have provided entertainment, fun and accommodations.
I will refer you to anybody traveling to Panama City.

I had been missing my souls beat (music) and wanted to dance, dance, dance in the city.
My intentions were set, and so out I went.
In search of the music, listening lead us to it.
On a rooftop, with the city skyline light up all around, it reminded me of Miami sprinkled with some New York central american style, an all together distinct flavor.
There were new sounds to my attentive ears. Overlaying latin drums and kicks, with a familiar bass and beat, I felt the sensuality come through the speakers, the sounds energizing and rich.

Meeting the architect of my favorite structure here, the owner of the club giving us whatever we needed.
We were royally shown a taste of the city.
Pure clubs, pure feelings, pure dancing in ways that were new to me, with panamanian energy.
I felt as though I was yet again, in heaven.

Always interesting to observe any group,
a part of human nature, I understand that….

Groups are quite the same.

Different people, of course, yet similar hierarchies.

“who’s who” means little to me,
how one treats people is much more important,
from special people, I was treated

with honor, like a queen…

thank you ; )

After being here for a week, I shall be sailing away to islands, to Colombia onward to the jungle, in search of a treasure (aya). I perceive that my journeys will lead me to it and transformation will take place on deep, deep levels.
Knowing that it is time to journey alone.
I am off.

A part of this for me, is separating myself from all of my normal reality, I will not be posting the next two weeks .

I will be back with what has become of all.


2 thoughts on “Ciao for now, onward to Panama City

  1. your trip always begin in the same place and continue changing in a new world, the way of life to the old cultures in south america were never think in future cause always walks from the same place and their life never ends, nobody died because your soul always be part to the each place have you been. Youre be part of this unique cosmos.

    this is a good history about the essence of this town and the energy that you feel and share us in this place… and is this energy what inspire people treat you like a queen. i felt it…

    i want to read the next story about your wonderfull trip


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