Costa Rica


We made it to Costa Rica!

Where I had been having dreams and visions of traveling to.
It was an adventerous 15 hour flight, and I was exhausted when we arrived.
We had plans to come to a Hotel California that is up in a town near San Jose.

Up on the mountain, from the front porch, I could view the volcano. It was lush, windy and surprisingly cool where we were.
With only screens in the house the strong wind was heard day and night, producing a melodic feel.
It became the perfect home base, to figure out where to go next.
After going to the local grocery (that was an adventure 😉 to buy food two nights ago, the owner of the hotel had gone and picked up other guests. As we were sitting there talking to them, we understood.

The four of us were supposed to meet.

A couple who both had left their lives and jobs to be in integrity with making new things happen for themselves.

Amazing, reminds me of what I did when I first left my life as I knew it at 26.

We had enlightening conversation, surrounding all that we were currently embracing and experiencing.

All of us could feel how right this felt, as though it was lined up for us to travel together.
Knowing that, the four of us took off from the more metropolitan, city dwellings of the San Jose area.

The bus ride here was quite the escapade, there were no seats and so we sat on the floor for 4 and half hours.

We arrived to a place I was envisioning.
Kristos’ 2 bedroom, wood cabin in the jungle on the Caribbean side, in a town called Puerto Viejo.
The ocean, the jungle, the beach.
In this warm, tropical paradise my heart is singing praise.
Life is about living here.

Letting go of the need to try to plan anything, I am perpetually fueled by the flow, and we are shown troves of treasures in the mundane in life.

I could hear the monkeys in the trees last night before falling asleep, their OOHHH’s and AHHHH’s were reminiscent of how I have been feeling.
If you would’ve asked me two days ago where I would be today, I would never have thought it would be writing in an outside cafe in the middle of the jungle, with the beach across the street.

Nevertheless, here I am.

I believe in my ability to create my dreams and that more than anything is what I continue to build upon.
With gratitude, love, joy and knowing, this continuation of the abundance of life is mind-blowing.

Thank you universe, yet again!