The Flow, yo

You know you are in the flow when everything falls into place as it should, perfectly and spontaneously.
It is effortless and easy, you are guided without having to think about what “it” is,
it just is.
Without even planning the first step,
everything occurs around it.
There is an acceptance that what is occurring is meant to be.
You know, because you just know,
when you know, you are in the flow.

When these little bursts of knowing take place in the fabric of our reality, there can be signs guiding you to your path more easily.

If we as humans use only a portion of our brain, I believe there must be a pattern that we can’t yet comprehend within these “flows”. Our senses are constantly taking in much more than we are able to understand.

A leaf, can only ever be a leaf, in the leaf is the pattern of its blueprint. Whether it comes to the full potential of that blueprint is up to the tree, ground, sun and water surrounding it.

So it is for a human, we can only ever be a human in this form and lifetime. Within a human, there is a pattern a life can ultimately take. It is up to the conditions surrounding one to nurture into that potential.

Once one starts opening up to this higher potential, life will start to come more into the pattern or flow. Once in the flow, synchronicities become more apparent.


A Synchronicity happens when you think about, hear or experience something, and that something is presented yet again. Sometimes shockingly.
For instance: you thought an exact phrase, then you hear a song stating that phrase verbatim, then a friend talks about that song.


Psychologist Carl Jung’s theory states “Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events, that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner” (1)

“Synchronistic events reveal an underlying pattern, a conceptual framework that encompasses, but is larger than, any of the systems that display the synchronicity. The suggestion of a larger framework is essential to satisfy the definition of synchronicity as originally developed by Carl Gustav Jung.” (2)

I view synchronicities as the signs, pointing the way within the flow.

How To Get Into The Flow

Gratitude is one of the most important aspects for allowing you to open up to your potential, especially when life seems not so fruitful.
Start listening to Yourself, you will understand the flow of your life more. Gaining more of a comprehension of your inner knowing.

Perhaps listening to yourself is not so easy, because what yourself says goes against what others tell you to do/be?

That is alright, ultimately, listening to yourself will guide you to your truth. You know all the answers to your life’s questions. Even if it goes against the grain.

So What?

The grain will form around you.

Go with ease, free form within the flow, the path of least resistance is the easiest place to be in. Once in you will be guided to where you need to be and what to do. Planning, order and control become obsolete, all you need to do is trust. Trusting will allow you to float on down the river of the flow.

I will elaborate more on ways to finding your truth, gratitude and being in the zone in another post, for now, let this be known ; )


1 & 2


From city to city connections were made.
An avenue opened up every place I went, with knowledge and inspiration imparted in some way. I found myself being pushed forward by an unseen force, with my internal guiding source.
In Panama City, I was drawn to the jungle for what I could not draw energy from within a city. Plants giving a life-sustaining force that I can only get high from in lushness of the green.
I was dropped off into a park, knowing that I would find a way out, not sure what way it would be. After taking my time and connecting to where I was, I resurfaced from the jungle.
It was getting late with no taxis in sight.
30 minutes from the city

I heard my heart tell me.

Be patient.

Patient I was, as I was about to start panicking, a man I had passed came strolling out of the pathway.
My heart told me to connect with him, so I told him my dilemma.

Would you like a ride to a phone? he asked

I felt only positive intentions.

Yes, I would

It’s fascinating that one chance meeting can alter the course of the rest of life. Connections and interactions that are seemingly random happen to be no coincidence at all.

This encounter turned into friendship, trust and appreciation. We were lead down rabbit holes of discussion, hours of disclosing life, liberty and the pursuit. Reaffirming that like attracts like, both of us pleasantly surprised with the spontaneity of mutual admiration.
same, same but different.

Peter, a graphic designer whose hand will be playing into my blog quite soon, introduced me to his friend living in Panama City, who on worldly levels is creating positive change, working for the UN.

like a sting of lights,
illuminating incredible people.
This introduction
connected me to



Lima, Peru.

I was utterly alone in this city, and felt the sting of doubt entering my veins, until I was unsure of everything.
Doubt is an an evil archnemisis to creating, as it was seeping in, I felt my bubbles of dreams popping right in front of me.


If I can’t believe in my dreams, no one will do it for me.
With that I took all I could muster, and pushed myself back into knowing, the cornerstone for creating.
I will do this, I told myself, reminding me of my purpose.
As I shifted myself into perspective and motivation, a wave of relief came over me.

Soon after, a light appeared in my life,
this connection from Panama city.

We met at a coffee shop, he said to me.
“I can help you explore my country, come to my house and I will draw you out a map, what you are seeking can be found. I will help you achieve your dreams”

Trusting my heart, I went with him to his house.
Walking into his family’s beautiful Peruvian home, open-aired and exquisite, I felt a connection to the culture and family that lived within the walls.

Callpa and I sat for hours, connecting and elaborating on this undertaking.

again Illuminating my journey
Your last name is Luna?
I asked him unbelievably

What does Callpa mean?

“It is Incan” he told me
“Representing times after chaos coming back to the earth
not a line, but rather a circle.”

