Cosmic Charge, Baby

Oh sun, sun, sun…
I have a love affair with the sun. We are long lost lovers and when we unite, it illuminates me inside and out. I long for its warm embrace in the cold, dark winter days. Now that it is warming up, I yet again feel lit up…

The sun is our essence, where we on this little planet have arisen from. The life force of our infinitesimally small solar system in a complex, transfinite universe.

This force has been studied by some of the greatest scientists, including two of my personal favorites Nikola Tesla and Dr. William Reich.
Nikola Tesla created a device entitled a Cosmic Ray Motor to harness free sun energy in the early 1900’s, stating that “This new power for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.”

I will tell you from my personal experience, in balanced doses, the sun is one of my favorite medicines. It heals on atomic to energetic levels and everything in between.

A balance with this beautiful source can strengthen us all in our life force.
Like a battery charge, it wakes us up to awareness, if we wish to fill up on it.

“What you eat, what you drink, who you interact with, thoughts, emotions, perceptions (where you are in your consciousness), builds or diminishes your Ka. Deliberately accelerating this pranic body, ascends your physical body, and in turn ascends your consciousness.”- ZaKaiRan

Prana is life force, the force behind our own force, that which comes from the sun, surrounding us and all living things. Also known as orgone, chi, ether, tachyon, addressed in ancient to modern theories worldwide it’s said to be consciousness in and of itself. The Ka body is known as our light body, or etheric double, that the prana life force fills up, we can gain this charge through cosmic sources.
According to Dr. William Reich, orgone is scientifically measured and found in high amounts in more alive, natural settings and living food sources. It’s this source that is absolute healing for our bodies, Dr. Reich created ways to harness this for health.




Laying out nude in balanced doses and letting the sun shine where the sun doesn’t shine is good for the body! If, of course you are able to find the privacy to do so, 15 minutes on each side is ideal. If not even letting it shine on your face, or arms for a bit helps vitamin D production.
To charge, visualize the sun lighting up all parts of your atomic structure with light, sending it to your energetic bodies as well.
Happy Spring Equinox!!!!
If the sun is out, Illuminate yourself!


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