Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

The Divine Feminine Consciousness is arising again. It is unstoppable in its frequency, growing and beaming onto our planet, its essence is purity. The reverence for it brings wisdom of inner divinity, love and clarity. The Divine Feminine Consciousness is the birthing place for all of creation, it is the breeding ground for all we know and don’t know. A place of love, understanding and compassion to be re-aligned to again, on our planet.

This knowledge can no longer be controlled nor hidden. That which has been controlling knowledge of our individual truth and power shall be relinquished. So that we may collectively awaken to our individual sovereignty and collective continuity.

For thousands of years the controlling powers have been keeping this ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Divine Feminine from us. From Shakti in Hinduism to Sophia in Christianity and Gnosticism to Shekinah in Judiasm. We have been lead surreptitiously into truths that do not honor the divine feminine inwardly and outwardly. This does not mean being a female, it is information and energy that all humans carry the knowledge of deep in our genetic memory.

This energy is coming in waves to our collective, lulling us into a subtle transmutation as it heals. Allowing those who seek to awake from the slumber we have been put under. This flaming light brings with it purification; like a fire to all that no longer serves our species highest divine evolution and design.

Love is the un-mutable force of the Divine Feminine.

It is the time in human history for the merging of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine consciousness to unfold. This consciousness shall help seed our race, allowing us to be the guardians and loving caretakers for our planet, people and all species.

We can all open up to the many ways the divine feminine consciousness may flow through. Set the intention to get in touch with it and allow it to subtly move through you, through the top of your head down  into the tips of your toes. Imagine yourself like a tree, growing roots deep into the earth where you soak up the nurturing healing qualities of her and let that flow through you.




Christ consciousness for Christianity and also refers to Kundalini: Christ Consciousness

The Shekinah from Judiasm: Image of the Divine Feminine

The Holy Spirit Feminine Aspect of the Godhead: Holy Spirit/ Shekinah

More I just read about the Divine Feminine energies from a different source:

Divine Feminine

Image above from http://www.exohuman.com/wordpress/2011/01/the-fall-of-the-wisdom-goddess/