I understood, and spoke to him

“I know It is my purpose to help create this change in the world
After seeing what I have viewed, something has to be shifted drastically, we are ignorantly putting things first that don’t need to be. Our values askew, we turn blind eyes to what needs to be seen.

I see destruction ravaging this world.

How can something so beautiful, be destroyed so absently?

It hurts my heart! ”

I lamented to him.

He told me a story

“My people lived on these lands, and while they may seem simple, they understood them. There is a sacred mountain that you will visit, I would like you to know about.
The face of an Incan was carved into this mountain, when the Spanish came conquering and converting, dispelling the Incans belief system, they asked them.

“Where is your god, you can’t see him?!”

the Incans would point up to the mountain.
“Right there”

The spaniards laughing
“That is just a carving of stone!”

On the winter solstice, the sun would light up the face

“There is our god” pointing at the shadow looming over the valley.”

A representation of a belief system, that was irreverently destroyed.

Callpa adequately prepared me for my journey, helping me with what was needed….
I set off with my treasure map, knowledge of lands, and heart as my compass.

Trust is an intrinsic feeling, and beyond all the fear and worry conditions, in a foreign country, I have learned to trust my inner feelings.
I opened to trust, and created amazing friendships, the only expectations were guidance and connection.

Thank you for the amazing illumination, support and encouragement for my dream.


Thank you Callpa for all of your guidance, hospitality and generosity.

Thank you also to Renatio for the ride and tour of Lima : )

Ayahuasca’s Femininity

You came beckoning to me in my dreams, I could feel your pull to come sip amongst your knowledge yet again.
Speaking in your powerful way, you said to me….

“Come find me, I will lead you to where you need to be, the right Shaman you will be guided to as I transform you.
Purifying you mind and spirit, I am a tool, one when used with the right intention will propel you forward.
Speak to me before you take part, everything will be drawn to you, if it is found easily it is meant to be”

Ayahuasca, a drink that is made from the vines of the amazon, powerful plant medicine, that shifts one into new dimensions within self. It is more feminine in nature and relates to the earth goddess. The traditions of this ceremony date back centuries, usually facilitated by a shaman. One drinks this as an undertaking that comes with reverence for the power of the medicine.

This is an absolute surrendering to whatever the medicine wishes to impart in one’s being, pulling up negativity and shadows to be viewed, and purged.
There can be deaths of self, and viewings beyond what the conscious mind can grasp, understanding of what lies underneath all the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
mind chatter.



I heard whispered in my ear,

Peru is where you will find me.

The energies of these ancient lands were calling me

Come to me, come to me.

I set the intention, the power of the mind being my one true religion. The visions I could taste and smell. These visions carried with them a weight beyond proportions of what I was grasping.

In them,

untethered by conditions and patterns of my world and society, even more sovereign in myself

I spoke back to her

Show me how to get to you…..

I will begin with the end, back to the feminine.
Callpa, a person, also representing
a circle, starting and ending in the same place.
a cycle complete
Death = Transformation

Within the being feminine the masculine action is born.
Action comes from being, being causes action.

My last and final resolve, owning my body and femininity.

Excursions of action and asserting my masculine, death of self experiences, with elements harsh, I am still processing the teachings.


Testing ever ounce and fiber of my being with
not giving up or in,
no matter what I am faced with.


A softness occurs.
In this softness a nurturance of what I have undertaken.

A vacation away from an excursion,
back now in Bocas, circling, this time with renewed purpose, in that
I am

who I am

With a superb teacher for this.

My aunts have been amazing forces in my life, guiding me with their knowledge, passion and strength.
I am being guided yet again, for the final teaching along this journey, by Laura, owner of Bocas Yoga. An independent, graceful, confident woman, she has become a soul-aunt, I am blissfully inspired. Staying in the guest room attached to the studio, a dream- space is giving rise to the cultivation of what I have acquired.
cozy room

Laura is Anusara Yoga inspired, living Shri,
universal principles of seeing beauty first.

I came here after mention of a photo shoot.
That photo shoot turned into an uncloaking of beauty so as to learn to share myself with the world.
Cultivating my beauty with grace and no longer giving a fuck what anybody thinks.

Fully owning, integrating and being proud of who I’ve become

“Shine your beauty out” I heard in one of the amazing yoga classes

How overly critical I can be of myself at times, expecting a perfection that is hard to meet, an over-worn, conditioned belief that my beauty and sexiness can only be had if I am over five foot three, a super-model or slutty.

After what I have faced and created, it is time to get rid of that bs and implement me, and MY BEAUTY into my being.
Re-patterning reservations from a brainwashed and objectified society.

I don’t need to be a c cup to feel beautiful.  Although it feels fun to have 😉
I don’t need to dress in Prada to know I am beautiful.
I don’t need to wear makeup everywhere to look beautiful.

