Humanity’s Degeneracy

We, as a race, are laying a foundation that can only be coined as dirty laundry. An inherited degeneracy that hopefully will not passed down to our progeny. As we are massively heralding in a new chapter of our existence, I think we can all sense a foreboding feeling. We have choices to make, ones that either have sustainable progress or that could easily wipe us out.

How is it that BILLIONS of dollars are spent on war and yet there are people starving in our world?

We’re trashing our beautiful earth in the name of production that we need quickly, more efficiently at higher volumes, more, and faster. The consumerism of materials is astonishing given there are much more sustainable ways to produce, especially plastics.

All the while there are millions of starving people who need to be fed on this planet.

Within the past 100 years we’ve created thousands of years of damage to our soil, waters, air, forests and freshwaters. Our foods are not giving us proper nutrients, are in some cases toxic and in the U.S. organic is outrageously expensive. In most major cities due to mass amounts of pollution there are insufficient amounts of oxygen. Disease is higher as a result of this. Not to mention our water is becoming corporatized.

There are many types of resourceful, healthier energy and sustainable motors that could run on reusable and non toxic fuels or electricity. With so much technological advancement over the past 50 years, many would think these issues would be a priority. Instead we heavily rely on oil due to the monopoly of it in our economy, which is backwards and in-conducive to progress.

Our attitude towards how we are with material goods is indicative of our priorities; we discard them carelessly for the next best thing. I understand they may hold value, therefore, cherish them for what they are but keep in mind, they’re not more important than our connections to one another and our precious earth and creatures, neither is money, titles, fame and glory.

photo Excuses are abound and excuses will not get us out of this. I hear it’s been done this way for thousands of years, or, this is just how we are, we’re doomed.¬†Which I don’t believe is true.

It’s an aversion to change.

I have an aversion, to the distraction that is happening through massive levels of conditioning and brainwashing.

I feel in the depths of my being the pain and suffering happening on deprived levels to people, animals and our earth. A deep fear in people, from basic needs not being met. This is an unconscious hijacking of the Amygdala, our most primal survival instinct. This causes desperation to meet those needs and I believe, higher rates of crime and dependency. Until all of us have our inherent right and ability to have survival needs met, than none of us can truly reach the levels of consciousness that is our potential as a race. Which we all feel within us as we’re all connected. This is common sense it’s also scientifically proven, known as the collective consciousness.

Our collective is at extreme unease, unknowing what to do. What we could start to do is be courageous, take responsibility for our actions and stand for what we know is good, what is pure for each other and our planet. So that purity is preserved for the children and our future.

We can no longer hide our heads in the sand about what is happening on our planet nor give into the fear that is running rampant. Think about what you are using, what you are eating, what you are wearing where it came from and how it is produced. Think about the carbon footprint you are leaving.

Don’t misunderstand me, I know I’m also a part of the problem, all of us are. The solution lies with us, and thinking about what we leave for the great, great-grandchildren of our world. As easy as it is to shrug off what’s important in the distraction game, this is not to be cast away.

Parents want a safe world for their children to grow up in and I believe it’s time to take action, quickly, to counteract what is happening. Much of what we’re seeing comes from the patriarchal ways of plundering and separation that have been handed down to us from prior generations. We don’t have time to play in those archaic belief systems any longer.

We either work together, as essentially, we’re all humans.

Or we keep going at the pace we’re at, and I’ll say it again:

We will be destroyed as a race, by our inability to connect to the emotions of love, conservation, compassion, unity, tolerance, peace and empathy.

Love as always is the key….



Sustainability Please

“Go check out the waste room” My friend said to me.
I popped into the stinky room of where I am staying in Lincoln Park, Chicago. A neighbor was moving to Florida and throwing everything away. I was astonished to see so many viable products going to waste.
A bag full of plastic hangers, a brand new fan still in the box, a juicer, 5 bags of clothes.
New kitchen supplies and speaker system???!!!!!!!

Living off of little on a completely sustainable homestead in Hawaii, has cultivated within an appreciation for materials and what they represent.
My first time as a garbage picker, I went in there and plucked the stuff to use and donate.

Sustainability is the way of our future, it’s quite disconcerting to witness how much

We waste.

It’s easy to think out of sight out of mind, yet, our trash is taking up enormous amounts of space in our earth and oceans.

No one to blame, instead addressing a system that is set up quite unsustainably.
A more sustainable society would include an organized system of waste, to minimize the amount of used space.


Stuff and Clothes

I love to shop and be fashionably on top, yet over the past few years have developed a complex about buying new, from places that are unsustainable and un-humanitarian.

“There must be a better way”
I think to myself
“As quickly as this fashion comes in, it goes out.”

Fashion labels could reconstitute old fabric in overfilled donation centers for new pieces, sustainability becoming a fashion statement beyond vintage.

A mentality of sustainability could replace this outdated modality of purchasing so much stuff and creating waste.

By thinking more about what is bought and thrown away.

Realizing that the idea
new and better = consumerism condition.

