Subordination to Attainment

“Capitalism being a system that allows you to go higher and higher up a potential pyramid. The deal is it comes with fewer and fewer safety nets.

By definition

The more stratified a society is, the fewer people you have as peers.

The fewer people for whom you have symmetrical reciprocal relationships

and instead all you have are differing spots and endless Hierarchies.

A world in which you have a fewer reciprocal partners is a world with a lot less Altruism.”

~Dr. Robert Sapolsky


For thousands of years we have been within an archaic system that supports hierarchies, social elitism and control.

Money and the lengths corporations, countries, religions and individuals go to obtain it, is at times appalling. We are desensitized to these lengths by a norm living in a

Dog eat dog world.

This has become a competition with one another for a higher standard of living, in the attempts to attain more within this competition, we ultimately lose sight of altruism and humanity

While it appears we have come far from cast systems, there are still hierarchies of superiority and inferiority that create separation and distinction between classes.
While more subtle, these structures are extremely evident in our culture.

Whether it be the brand of clothing one wears, to the type of car one drives, to the house one lives in, to the people one surrounds themselves with.
We brand one another and ourselves where we feel we fit in this hierarchical structure.

As humans, our need for love and acceptance is what drives us, and what is more conditioned to be accepted and sought after than


the driving factor in our world has become attainment of a better life, and a better life is dictated by having more money.

Otherwise known as

climbing the social ladder.

With inflation rising, the standard of living keeps getting higher, and every human is relentlessly climbing.
or running,

in a circle,

like a hamster wheel……

This circle essentially becomes working to live,
living to work,
in what may or may not be one’s truth or dream.

Within our “freedom”, we all give our freedom away to money, attainment and a system that supports it.
Subordination to attainment, feeling that within attainment true satisfaction is met. Much more than consumerism this is a societal condition that is an absolute paradox, how can one truly live in this system freely?

With the middle class falling away, there is a bottom and top to this hierarchy.
The bottom much larger than the top.
At the bottom is poverty, a class that has been created around lack, one has to fight to survive, this class is looked down upon.
While at the top social elitism is looked up to, with a measure of success being gauged by how much money one makes.

Within our system, a societal perception is that people with money are superior.
Is that because these people have more of an ability to do what they desire, surrounded by luxury and educated in higher establishments?

Is that what everyone is climbing towards?

We are not given a choice about where, who or which hierarchy we are born into, in order to feel successful, why should we have to be continuously climbing?

What about one’s level of happiness and sense of purpose, why isn’t that a gauge for success, regardless of the amount of money that is made?

I want to pose these questions and state;

I don’t know what the answers are, for each person they will vary.

I just like to question,


You may ask the question, why question everything?
I say to you, why not?

Progressive? yes…..
Progress is not made by being stagnant in any idea or mindset.

The government doesn’t have your truth, politics don’t have your truth, religion doesn’t have your truth, the media doesn’t have your truth, school doesn’t have your truth, your parents don’t have your truth.

Only you do, and only you know it.

It may be a collection of other truths, or it may be wholly unique, whatever it may be, honor it, listen to it

be it.