My beauty isn’t what I look like, how I dress, what I drive, where I am or with who, those are all extensions of what is within.
My beauty cannot be found outside of myself, it is an inward state emanating out, it’s my light and my ability to radiate to all who are in my presence.
True beauty is the ability to love myself, own myself and be confident in how I represent myself to the world.
Trying to look perfect is a state of insecurity, my imperfections give rise to the greatest beauty of all


Extraordinary idiosyncrasies that are mine to claim.

It’s about intention, if I think I am beautiful, and radiate that with grace and action, to me that is truly living my beauty.

New-found Beauty has come with action, the action of integrity in

purpose and




to be continued…..

Costa Rica


We made it to Costa Rica!

Where I had been having dreams and visions of traveling to.
It was an adventerous 15 hour flight, and I was exhausted when we arrived.
We had plans to come to a Hotel California that is up in a town near San Jose.

Up on the mountain, from the front porch, I could view the volcano. It was lush, windy and surprisingly cool where we were.
With only screens in the house the strong wind was heard day and night, producing a melodic feel.
It became the perfect home base, to figure out where to go next.
After going to the local grocery (that was an adventure 😉 to buy food two nights ago, the owner of the hotel had gone and picked up other guests. As we were sitting there talking to them, we understood.

The four of us were supposed to meet.

A couple who both had left their lives and jobs to be in integrity with making new things happen for themselves.

Amazing, reminds me of what I did when I first left my life as I knew it at 26.

We had enlightening conversation, surrounding all that we were currently embracing and experiencing.

All of us could feel how right this felt, as though it was lined up for us to travel together.
Knowing that, the four of us took off from the more metropolitan, city dwellings of the San Jose area.

The bus ride here was quite the escapade, there were no seats and so we sat on the floor for 4 and half hours.

We arrived to a place I was envisioning.
Kristos’ 2 bedroom, wood cabin in the jungle on the Caribbean side, in a town called Puerto Viejo.
The ocean, the jungle, the beach.
In this warm, tropical paradise my heart is singing praise.
Life is about living here.

Letting go of the need to try to plan anything, I am perpetually fueled by the flow, and we are shown troves of treasures in the mundane in life.

I could hear the monkeys in the trees last night before falling asleep, their OOHHH’s and AHHHH’s were reminiscent of how I have been feeling.
If you would’ve asked me two days ago where I would be today, I would never have thought it would be writing in an outside cafe in the middle of the jungle, with the beach across the street.

Nevertheless, here I am.

I believe in my ability to create my dreams and that more than anything is what I continue to build upon.
With gratitude, love, joy and knowing, this continuation of the abundance of life is mind-blowing.

Thank you universe, yet again!


Kansas City, a gem of the Midwest

It had occurred to me while along this adventure to call my friend Jen, whom I had connected with on the magical black sand beach in Hawaii. Where we were all students of the power this magical island held, teaching us the ways to live harmoniously, aligned and sustainably.
On this powerful, mystical island, we would discuss something and within minutes to hours the object of our focus would somehow present itself. We were a powerful conduit for creating and abundance. Hawaii would generously give of herself to us with foods and the lushness of her lands. We would pick avocados and coconuts off the trees to take to the beach, and delve into transformative conversations that took us deep down the rabbit hole.
It was happy, bubbly, conscious living with the elements.

What a more suiting person to visit on this trip, someone I learned so much from,
a loving, vibrant light that helped me to become more conscious.

I knew that Jen lived in Kansas city, Missouri, which is on our way out west. I put it out there to her that we would be coming that way.

Come, you can stay here, she told me


Kansas city is a hidden gem in the midwest, not a place I would think to come to. I am really glad we stopped here. The city has an older charm to it and an open friendliness to the people we have come across, a laid back, slower pace is felt here. An ease of sorts.

First priority today was yoga. After sitting in the car for 2 days, my body was in dire need of a good workout. Bikram was calling me, getting a workout while also detoxing through sweating is so perfect to unwind.
Finding a studio was simple and the class was more challenging than some I have taken. A smaller class size with a teacher who pushed us to our limits, not so much guiding, as counting and having us hold the poses as he counted.
Exactly what I needed.

So here I am, sitting in a homey, brick enclosed room in Blue Bird Bistro.
We just ate an incredibly natural, nourishing meal. After traveling for a couple of days and eating more dried foods, nuts and fruit, it’s a comfort to eat fresh.
This gem in and of itself is impressive with the local, organic produce including fresh and local dairy and meats.
Amazing, I think to myself.
Their breakfast/lunch dishes contain delectable varieties of cheese, stuffed chicken, shephard pies, fresh eggs, greens, sweet potatoes, vegetables and curry.
Our first thing of course was coffee, all organic up in here, and the cream is fresh from a local farmer.
To eat, we ordered a baked stuffed sweet potato with sauteed veggies and a black bean, carmelized onion and feta tortilla wrap. The taste was exquisite and my heart is singing with the feeling of eating well.
Eating like this every meal, would be a pleasure beyond measure.

Darrin and I are venturing out tonight in this city that I have formed a fondness for. We will see what it has to offer with its artistic nightlife. Jen no doubt will show us a good time, as is her nature.

Until then, here’s to local charm.