This mindset comes from the constant barrage of brainwashed competition to have the newest and best.
Watch any commercial and you will see this blatantly displayed.

To sell one into, out with the old, in with the new.

Between us Americans there is abundance alone to donate and reuse, to families in need here and overseas, which could balance out the imbalance of materials and

stuff turned waste.

The mindset of hoarding and buying “newer and better” could be minimized by recycling what is already in production.
There could even be places set up for this in a system of trade.
What is one persons trash could be anothers found treasure.

This process of donating could be made easier for our quick fix society, implemented as part of our trash system that is then filtered and designated properly.

A good friend has started a non-profit in Detroit in line with this idea. She is taking what people no longer want and donating to those in need.
World-Bridger Non Profit can be found on Facebook if you would like to donate in the Detroit area.

Abundance comes from giving.


Organic compost when broken down anaerobically and aerobically not only creates new soil when compounded correctly, but can also be a source of sustainable energy.
To help with the shortage of healthy soil, we can create new soil out of compost, a process that is rather simple and can be done on large levels. When I worked on an organic farm in New Mexico we undertook this process. What this consisted of was making soil from a pile of organic material,
then we would pile on poo (cow manure) ; )
and straw material from the dry desert.
We would soak this concoction for 5 minutes at a time, while continuously piling more on.
Over time it would breakdown and after filtering, a dark silty soil would result.
By organizing and creating a separate system of compost in our trash system, it could serve the purpose of creating energy and soil production.


Recycling, obviously, should be incorporated into our waste systems for all plastics, glass, paper, styrofoam and metals. I have found in major cities like NYC and Chicago there is a lack of recycling programs in larger buildings.
In a quick fix society, many will just throw away recyclable materials.

I like the idea of this recyclone

for our government to take some of the billions going towards useless wars, and allocate funds to implement more organized systems for our trash nationally.
Which could help the needy, create new forms of energy, soil, and minimize the space we take up in these landfills.



Subordination to Attainment

“Capitalism being a system that allows you to go higher and higher up a potential pyramid. The deal is it comes with fewer and fewer safety nets.

By definition

The more stratified a society is, the fewer people you have as peers.

The fewer people for whom you have symmetrical reciprocal relationships

and instead all you have are differing spots and endless Hierarchies.

A world in which you have a fewer reciprocal partners is a world with a lot less Altruism.”

~Dr. Robert Sapolsky


For thousands of years we have been within an archaic system that supports hierarchies, social elitism and control.

Money and the lengths corporations, countries, religions and individuals go to obtain it, is at times appalling. We are desensitized to these lengths by a norm living in a

Dog eat dog world.

This has become a competition with one another for a higher standard of living, in the attempts to attain more within this competition, we ultimately lose sight of altruism and humanity

While it appears we have come far from cast systems, there are still hierarchies of superiority and inferiority that create separation and distinction between classes.
While more subtle, these structures are extremely evident in our culture.

Whether it be the brand of clothing one wears, to the type of car one drives, to the house one lives in, to the people one surrounds themselves with.
We brand one another and ourselves where we feel we fit in this hierarchical structure.

As humans, our need for love and acceptance is what drives us, and what is more conditioned to be accepted and sought after than


the driving factor in our world has become attainment of a better life, and a better life is dictated by having more money.

Otherwise known as

climbing the social ladder.

With inflation rising, the standard of living keeps getting higher, and every human is relentlessly climbing.
or running,

in a circle,

like a hamster wheel……

This circle essentially becomes working to live,
living to work,
in what may or may not be one’s truth or dream.

Within our “freedom”, we all give our freedom away to money, attainment and a system that supports it.
Subordination to attainment, feeling that within attainment true satisfaction is met. Much more than consumerism this is a societal condition that is an absolute paradox, how can one truly live in this system freely?

With the middle class falling away, there is a bottom and top to this hierarchy.
The bottom much larger than the top.
At the bottom is poverty, a class that has been created around lack, one has to fight to survive, this class is looked down upon.
While at the top social elitism is looked up to, with a measure of success being gauged by how much money one makes.

Within our system, a societal perception is that people with money are superior.
Is that because these people have more of an ability to do what they desire, surrounded by luxury and educated in higher establishments?

Is that what everyone is climbing towards?

We are not given a choice about where, who or which hierarchy we are born into, in order to feel successful, why should we have to be continuously climbing?

What about one’s level of happiness and sense of purpose, why isn’t that a gauge for success, regardless of the amount of money that is made?

I want to pose these questions and state;

I don’t know what the answers are, for each person they will vary.

I just like to question,


You may ask the question, why question everything?
I say to you, why not?

Progressive? yes…..
Progress is not made by being stagnant in any idea or mindset.

The government doesn’t have your truth, politics don’t have your truth, religion doesn’t have your truth, the media doesn’t have your truth, school doesn’t have your truth, your parents don’t have your truth.

Only you do, and only you know it.

It may be a collection of other truths, or it may be wholly unique, whatever it may be, honor it, listen to it

be it.