Ooooh, am I feeling it…
Today I feel better than yesterday, yesterday felt better than Monday.
My Labor day consisted of feeling ICKY; headache, tired, lethargic and foggy-headed.

Picture the body like a house, when a house has dust and clutter, it’s not so easy to feel clean, same goes for a healthy body.
Over the spring and summer with traveling, family time and partying. I indulged and had a mind-blowing time doing so.
The weather is cooling and autumn is approaching, I am now in a mode of wanting to clear out the residue.

It’s my fall cleaning.

Cleansing is an important aspect of my spiritual philosophy, I have done many types of cleanses.
When I start a cleanse, it is quite a large undertaking, I like to look at it as though I am in a healing state.
I have also started a 40 day meditation to go along with this, incorporating 4 Kundalini yoga meditations. One for prosperity, health, empowerment, resilience & strength.
I am going to break down the beginning of my cleanse for you, this being a pre-cleanse of about 3 weeks. The more intense cleanse I will be doing afterwards and sharing with you when I do.
This is a short briefing, recipes, more information and detoxing the organs will come in separate posts.

The purpose of this pre-cleanse is to get the body in a more alkaline state with food consumption, so that the cells, systems and organs can properly release toxins without too much detox symptoms.
Meaning, it’s easier to do then some of the more intense cleanses, becoming a lifestyle.

The first thing to go was caffeine, which I had become quite dependent upon.
Headaches and irritability ensued for about 2 days, which I am ok with.
The Chlorogenic acid in black coffee can be good for the liver, and yerba mate is a great enhancer, yet, with what I am doing, the stimulant properties of caffeine detract from cleansing.

Adios caffeine, I love you, but you and I are no longer meant to be……

right now.

This may seem limited, but is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.

No gluten
No peanuts
No vinegar (except ACV)
No dairy
No soy
No alcohol
No stimulants
No corn (except blue chips)
No sugars (including refined, fruit sugars, agave, and any other type of sweetener, Stevia is the best alternative)

When one cleanses the first few days herxheimer reaction may result, leaving one with flu-like symptoms.
Afterwards energy levels and health will start to drastically improve, leaving all parts of the body thriving.

I make sure to supplement everyday with a multi-vitamin that includes whole foods, Omega 3’s, Spirulina, Iodine, Magnesium, 5,000 mg of vitamin C, B- Complex, Iron. There are several other supplements that can be included, depending on body, blood type and what is being detoxed.

For everything stated below, organic and locally grown is preferred.

A clove of garlic or two every 3 days for medicinal properties. Great article on Garlic.

Oil Pulling and Chelation are very important to rid the body of heavy metals and toxins.

2 shots of Raw Apple Cider vinegar daily.

2 tblsns of extra virgin coconut oil daily.

Grapefruit seed extract


Cayenne on mostly everything

Sea salt


Lemon water, and lemons on veggies (alkalinizing)

info on what is stated above, also more to add to regimen

Superfoods that are not fruits

Drink as much water as possible.
I drink almost a gallon of water a day, sometimes infused with baking soda and sea salt.

Veggies and more veggies, either raw or steamed, sauteed slightly with olive oil or coconut oil and whatever else you prefer.

Seaweed (Wakame, Arame) daily

Beans and Legumes

Fermented foods are beneficial for digestion (Kim Chee, Sauerkraut etc)

Raw Almonds, Raw cashews, Raw hazelnuts.

Avocados & Coconuts have good fats to ingest


Brown rice
Steel cut oats

(At most once a day)
Free range eggs (more runny, lecithin in yolk is good for brain)
Free range chicken

For meals it’s best that grains are not mixed with protein, it should be either one or the other with veggies. The ratio being 1/4 grain to 3/4 veggies, same with the ratio of protein to veggies. For digestive enzymes when eating only eat until 80% full.

In the morning an apple or grapefruit can be eaten for breakfast, when eating fruit try not to consume anything 20 minutes prior to eating, or for 1 hours after eating, fruit mixed with other foods causes fermentation in the stomach.

Bentonite clay once a day

Senna Leaf tea (optional)

Exercise is extremely important not only when cleansing. It helps the body to rid itself of toxins, while raising endorphins, strength and stamina.
I am doing Bikram at least twice a week, on the other days walking for minimum of a mile.

That is all I can muster for today, I will feel better shortly : )

If you have any questions, or for a more personalized regimen, contact me.



A really great book to check out is The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates for more thorough information.

9 thoughts on “Cleansing

  1. No caffeine, that’s why I haven’t seen you at Starbucks the last handful of days πŸ™‚
    I’ll be interested in hearing and learning more about your cleanse as it progresses. I’ll be at the local Starbucks.
    Applesauce McGee


    1. Yes, no more for me right now
      Maybe I will see you when I decide to take up coffee, or tea again ; )
      Usually not a fan of the “corporations”, I have to give it to Starbucks for having great customer service and internet at that location.


  2. Totally get cutting out the dairy, gluten, etc. as that is what I normally try to do. Curious why no soy or corn? Two things I think I eat somewhat often – soy being the dairy alternative. Anyway, good luck!


    1. Hey Erik….. I thought the same before I learned a bit more about soy and corn.
      As an alternative for vegetarians soy has been touted as healthy, its actually not. Just to name a few issues, it can cause emasculation in men and hormonal problems in women. If we are comparing it to Japan’s consumption, they mostly use fermented soy, which the body processes differently.

      Unless stated organic, most corn in the U.S. is genetically modified, research has been finding that to pose many health issues, I try to stay away from GMO foods.

      I think that this information is not as well known due to the monopoly Monsanto has on the Soya and corn crops, not to mention what they are doing in South America in their attempts to grow soy and corn. Here are some articles conveying what I have presented.

      Hope this helps…


      1. Get the soy out of your life! At least everything that isn’t FERMENTED soy. I.e. tofu, soy sauce are fine. Its contributing to the deforestation of the rainforests and is so porous in nature it absorbs nearly everything around it. Can you imagine a factory with fumes, producing raw soy products? I drink organic, lactose-free milk now only. Also lactose-free yogurts. Sure, soy milk has a great taste but when learning more about it, I choose to cut it out. Coconut milk ice cream is a great alternative to soy-based, dairy-free deserts. Coconut milk (with no additives) is a great alternative as well, for nearly all milk related needs.


      2. Thank you Sarah! The information you have given helps tremendously. As for soy, its such a no no in my book, I go for almond or hemp milk, they seem to assimilate best in my system…
        Miss you love!


  3. good luck with the cleanse, babe! Im trying the oil pull as we speak. Hope my info helped in building your plan, as it seems. πŸ™‚ Let me know how you are progressing!


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